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[COMPLETE] SA Server Transfer Notice: May 3-4, 2016

Greetings, Saviors!

The team transfer application period for Silute (SA) is now closed and we’re preparing to open the server and transfer the teams of those who applied from Klaipeda and Orsha.

Both Klaipeda and Orsha will be inaccessible during the transfer process, so please make sure to check the schedule below:

###[EDT] May 3, 01:00am to May 4, 01:00am (24 hours)

Servers affected: Klaipeda, Orsha
Compensation: Instanced Dungeon Reset Voucher (x3), EXP Tome (x5)

IMC Staff


my ticket is still not answered. proof of when it whas send:


i think this is the same by the last transfer,
the tickets are all unanswered. when the transfer is done all tickets are answered. no panic :wink:


Another 24 hours?


@STAFF_Ines What about the token time during the transfer process?


nice work IMC Staff !


Same here! And mine was sent 26/04!

look at my answer :wink:

It’s kinda intuitive if you think about it… Your character hasn’t been transfered, therefore your ticket remains unanswered.

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No it’s not. A confirmation would be more polite.

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Thanks IMC for nice work!
O Brasil precisa de empresas com visão no cliente como a IMC


@STAFF_Ines Hello Ines I’ve tried asking for a transfer since I can’t disband my guild but I didn’t get a response, can I still apply for the manual transfer now ?

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do you have you steam account linked? if not, that’s the problem

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Opinião é que nem Arde Dagger, cada um tem uma :wink:

Só torço por uma melhoria nos serviços das empresas de Games no Brasil. Se você considera ruim, tudo bem, porém, acredito que ela está dando uma ótima impressão para mim

Opinion is like Arde Dagger, each have one: :wink:

Only I support an improvement in services of Games companies in Brazil. If you consider bad, all right, but I think she’s giving a great impression for me


Great job IMC. Thanks for the transfer option.

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You can try to link your account with Gmail. That’s my case and it works like a charm.