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Where is the 24 hour compensation?

see title. I’m not asking for new compensation. I’m asking about the promised compensation. Right here in maintenance announcement:

Signed on, no compensation. Donde estas!?!?

Are you still in those servers or are you one of those that got transferred to SA?


Yeah I didn’t transfer. Been on Klaipeda since day 1.

No compensation mail.

Maybe it just got delayed. Happened to me once.

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same …
i though it should be
May 4 , 01:00am to May5, 01:00 (24Hours) it’s not ?
because transfer just done … May4 , 01:00am

No, i think they got the time right. Maintenance just ended an hour ago. 1AM May 4th.

Thanks for the free bump bud.

Everyone deserve the compensation, even who goes to SA server, after all we paid for the early access, and we lost until now 2 days of Token bonus

did not get mine yet

Looks like it was forgotten for now, or delayed… who knows.

u dont deserve anything with your whine. and no they are not obligated to give u anything.

They are only doing this cause they want to make people happy. and the only reasonable compensate would be token extention

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Yes, deserve, everyone here paid for 30 or 60 days token. And we lost 2 days.

LOL. You do realize when someone says they will compensate you for something they should follow through and give it right?

So if I told you I would give you $20/hr for working as my employee (compensate you for the time you spent working for me) should I just not give it to you and say you were whining when you complain about not being paid?

No? Then just stop because that is exactly what you are saying.

IMC promised us compensation. If it was not delivered then they need to make good on that promise and actually pay out. If not then they lied.

compensation? where the fk is my friends list? 20 people are missing off my list, about 18 likes deducted off my account, and the remaining 2 ~ 3 people on my list are being auto blocked?

IMC why dont you just give this game to a different publisher?

So you made a separate thread to whine about this? Really? Flagging this idiotic thread for spam. Since there were already 2 other topics in general before this one.

Learn to have some patience.

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My compensation is missing on Orsha server and I found the compensation on the sea server lol

Someone help!

I mean compensation time T_T sad

Didn’t you guys read their FB page? It was stated that only BRs would be compensated.

I am wondering about the same thing ^^

Same here, just got on, no mail yet :anguished: