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Dindraene's Family - Short Story 3

Selina was looking for some talts that she left on her house early. She never thought that one day she would need that thing in her life.

  • Well, I hope Cereza didn’t spent them buying silly things… LIKE THAT CHUPACABRA EARS! – Selina saw that hat on the bed table of her sister. – Ahh… Maybe I have some saved in these chests…
    She picked one chest and pulled it to close to her bed and opened it.
    Maybe it was a mistake. The first thing that she saw brought some good and bad memories… Well… they were good before the Medzio Diena…
    There was a Pyromancer dress in the chest from the first graduation of Selina and how was her commemoration came to her mind:
    It was a comfortable day in Orsha. Saturday morning. The sun rising slowly with a refreshing breeze touching the leaves of the Autumn trees.
    At my house, there were me, excited with her recent graduation – I had just become a Pyromancer, I was around fifteen – nearby me was Cereza – my little sister, dreaming about to turn into a “swordsgirl” at nine years old – and finally, Chiffon Agravaim – my best friend in Tree of Universe that just became a Quarrelshooter.
  • You know, Chiffon? Sally became a Pyromaniac! – Cereza told her, excited.
    Chiffon raised her eyebrows and looked to me with a weird expression.
  • Damn, Ciri, it’s PyroMANCER – I correct her.
  • OK, OK. Alright! Um… - Cereza stopped in front of the firewood oven a bit. She was looking like thoughtful, what is kinda rare. – Hey Sally… How, now, you are a pyromani… mancer, can you light the fire in it?
  • Um? How? - I asked looking at Chiffon.
  • Don’t look at me, I’m not a fire-maniac – she laughed.
    I scowled for her.
    In front of the firewood oven I gave a look to those tree logs inside it just checking if it isn’t something that could explode in our faces. I approached my hands and concentrate my soul thinking in warmth, fire, ember… Please Gabija, help me now!
  • Fireball! – I conjured.
    A single and small ball of fire appeared onto the logs. The ball looked like a swarm of fireflies. I didn’t use my new power till that moment… I felt a weird feeling of satisfaction in my heart. Such a silly girl ha ha.
  • “Amazing Sally” – Chiffon said looking to the fire apparently impressed with my job. – So beautiful!
    I got embarrassed. My skin was hot as that fireball.
  • You gained a new dress, right? – Cereza asked to me.
  • Yeah. I need to show you after – I said to Chiffon. – It’s longer than wizard dress - I explained touching my knees to show the length.
  • Now you can’t show your snow-whitey thighs – Cereza commented while looking for some items in the cupboard.
  • CIRI! – I reprimanded.
  • Don’t care about it, Sally – Chiffon calmed me down. – You will grow soon and will have beautiful thighs and a perfect booty. Believe me! – She guaranteed smiling.
    I frowned staring her, savorless.
  • And you and that green archer dress, uh? When you use Kneeling Shot everyone can see your panties… Well, we see only when you remember to use one – I returned the joke showing my tongue to her. She got blushed.
    Well, we were in the kitchen to commemorate my graduation. According to my sister, Cereza, we NEED to make a party… with a chocolate cake – it was really hard to find cacao, they just grow at Bellai Rainforest and to convince an Alchemist to help in that… Fortunately, Chiffon’s father was an alchemist – That little one was in front of the kitchen bench, mixing the items until it became a homogeneous cake batter.
  • You don’t need to use so much fierce in this, Ciri – I said. Little drops of chocolate were flying through the kitchen.
  • Uh… But if I don’t do will be left with bad taste – She affirmed, biting her own half exposed tongue while mixing that… thing.
  • Take care, Ciri! – exclaimed Chiffon, rising her hand in front of the body. – Staaahp!
    Half of the cake batter was gone, coloring the walls, ground and MY face brown.
    I looked to Cereza.
  • Great… – I said, sarcastic, rubbing my hands to clean my face.
  • Ooopsies! S-sorry, Sally… - asked the little one while laughing a little.
    The cake batter was incredibly impregnated on the wall. Chiffon was trying to clean but it isn’t working very well.
  • Damn… Now there is no more cake… – Cereza whined. Her eyes were watering.
    A single teardrop falls from her face.
    I, a little bit cleaner, sighed and tried to cheer her up:
  • Look, there is still some dough… We can bake a small cake.
    A big smile popped up on the child’s face.
  • BUT take a shower before! – I asked, pulling her to the corridor – You look dirtier than Pokubus after a mud bath.
    It really was!
    The kid ran to the bathroom.
  • Ahh – I sighed again, looking on the kitchen that turned into a catastrophic modern art. – What a mess, Chiffon…
  • Don’t worry – she recommended – She was just trying to make you happy.
  • I know. I’m not upset with her.
    Chiffon laughed out loud.
  • You ALWAYS look upset!
  • This is not true! - I denied… Kinda upset… Damn it.
  • YOU SEE! – She laughed again.
  • Just clean it! – I said, laughing a little.
    We started to clean the kitchen, taking what is left of the cake batter and put in a smaller recipient. Chiffon took it and put into the firewood oven while I was cleaning the kitchen stand.
    Suddenly, I felt something looking on me. I got chills and looked around. It was Chiffon staring me.
  • What?.. – asked.
    The quarrel approached me and touched my nose, sliding the finger on it. It caught a bit of chocolate left on it and took it to her mouth.
    I didn’t believe it. I rose up my eyebrows surprised.
  • It’s sweet – Chiffon tasted.
    My cheeks got red burned in shame and a weird feeling like my stomach trying to jump inside me making a mess in my tripes.
    I gulped hardly.
    My eyes found a little drop of chocolate on lower lip of Chiffon’s mouth. There was that single brown drop close by her blushed lips…
    I gave a hesitant step toward her. Heartbeats were so loud that were knocking inside my mind.
    I know it’s wrong and forbidden but… Why I have to have this damn perfect self-control? You know. Go to hell with my rationality!
    One more step. A little bit closer. Half-opening the mouth, letting out a heavy breath.
    Chiffon didn’t pull away just waiting for the touch. Thanks for that! There goes my last effort to keep me sane.
    I bit that drop lovingly and slowly, tasting the flavor spreading in my tongue instinctively closing my eyes. It took just a little more than one second but I was breathless as Chiffon too.
  • Selina… - Chiffon started. – You ever… k-kissed…someone?
    I took a step back. My heart was in pain…
  • No…
  • Me neither…
    It past a little instant to Chiffon ask:
  • You wanna try?
    I stared her, incredulous. I… I… wasn’t able to think well… That was wrong! So wrong!
    Yeah I like her so much but… I dunno… Like that? For Laima’s sake, what I gonna do? Damn, now I’m repenting? My mind sucks… Why I did that? I just wanted to taste a drop of chocolate because I was carried by that weird moment and… I-I can’t!
  • No… So-sorry, Chiffon… - I pulled away.
  • No, wait! – She said, falling down on me.
    Apparently, she slipped into the cake batter on the ground.
    There were we lied on the ground. She was above on me.
    Her face was so close of mine. Her breath was touching my lips.
    Chiffon was staring my eyes as me was staring hers.
    She approached her mouth to mine. I waited for the touch.
    Oh my goddess Laima, Lada, Vakarine, Ausrine and all damn Kupoles in this fuc***ing Tree!
    I felt. Was soft and wet. Hot and sweet. I could feel that drop of chocolate in my mouth again… or that was her real flavor?
    Strange… Now, I want more…. More than I can have.
    I hugged her neck with one arm and intensified the kiss taking her lips with mine while I put away her hair to see her face blushed.
    Chiffon opened her eyes, surprised and found mine looking at hers. She started grinning during we kiss.
  • Uhuhuhh… - I smiled.
    She stopped kissing me just looking to my face, playing with my hair fringes. I smiled and pulled her head and took her lips. I wanted to feel that again. A hot pulse inside me appeared and drove me crazy.
    We continued kissing ourselves. No resistance, no remorse. Just enjoying that chocolate flavor.
    Till… A weird noise was running to the kitchen.
    It was Cereza! May she have finished taking a shower?!
    Chiffon and me rolled on the ground and restarted to clean immediately. We were so red! My cheeks were burning in shame! HAHLP GABIJA!
  • The cake is ready? – Cereza asked looking anxious to eat it. – Um… You two look so dirtier than few minutes ago, wow! – She noticed after taking a look to Chiffon and me.
    Chiffon gulped and I got chills.
  • Whose fault? – I murmured out loud. – Give a look to the cake, Ciri! GO! GO!
    She ran to the front of the firewood oven and gave a look to the cake still baking.
  • Not yet… - Cereza murmured – You know the name of this recipe? – asked.
  • No idea. – Chiffon and I said together.
  • Chocolate Kiss.
    We, Chiffon and me, stunned. I looked to her trying to hide my half-smile and she was trying the same, because OUR “secret cake” was the sweetest one.
    [Written by: Behemoth! ]
    [ I dare you, Savior, to write a story about your characters]

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Agravaim was my team name in 1st icbt haha
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And this is a story of the past, Chiffon died on Medzio Diena.


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The way you describe scenes on your stories creates vivid images in my mind! I like it soo much! :slight_smile: :blush:

So It begins~

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It just got real
So the Yuri side hath finally come
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Great part of the story yet again :smiley:

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hahahaha… actually those were my exact reactions while reading your story… haha :blush: yes yesssss!!! please continue to share your stories!! I’m getting hook to it and will be waiting patiently for more!! :blush:

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Thanks a lot!! @tsigetartseht @Therra
Actually, I’m working hard to write some stories (while drawing) and not so long there will be more… I’m rly thank you for the support :heart_eyes:
More things about the past (YES)
Cereza embarassing Selina (YES)
YURI!?! (… something like this will happen :smirk: )
But I’m sure that will be rly funny! So…


And I know that hard work of yours will soon pay off. :blush: just keep writing and let your imaginations flow! :blush: I’ll be waiting for your future works, just take your time and do not rush :blue_heart:

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