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Klapedia/Orsha going on 24h maintenance tonight/tomorrow

Old news, about 12h ago.

I don’t see any dedicated thread on this, and I know most of us don’t read the news section.
It’s mentioned in the ‘Tree of Maintenance’ thread but rather than crying later… Here we go!

Don’t worry they won’t read this post either and they will complain tomorrow lol.


I’m gonna be playing a lot of ToS… Town of Salem. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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wow 24 hours for a server transfer? in other mmorpgs all you have to do is just click on ur char in selection screen and chose, “transfer to new server”. but this game, NO “servers are locked for a day!”


Cuz this game is like a indi mmo bro. But they go around acting like they some blizzard big ■■■■. Kinda sucks

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Pretty sure its because they don’t have actual transfers set up. I think currently they are going in manually and coping the information over.

Tales of Symphonia!


People who are too lazy to read the news have no right to complain when they don’t know what’s going on. Lol.

What the hell games are you playing? I’ve never played a single game that even allowed server transfers, let alone one that allowed you to transfer instantly.

But sure, for the sake of argument lets say there are games that have instant server transfers. Those games are likely set up way different from ToS, because ToS wasn’t coded with the ability to transfer servers in mind, that decision came later. A game which knew from the beginning it was going to have server transfers is going to be made in a way that allows them to be done quickly and easily. A game which did not know is not going to be made that way.

youve never playd a game like tht? in rift, blade and soul, asta , wildstar all these other mmorpgs let u server transfer easily and free

Yawn, another 24 hour maintenance? Let’s hope they actually fix these annoying servers. Oh… The rewards should be upped also. Especially for this past week horrible game play.

id pass on the “rewards” if they would just get the game running properly.

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I completely agree. Just wondering how long it’s going to take. There main focus is servers transfers and these small little updates.

as long as theirs compensation… im good… Guild Wars II in the meantime + Rum & CocaCola

Im going to pick up Bravely Second for the maintenance period.

I wonder how long it takes to create a coded system for server transfers, like how in maple you can just buy transfers in the cash shop.

off to do actual work I guess, or sleep. aaaaaaaaaaaagh distract me from everything tos

A reminder that maintenance will be in 1.5h or so (I think)

System architecture is different. Probably for other games there is a central database which is used to keep track of player information and all game servers reference it. In ToS probably the character information is localised to its own server hence the time needed for data transfer is more (in case of transfer it overwrites another player’s account due to having the same localised id).

A good analogy will be for example if your bank account no. is 001-000001 and you request to change to another bank which has the same kind of account naming. There might be another user with the same account no. 001-000001 and the banks will have to make sure that the transfer is done properly without affecting both accounts.

nekorin <3 ur diev tips

FFS 24 hours again… This is getting ridiculous. You would think after the first one they would have learned something. klaip has been virtually unplayable for the past 2 days due to the lag anyway but come on.24hours downtime 2 weeks in a row… oh wait, here have some xp vouchers and reset tokens. They dont do any good if you cant get in the dungeons anyway.

That is the stupidest reasoning I have ever heard…

Anyway, Database transfers are not easy and can be time consuming when you can have upwards of 20k-30k table entries to verify, compress, possibly encrypt, transfer what can reach upwards of 6-10TBs of data across SA’s crappy network, configure the server hardware, let the server software (game) spool up, and then verify everything is working properly because they have another 9001 stupid threads filled half-wit comments like yours clogging their site.

1 day won’t kill you…use it to lose some weight or something…