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Dindraene's Family - Short Story 4

It was in the middle of the evening. The sky became purple and darker quickly.
The trees were moaning touched by the cold wind that scatters the along the ways of the Entrance of Kateen Forest.

  • Brrr… It’s going colder – Cereza said rubbing her own arms.
  • Place a bonfire. We’ll stay here till tomorrow breaking dawn - Selina said sitting close to a spooky tree.
    Cereza placed the bonfire, worried, looking around.
  • Perhaps… There’s a better place… Far from those things – she gulped pointing a line of sculpted logs with candles inside on the corner of the trail that they were walking before.
  • That’s why I chose this place – Selina affirmed stretching her legs and approaching the feet to the bonfire. – Their light will reveal monsters that might attack us.
  • But…
  • You know. We are travelling through some dangerous places for you until we arrive to Fedimian – Selina inclined her head to look to her little sister, comprehensive.
  • But… I’m scared with all things in this place – Cereza shivered when the mist caressed her skin – Why this place is so spooky?
    The necromancer leaned back on the tree behind her and stared seriously to the sister in the opposite side of the bonfire.
  • There was a big war here. Lots of soldiers died.
    Cereza shrank herself.
  • Those sculpted logs carry magic candles which guides the souls of those soldiers
    The little one turned her head to backwards giving a quick look to those sculptures shining like night fires in the dark.
    She got chills.
  • At Owl Burial Ground you’ll can see them… - the necro remembered cracking a stick.
  • Woahhh!! - Cereza yelled.
  • Teeheehee – Selina laughed.
  • This is not funny, Sally! - The little sister protested hardly.
    Some close bushes shaked making a loud noise.
  • Oww!! Sally! Sally! – Cereza ran to Selina’s arms.
    The old sister hugged the little one kindly.
  • OK.OK. Calm yourself. – Selina said touching Cereza’s head rubbing her hair back and forth.
    The peltasta grinned a bit.
  • It’s cold, Sally…
    Selina took a big blanket from her back pack and covered Cereza and herself with a loving big hug.
  • Sit between my legs, Ciri – Selina asked smiling – I’ll warm you.
    Cereza sat down between her sister’s thighs and leaned back her head on Selina’s chest.
  • Mhnn! So fluffy…
  • Stop, Ciri! – Selina got red.
  • Whoa! You became hotter! Nice!
  • Wha-… That was the why you said that?
    Cereza laughed low.
  • Hugging like this, you remember me our da… - Cereza stopped abruptly.
    Selina sighed looking to the bonfire.
  • Yeah… - she started – Our daddy loved to hug us like this in those cold days when we were children – Selina cuddled Cereza kissing the top of her head.
    Cereza turned her face to her sister to look her in the eyes, sorrowful.
  • Sorry for remembering these things – she said.
    Cereza knew how much her dad was attached to Selina. She was his baby… till his death in Medzio Diena. Not so long after it Selina figured out her best friend, Chiffon Agravaim, died too. Those events changed her mind. She became colder and worried avoiding people how much was possible.
  • No problem. – Selina affirmed with a dry voice – You know. I miss him a lot and…
  • Sally? – Cereza asked touching Selina’s cheek cuddling it.
  • I… I never told you but… - Selina started, but it seemed the words were hard to spell – I… became a necro…
    After a little moment of silence, Cereza asked:
  • Yes?
    Selina inhaled a good quantity of that cold air and mist.
  • I became a necro to revive our daddy…
    Cereza wide opened her eyes. Her lips tried to say somethings but nothing gone out of her mouth.
  • But Loretta said this is impossible.
  • Loretta?
  • Necromancer Master…
  • I see…
    After a long time no talking. The night became colder. The wind was whispering through the leaves of those spooky trees and the bonfire were fizzing in embers.
