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Dindraene's Family 5 - Short Story [END]

Dindraene’s Family 5
Selina Dindraene and her little sister Cereza arrived to Fedimian after a long journey to the North, so long that seemed to take years by walking through forests and fields, full of monsters and evil so horrible that only such devilish mind as Giltine could thought. But, finally, there was the city crowded and loud. The Fedimian colors are so pastel and delicate, if you don’t bump into someone you’ll surely bump into some clay pottery.

  • Why so many pottery here? Everywhere! - Cereza asked bumping into another pot. Three in a row!
  • No idea, Ciri. - Selina said gripping harder her sister’s hand. There were too much people and such kepa-head like the little sister would certainly get lost in the crowd.
  • Sally! Sally! - the little sister called, weirdly excited, pulling Selina’s arm.
  • Wha-what’s going on? - the older sister startled, a bit frightened.
  • The trader Leticia is here! - Cereza pointed to the young lady at the sidewalk, near… some… pottery.

Selina gazed at her little loved, but annoying sister.

  • If it wasn’t for your cuteness I’d surely pinch your cheeks till bleed. - She threatened, upset.

Cereza covered her cheeks with her hands while pressing them making her pucker up.

  • It wasn’t these cheeks I meant. - Selina cleared up taking her hand again. - Let’s go, the night is soon and we need to find somewhere to stay.

Cereza agreed. Then both disappeared in the moving and loud crowd and pottery.

It didn’t took too much time to find a place to stay at night, at the higher levels of the city there were some inns, comfy and fair, but still simple with just a room for two with a small bed and a window through they could stare at the stars twinkle.

There was just half of a candle lit, the poor lighting made that almost dark room be bathed by the city lights. Not so far from there were some people praying for Gabija, asking for her sacred fire to protect their homes like before.

  • Will she listen? - Cereza asked looking through the window widely open. It was a hot night. - I mean… Is she still there? Gabija? Somewhere?
  • I don’t know. - Selina answered avoiding to look at the prayers. - I don’t think so. The goddesses were gone too much time ago.
  • At least till that day. - Cereza said, but regretting right after that. - Sorry, Sally! I didn’t mean to.

Selina sighed, tired of everything since the day Cereza mentioned.

  • It’s okay. - She said, laying her head over her crossed arms through the window.

The room was silent. An upsetting quietude. A fine breeze whispered through the night, refreshing a little bit their skin and minds, it made the candle light tremble almost vanishing in the dark.

  • Actually… - Selina started talking, morbid. - There is an actual goddess here. Everywhere.

Cereza inhaled hard, some kind of fear was taking her lungs and stomach.

  • We did see her that day. - Selina remembered, shivering a bit. - The Tree Day. We met Giltine.

There still were stars on the crimson sky above Orsha at the end of the Fall. The Sun rising at the horizon slowly and lazy melting gently the frozen dew over the leaves of the tallest trees till fall to the ground and buildings like a sobbing for that fateful day.

The Day of the Tree, Medzio Diena.

At the window closed, Selina leans her head against the glass looking ahead to Chiffon’s face right in front of her like a mirror. Their breathing blurring the glass and both drawing on it with their fingers sharing grins and shy stares.

  • You know, you don’t make much sense. - Chiffon started, grinning and drawing an aborted popolion.
  • What you mean? - Selina asked not understanding.
  • You. Have white hair, but you’re a pyromaniac. - Said Chiffon, touching Selina’s hair with a finger. A cold finger that she made sure to touch Selina’s ear just to see her shuddering.
  • Stop! - Selina said loudly. Covering her ears already red as the Autumn leaves. - Pyromancer! Not pyromaniac! Don’t be like Cereza, please. - She said uptight.

She was upset not because her finger was icy cold, but because it was her touching unawarely.

  • Haha. You just get angry so easily! - Chiffon laughed at Selina. - C’mon, Sally!

Selina pulled a face, faking being disgusted.

Chiffon got closer to Selina. What made both blush, looking away to hide an embarrassed grin. They still aren’t used to that. To be in love.

  • You look cute when nervous like this - Chiffon teased her approaching a bit more. Her knees were touching both sides of Selina’s thighs, embracing them and stealing their warmth.
  • Should I say “you wanna try?” this time? - Selina teased back, taking Chiffon’s face in between her hands, a bit sweaty.

She could her Chiffon inhaling deeply, almost losing her self-control while shivering for that hint. The hint that triggered a not so old memory of them in the kitchen once, laying on the floor, when Chiffon herself asked Selina if she would like to try kissing for the first time.

And then, now, they were almost in the same situation. Same kitchen, but without all that chocolate. Same fingers drawing its way on each others faces till reach to the lips so soft, thin and pale. The difference now is that they were sure what that feeling means and how to trigger it stronger.

Closer, their lips reach to each other, till their breath become one and synchronized. The kitchen hot smell mixed to the Fall breeze from outside flavoured warmth and wintry like would be drinking ice tea from Gabija’s lips.

Gentle and inexperienced. Their kissing was slow and cautious, taking long moments only savoring their own blended taste. Like a time spell that even Agailla Flurry wasn’t able to cast, a kiss between two lovers slows time like each moment between each humid clicks from their lips.

  • Sally, could you… - Cereza appeared out of nowhere and saw that scene. - OH MY! For Laima’s sake! - she covered her eyes, but still could see between the fingers. - Oh! Oh! Oh! - she was tapping on the same place, twirling.

Selina and Chiffon just moved to far away from each other, both so blushed that a fireball looked less hot than their faces.

  • Daddy is going to kill you like sooooo muuuuch, Sally - Cereza said blushing too.
  • If you tell him I’ll kill you! - Selina shouted angry. Not because her sister could tell to her father, but because she disturbed them.
  • No, Sally! - Chiffon stepped in getting closer to Cereza - You can’t threaten her like this. - Then Chiffon looked at Cereza. - If you tell anyone I’ll kill you!
  • Whaaa? - Cereza gasped.

Cereza swore that she wouldn’t tell anyone, but Selina was sure she would open that big mouth. Chiffon wasn’t worried at all, but afraid about how her lover would react when someone knows their secret.

  • I should go home. - Chiffon said a bit saddened, surely she preferred to continue making out with Sally.
  • Whaaaa? - Selina gasped. One of the few times she sounded like her little sister. But Chiffon leaving now hitted her harder than she was expecting. She was looking forward to continue with that.
  • I spent the night here, Sally. Haha. - Chiffon remembered her, faking a laugh. They would sure figure out. - And I promised to my mom. Just one night.

Selina agreed with a grumpy face.

As Chiffon left the house a whispering breeze of sorrow blew Selina’s white hair. There wasn’t any smell of leaves or the aroma of the incoming winter, but a flavor of saddened feelings fulfilling the air. At the distance, the birds chirping through the sky, but not those sweet carols like before a great journey to the North, they’re screaming in terror like prey caught by its predator.

Dark thick clouds were coming fast over the city raging storms with cruel thirst of fear. Once the birds flew away carrying their scream, the trees trembled and screeched loud with fright till their roots came out the ground and tried to run from what was coming.

Actually, not what, but who.

The frightening call of that who didn’t fear no one, called from the underworld demons and monsters and their miasma infected trees, animals and men.

The fearless will of that who no one could face up to, disgraced the city within its unholy divine glory, crimson as blood of thousands.

Her feathered wings, black as soot, flapping her toxic smell appealing and smut. Her angelic body, pale grey, covered with scars deep and heretic. No one could take their eyes on her, some were terrified to look away and others were amazed by her blasphemous splendor.

There was Giltine. Goddess of Death herself.

She appeared out of nowhere at the Plaza, they said. But the world was alarmed and aware of her arrival for so long ago as when the goddesses left the mankind and men left their faith in them and turned their backs to the world warnings.

  • Are you seeing this? - Giltine vociferated, her speech was sodden with baneful threats. - This is the catastrophe that has already arisen… The seeds of a greater calamity have already been planted. - Her voice was loud, but somehow soothing… As the death hug wide open calling men with kindness to eternal sleep.

She floated around unhurried glancing to every pair of eyes drown in fear. Each jolted when they felt her sinister motherly glance over them.

  • I wonder… Where could the goddess of Fate be? - She asked herself out loud. A single cruel smirk sculpted on her lips appeared. - Where could all the goddesses be…?

She floated to the Ausrine statue in the center of the Plaza, contemplating its beauty with eyes full of profanities.

  • See? - She said, touching the neck of the statue. Its usual bright wasn’t there anymore. - Not a single goddess can protect you from the Death that is me! - She raised her voice, it vibrated so loud that everyone in Orsha could feel it in their bones.
  • And so I hereby ask you, Revelator… - Giltine started looking to nothingness. Her eyes were staring to the future. - Why don’t you just close your eyes and ears… - She demanded polite, but morbid.

She flapped her wide wings to reach the skies leaving on last phrase heard by a goddess for centuries:

  • And run away like every other human did.

She disappeared into her unholy crimson fog.

And horns rang at the gates of Orsha.

Legions of soldiers were running from the south gates to the Plaza, because it was futile to fight against what was coming to the city.

Roots. Gigantic roots of the Tree of the World itself. Nobody could do nothing to stop them, because harming them would harm the Tree of the World and drag everything to a definitive end.

  • RUN! - The soldiers yelled leaving their weapons.

And the people panicked and begun to run away like wasps desordenated. As the roots grew over the city and demolished buildings slowly, people were dying dozens a time being trampled.

  • Ciri! - Selina yelled in despair. Her house was collapsing. - CIRI! - Yelled again without any answer.
  • Sally?! - Selina’s father appeared at the door. He was an alchemist and he was at his lab in the Orsha Palace when he saw Giltine appearance. - Where’s Ciri? Where’s your mother? - He asked panicking.
  • I… I don’t know! - Selina said already crying. - I keep calling them, but they don’t answer! - She hugged her father. - What’s happening , daddy?
  • Everything is happening! - He said, putting the daughter aside. - The house is collapsing. I need to look for Ciri and mommy. You get out of here! - He ordered.

Selina obeyed, too scared to stay there. She ran fast to outside the house.

There she saw big roots crawling over the house and breaking its walls and ceiling. Large pieces of bricks and roof tiles were falling apart with tremendous crack sounds gathered to the other sounds of destruction and terrified screams.

Inside the house, in one of the rooms, the father found her spouse and her younger daughter, Cereza, that was stuck below some debris.

  • She’s stuck! I can’t get her out of the debris! - The mother screamed grabbing her husband’s shoulders, panicking. - Get my daughter out of this! NOW!
  • We will! We will! - He attempted to calm her, unsuccessfully. - Help me here! - He desperately asked pulling the debris away.

Both pulling the debris. They found Cereza unconscious under a heavy wooden beam. She was bleeding from her mouth.

  • Oh my Gabija! She’s bleeding too much! - The father said checking her breathing. - She’s alive! But… the debris might crushed her ribs!
  • No! No! - The mother pulled her hair in despair. - We need to do something! I won’t let my daughter die!

The house collapsing, loud noises from the walls and roof tiles alarming. Everything soon will come down. They didn’t have enough strength to lift the wooden beam - father was an alchemist and mother hadn’t any class - but they have one thing. Love for their daughters.

The father touched his wife’s hand. His face was deep in fear, but still holding it with his last effort to save their kid. The look he gave to the mother somehow she understood, she agreed without asking what he was about to do if that would save their daughter.

  • GILTINE! - Father yelled at the top of his lungs. - GILTINE! - He called even louder. - Listen to me!
  • GILTINE! - Mother shouted too, tearing. - Please! - She begged. - Listen to us!
  • I am. - a fiendish voice filled the air over the cracking noises.
  • Our daughter. Please! Don’t let her die here! - The father begged in tears. He held her spouse’s hand.
  • Why should I let her live? - Giltine asked letting a bit of wicked humour scape between her words.
  • She doesn’t deserve it! She’s just a child! - The mother persisted calling upon her feelings.

But any help came from that voice, but only a sickening laugh.

