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Dindraene’s Family - Short Story 2

Dindraene’s Family - Short Story 2

It was a pretty cold morning in Orsha. The city was crowded, principally at Plaza, around Ausrine’s Statue. Lots of Pardonners and Squires, some people duelling and the new Saviors listening the words of Lady Inesa Hammondale in front of the royal castle.

Selina and Cereza were walking along the streets of that overpopulated city. The necromancer, Selina, was kinda annoyed for staying there. She dislikes the crowd so much, but unfortunately she was needing to buy new gears for her new journey and help her little sister to buy some items (and don’t spend all her money with silly things).

  • C’mon, Cereza… - said Selina, with a tired voice.

  • Just a bit, Sally! - asked Cereza, excited. - You must need to see those dresses! They’re so cute!

Selina give a look to the store of Leticia. She agreed there were beauty stuff but they’re so expensive.

  • I don’t have money for this, Cereza - sighed. - And you have even less!

  • Jeez, Sally… - it made her sad.

Cereza walked away, sorrowfully. Selina followed her closely. Passing a few time, the necromancer became sorry for making her sister sad. She loves her but needs to show her how the world is after Medzio Diena, all the caos and the advent of Giltine.

  • Ciri… Look… - started Selina, disconcerted - You must need to understand…

  • I MUST? - interrupted Cereza, turning to her sister. She was angry. - You said that. Now, called me with this old nickname that you had said that never would use again because you became mature after turned into a necro!

Selina raised her eyebrows, surprised. That was a problem when she decided to be a Necromancer because everyone was waiting for her to become a Elementalist for the third time.

  • To become a necro makes me understand how death is a strong and dangerous power - said Selina, rubbing her eye with her hand - Elementalists are the big deal for the wizard crowd… but not for me. I learned how to bring life from the death but also learned how painful is to lose who you love…

Cereza changed her expression. Who her sister loved and lose?

  • At Vedas Plateau, I met two necromancers, Lemija and Faustas. This last one lost his love, a cryomancer, and… he… tried… to bring her back - told Selina with low voice.

Loretta Nimbus, the Necromancer Master, asked for her and Lemija to keep secret of that case.

  • He… did it? - asked Cereza, disturbed.

  • Unsuccessfully. - answered Selina, thoughtful. - For… one instant… I put myself in his shoes. - She gave a long look on Cereza’s face and gulped.

Cereza froze for a second until start to say slightly clumsy:

  • Yo-you never will lost m-me, Sally. I’m strong and… strong!

  • I know you are! - agreed Selina with a half smile - And I’m so thankful and proud you are a peltasta! - said while touching her sister’s hair - There are shields and High Guardian - Thought.

  • Hee-hee, you dumb gravedigger - laughed Cereza, hugging the old sister.

  • And I think there’s no problem to buy ONE dress - added Selina, cuddling the little one.

  • YAY! - Cereza raised her arms. - Let’s go back to Leticia! Hurry, hurry! - said her pulling her sister along the street.

  • Hey, calm down, Ciri… - Selina’s voice silenced abruptly at the final.

Cereza stopped.

  • You can call me like this again… If you want…

  • Thanks, Ciri… Now I think… To be mature is love and stay beside you.

  • Ownt…

They walked a little till they were just few steps from Leticia.

  • You know. You look slightly sassy with this mini-short - whispered Cereza, slapping Selina’s ass.

  • CEREZA! - told off Selina, it was really loud. Quickly covering her own mouth. Her cheeks were burning with shame.

Everybody on street were looking to them.

  • It’s true! You have a nice booty, but usually you just wear that morbid necro dress and…

  • Ciri! - interrupted Selina. Talking while covering ther mouth with hands. - I’ll lock you in your room with my Shoggoth… - warned.

  • What?! NO… Why?.. - asked Cereza, surprised. She was praising her.

  • Just take your damn dress and let’s go home! - said Selina, covering her own face with one hand. - I’m missing Alemeth grind now… I don’t believe it!

[Written by: Behemoth!]

(I dare you, Savior, to write a short story of your characters)


The story’s direction is great and one could truly relate if you know those bloody sad references :cry:

Just one thing though, I’d really appreciate it if you format characters talking with " " (Quoting their lines) instead of bullets and just plain paragraphs for self-thoughts/events because that’s how it is formally on light novels

Welp, the decision is still up to you xD

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must not…


dat… dat… a*s!!

This is nice!!! Would love to read some more!! :blue_heart: Keep those short stories coming!!! Would also love to share some of mine, but… I’m too shy… hahaha :dizzy_face:


XD yeah, thanks for all.
Well, I’m not a native english speaker so I’m still writting kinda wrong~
But I’ll fix this hereafter! But I rly appreciate your comment! :grin:

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AHAH I’m so happy that you liked it XD There’s another short story posted few days ago. Take a look! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Your English is pretty good for a non-native speaker imo :open_mouth:

Keep it up, would love to read some more :smiley:

@Therra Oh please share those potentially good and bloody stories so I can kill time faster at work :laughing:


@elleserion Ahh!! will do check it now!! :slight_smile: :blue_heart: I really love reading stories, especially TOS fanfics… :heart: do you still have stories in hand? If you do, can you post it here if you’ll have your free time? I would love to read them :blush:

@tsigetartseht ahaahaha :grin: I’m still thinking about it… but will do post it here whenever I’m decided… hahaa I’m into tragic-love stories btw :slight_smile:


@Therra Oh tragic reality love stories
I like them too because they show that reality has a cruel side that one must never forget

I’ll be waiting for teh booty :smiley:

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Yes… that’s the reason why I love them. The bitter-sweet truths of life…

*grasps beath *


hahahaha dem booty!!!


ROFL Dat Mrs. Puff Meme in relation to booty :joy:

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Nice art! Looking foward to ur next drawing …!!
Ps: No yuri still? :triumph:

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I just can say “Coming Soon”, now hauhaua
I need to have some inspiration based in ToS events to do some references hhaha
But not so long, I’ll post more of them!
btw, I wanna read some fics of yours too :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


hahaha I laugh so hard when I saw this meme on the net… @tsigetartseht ahaha :joy: I must post it for the glorious booty!! hahhaa

Ohhh!! I’ll be waiting for dat stories of yours @elleserion :blush: I’ll post it as soon as I can. Still arranging it’s story line haha XD :blush:

you make yuri stories too? @elleserion ??

*sudden nose bleed *


It will be a cruel joke =p cause both are sisters in his/her story XD

then again random incest …is XD unavoidable?


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XD Maybe~
Selina has her desires based on my personality (Because she’s my main character)… and I love girls… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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hahaha… If that time will come, @the7crowmisfits will be reading it first for sure… haha :grin:

@elleserion Ohh I see… a silent and serious yet caring personality… :blush: how about Cereza? looks like she’s the complete opposite of Selena :blue_heart:

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@Therra haha When you said about Selina’s personality I felt like you saying to me XD
Cereza is based on me playing ToS for the first time on the 1st iCBT. Dat super-hyped feeling and getting chills just listening the music intro XD
@the7crowmisfits Well, I’m finished the new “short” story (I noticed these stories are getting bigger) and this new one is about Selina’s adolescense… around 14-15 years old and… first times ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


つ ◕◕ ༽つ GIFF STORY :joy:

Challenge acceptedXD!
“Jolly Rogers” coming soon!


yes yes… dat hype and chills!! haha I really like the intro music too :blush: gives me a sense of medieval-like feeling… haha :heart:

I can’t hardly wait for that… dat adolescence stage tho~ ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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