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Clarification on the Plague Doctor's Black Death Steam Skill

Hello everyone,

We’d like to make some clarifications on the Plague Doctor’s Black Death Steam skill.

It turns out that the current version of Black Death Steam that is implemented in-game is working as intended.

In fact, the version that had been in-game before the maintenance on August 1, 2017 was a bugged version which allowed Black Death Steam to spread much too easily.

It took us a long time to reach this conclusion because we wished to be sure that the skill was working as intended. The dev & QA teams have gone through the source code and tested it on various versions to make sure that the current version is not bugged.

Our apologies for the time it took for us to clarify this issue.


Haha i knew it :tired:

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PDs on suicide watch now.
only white popos to pay respects.


Finally they have time to fix the real bugs now

Only the spoiled children will cry :slight_smile:

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So… rank reset for false advertisement for months?


That happens when you don’t know how to fix the issue. Clearly, a dumb reason to come up with.


thank you for making it clear.
PD is still strong and a viable AoE damage dealer nonetheless
I never used pandemic in the past cause the area of infection was huge itself, glad it has to be used now

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I agree, even if I do use Pandemic. :stuck_out_tongue:

Pandemic receiving an overheat could be a good balancing measure, without a direct increase to attack, and it would encourage skillful play. Maybe using Pandemic could increase Incineration duration a little as well.

The skill description should be updated ASAP too.

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This is currently on k tos

This is on Taiwan tos (pretty much same to jtos)

So which one is the same as currently itos?

SO it’s your intention also to make poison spread back to party members? I alrdy send many tickets about it and still NO FIX @STAFF_Ethan


PD train derailed FeelBadMan :sad:.

Thanks for the clarification

what the hell? its even in the description “The affected targets infect other targets nearby.”

how bout hexing attribute of bokor? “Enemies affected by [Hexing] will receive 10% additional damage per attribute level from Dark property attacks” is this a wrong description as well? cant rely to the description of items/skills these days :disappointed:

edit: sorry @dton11 wasnt meant to reply your post i pressed the wrong reply tab

You’ve failed us :tired:


Thanks for the clarification @STAFF_Ethan

This is the clarification for the thread that I’ve made below. Please, kindly put in the OP so people would know the problem that has been clarified.

Wow, iToS PD got “fixed” and kToS still is bugged and still “abusing” it to max. How come even iToS got fixed months back and kToS still is bugged even after so long?
This doesn’t make sense.


Everything makes sense and Mr. Kim is a rich man :haha:


People shouting “PD is dead” “PD no longer viable”

PD is not dead guys, its a support class. The poison before patch was stupid and pretty much every cleric i see in town are PD. If you roll a PD base on the dps alone, then i am really sorry, time for you to change career path.

Finally only true pd mains will remain. no more “meta” build wannabe’s running around no more.


So now everyone will go Inq instead? this is worst. Only Inq left for Cleric dps considered Druid3 is alrdy rare