  • The goddesses don’t listen to our prayers! - The father tried once again. - But none of them listened to us! But you listened and answered!
  • You’re the only real goddess! The only one that can hear and answer! - The mother said, holding her panic.
  • I know what you’re trying to do. - the goddess said clever and vile. - You really think I’ll ascend from the underworld for your aid?
  • If you’re not going to help us, why you answered? - The mother asked. The house started to crack louder. It seemed that Giltine’s presence was slowing time somehow.
  • I know why. - The father said, his expression was straight.

The goddess was silent, but still there, listening. She seemed interested to see what would happen next.

  • You answered us, because it was the first prayer to you in a long time. - He said, standing up looking at the ceiling. There was a root crawling through it. They’re running out of time. - I don’t know if the goddesses left us first or if it was the mankind lost their faith in them. But, it doesn’t matter, you answered.

The cracking noises were getting louder.

  • You answered, because you miss being worshiped by mankind! - He raised his voice.

The roots stopped.

  • Hmph. - Giltine was annoyed. She kept a moment of silence.
  • You both are not worshipping me. - She said, lower, but fair and clear. No dark was in her words, neither toxicity. - You want a deal with me. - She clarified everything.
  • Yes. - The mother accepted without restraint. - Save her! - She begged again.
  • Deal. - The Goddess agreed. The roots that once were collapsing the house, now, were pulling the debris and taking Cereza away.

Father and mother followed her body being carried to them, but the roots dodge them and took her to the kitchen. They looked to each other and chased them, but they stopped at the door-frame.

Giltine herself was there. She took Cereza in her long and strong arms. Profane and venomous, she certainly is, but also a goddess with all her mighty. She placed her godly hand over Cereza’s chest and healed her ribs and all scratches over her skin.

Moreover, now closer to her god-like body, father and mother could see the scars all over Giltine’s pale skin.

Mother was clearly worried about her daughter on such malignant arms, but the father couldn’t help himself, but being curious how a goddess, that should be a symbol of perfection got all that disfigurement.

  • This doesn’t concerns you. - She said suddenly without taking her eyes of Cereza.

When she healed the last injure of Cereza, she landed her to the roots again. They took her to outside of the house.

They could hear Selina gasping in surprise, calling her sister’s name.

  • It’s done. - Giltine said stretching her wings a bit. - Now it’s your part of the deal. - She approached to them. They jolted in fear. The air was thick with her sinful presence. - And you both agreed without even knowing what would be. - She smirked, her disgraceful humour came back.
  • It doesn’t matter. - Mother said scared, but there was a glimpse of relief in her face. - What really matter to us was done. - She held tight the arm of her husband.

The father didn’t even look to the goddess right there before them. He was looking only to his wife, love of his life. Enjoying those lasts moments with her.

  • I should’ve bought you that frying pan in Fedimian - He said out of nowhere.

His wife grinned between her tears. She always fell in love with his silliness.

Giltine approached more. Wrapping them with her shadow wings, which feathers were like ethereal thorns piercing their souls, but despite her cold looking presence. The feeling of her wings were lukewarm solace.

  • The weight of Fate wore off. - Giltine said with peaceful eyes yet vicious in yellow. - See you in Demon Prison. - She said right before they both disappeared in between her wings.
  • Where are they?

Giltine turned around. There was Selina looking at her, scared, but anxious. She saw her parents fade away.

  • I’m sure you’re part of the deal. - The goddess said with a sigh at the end. She was annoyed.

Without any aware she floated to Selina and pushed her to out of the house. And then disappeared within the falling debris of the collapsing house.

There were chaos everywhere. Orsha was falling down. At the streets, people were running from the roots in despair.

At the gates of the Palace, the remaining soldiers were gathering under the command of Inesa Hamondale, princess of Orsha, now ruler of the kingdom, because her whole family died moments ago due to the collapsing of the palace. At her side were the masters of the classes and Aidas Valor, hoplite master, was leading the soldiers troops to rescue people.

  • Diemer Fallon, you must go with Cathy Naimos and Octavia Ifflyn to stop these roots to take down the whole city! - Lady Inesa commanded.