    Little noises were coming from the bushes. It was some Elloms looking for food close to the sculpted trees. It was everything alright there, but Cereza wasn’t able to sleep that easy. Each little noise was scaring her and eyes didn’t close even with all that sleep.
    The nearby blue bushes rattled suddenly.
  • Eeeeek!! Sa-sa-sa-Sally-eeeeeeeeeeeee!! – Cereza screamed loudly. – Fee-fee-FISHER!!
    -Ow! Ouch!! My ears!! – Selina cried gnashing and covering her ears – Wha-what? Where? – she asked looking around.
  • Um… Uh… Wha-… Where is it? – Cereza said pointing out the bushes with the finger.
  • Ciri… - the necro sighed slightly closing her eyes – I’m sure there’s no spot of Fishers here.
  • But… But… They can come after us and… and…
  • OK! OK! I got it! – Selina affirmed putting one of her arms out of the blanket. Her skin prickled a little with the touch of the dead icy breeze. She drew a circle in the air and casted a spell saying:
  • Raise Dead!
    And five armored skeletons rose from the ground around the two girls.
  • They will take care of us the whole night – Selina said leaning back on the tree again. – Now you can carefree sleep. – she closed her eyes.
  • Um… Bu-but… - Cereza murmured low.
  • What now? – Selina asked reopening her eyes staring the dark clouds on the sky.
  • Sorry! But is really cold here! – Cereza explained kinda sad. She knew that she was being so annoying to her sister – I’m not used to sleep on the ground…
    Selina grunted.
  • Alright – she said standing up – Take off your clothes.
    The little one wide opened her eyes, incredulous.
  • Wha-wha-wha… Wait, Sally!.. I’m not meaning that kind of warmth! - the little said moving away from her sister. – You and me… We can’t and…!
    Selina was staring her with an angry face.
  • Taking off your clothes is basic for surviving. – she explained taking off her necromancer dress – This bonfire can’t warm us and all logs here were humid. My fireball will disappear little time after I had conjured it so… There’s no choice.
  • Oh… Right… - Cereza agreed, relieved.
  • You don’t need to take off all your clothes. Keep your panties. – the big sister advised sitting down on the ground and opening her arms to hug Cereza with the blanket again. – Really, Ciri. What kind of books are you reading?
  • They’re pinky… - Cereza said looking to her sister.
  • What?
  • Nothing!
  • Uh… Right… - Selina murmured. – C’mon! I’m freezing here!
    Cereza quickly took off her peltasta cloth and hugged Selina. It was really warmer than before. Maybe the shame can warm bodies better than a bonfire.
    Another quiet time.
  • You have a nice skin, Ciri. – Selina said. Her eyes were closed trying to have a nap. – Principally here! – she grabbed some part of Cereza’s body.
  • HEY! HEY! THAT’S MY…!!! – the little sister shouted before covering her own mouth. She didn’t want to attract any monster.
    Selina grinned out loud. That was the vengeance!
    The hours past slowly like that dead breeze cuddling the trees. The necromancer woke up some times to relight the bonfire. It was easy to notice if those logs weren’t burning anymore. She wasn’t able to sleep in that uncomfortable position. In the opposite way, Cereza was sleeping like a baby hugging a big teddy bear.
  • Ciri. – Selina called touching Cereza’s cheek with a finger – Ceeeereeee – called again a bit longer. – She slept deeply, wow… - she thought.
    The necromancer laid her sister by her side, recovering her with the blanket. It was the breaking dawn, even still dark as night and they needed to go. Selina stood up and left her sister sleeping a bit more. She knew that trip was being hard for her.
  • Wh-Wha-… I’m wet? – Selina asked herself – Oh… Right… It’s sweat!.. I need to change it… - she said analyzing her panties pulling the tissue.
    Selina was changing when Cereza woke up.
  • It was good for you too? – Cereza said with a sassy smile.
    Selina turned her face to her sister. Her cheeks were burning in red. She drew a circle in the air and said:
  • Summon Shoggoth!


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