They were thaumaturge, pyromancer and cryomancer masters respectively. They left soon as she ordered, they went down the street from the Plaza, fighting against the colossal roots making path to people run to Ausrine’s statue to warp out of the City. It seemed that Giltine’s presence damaged it and it wasn’t warping to far away. People were randomly being warped to the proximities as Woods of the Linked Bridges, Lemprasa Pond and Paupys Crossing.

Diemer almost ran out of mana boosting Cathy and Octavia skills. One last effort against that god-like threat.

  • HELLBREATH! - Cathy casted out loud. A whirl of vermillion flames came out the palm of her hand while the other was holding a pyrite. The whirl was roaring as a lighting storm with all the rage Cathy was feeling till the pyrite faded in dust and the vicious fire stopped. - Damn it! - She took another pyrite and casted the skill again, but it was taking too much of her mana doing that.
  • ICE WALL! - Octavia cast from a bit far. It was being effective freezing them instead of destroying. - Try Fire Pillar! - She yelled a hint.

Cathy made a face. Disgusted by her rival advice, but she tried anyway. Casting a gigantic fire pillar in the middle of the street. The roots were being knockbacked every time they tried to crawl through it.

Cathy grinned to Octavia.

  • Impressive! - Octavia praised Cathy. She approached to freeze the burning roots. They noticed that burning root were weakened so they can be froze up.
  • I know, but I can’t stay here. I need to stop the other roots over the residential town. - She said running to the houses collapsing among clouds of dust and smoke. - Come after me when you finish!
  • Right! - Octavia agreed. The fire pillar fade and the roots black like charcoal were slow and weak. - Diemer! - She called. The thaumaturge master wasn’t far from there.

He boosted her skills and she froze everything quick with a long ice wall.

Cathy was running along the streets, just a few soldiers near, helping people to run from there.

Then she saw a known kid. Selina sitting the middle of the street with her young sister embraced by her arms tight, watching the debris of her house collapsing over each other and big roots crawling from between them slow and cruel.

  • Dindraene! - Cathy called her out loud. - Over here! - She waved both arms to call her attention.

Selina saw her, but didn’t appear any significant reaction. She was devastated. There wasn’t any strength in her body or will in her soul. She was dark and empty.

Cathy ran to her and took her in arms, shaking her shoulders.

  • Dindraene! Wake up! - She yelled close to her face. - You need to go! NOW!

Selina winked her eyes two times. Now, she was seeing Cathy clearly.

  • Master?.. - Selina muttered, still in shock.
  • If you don’t care about yourself, fine! But at least save your sister! - Cathy argued with her, she couldn’t stay there anymore. - I need to go and save the city. I need you to go to Plaza and save your sister! - She gave this order since Selina was her subordinate.

Selina nodded. She took her sister in her arms and carried her still unconscious to the Ausrine Statue.

From there she saw all the destruction that came from Giltine’s will. Her mighty and unholy glory disgraced the big city of Orsha. Took the life of hundreds and hurt other hundreds.

The Palace is gone, there were roots of the Tree everywhere.

And the kitchen she first kissed wasn’t there.

The pinkish leaves of the trees didn’t fall that day,

But its branches impaled countless men to tell and pray

May the goddesses gone, may the faith of mankind gone,

But that day was Giltine and her profane will alone.

And there were a last sight landed over the city for Selina Dindraene. A couple of moments that would take her sleep and dreams for years. The last sight was Chiffon Agravaim being crushed by bricks and roots when almost getting in there at Plaza.

No scream of pain or cry came out from Selina Dindraene.

Just a desire black as Giltine’s wings. A desire for death and its powers. To bring them back to life.

As a necromancer she will become one day.

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Behemoth Dindraene: It took years to finsh these stories, even more that I thought. So much time that my english skills were mastered and now I’m confident of them, but this isn’t a 'hello" or even a “see ya later”. Since I’ve played ToS for the first time I really thought that would be my last MMORPG and it really was, it’s been about two years I left the game and I never played nothing more, but it’s okay. All I wanted to do is finishing these fics. So… I dare you savior, create a fic with your own characters!

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