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Clarification on the Plague Doctor's Black Death Steam Skill

Gr8, now Pandemic will be used.

What about fixing the Magnetic Force bug that is locking players/monsters to the ground and they can’t move or use skill unless they receive another knockback/knockdown cc.
I’ve watched a 2 hours livestream of Team Battle League of one kTOS player and this bug happened many many times, if TBL arrive with such bugs here people will complain a lot.

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don’t want to go offtopic but PD is still a cheaper AoE than inquisitor.

“Black death steam + pandemic” is cheaper than “Breaking Wheel: Additional Damage” (1000 silver for every wheel of judgement)

then again PD2 is perfect for Magical DPS clerics, Inquisitor best suited for Physical DPS clerics

nice , an official statement. That is what players seek !



Please consider rank resets, this is a huge change that affects peoples decision to even play the class.


Now just delete PD bcz all the PD were wannabe DPS anyways. Their DPS got gutted so no one will go this way.

It seems more rng-based to spread right now maybe the skill description needs to be changed.

Spread Black Death Steam around and deal continuous damage. The affected targets have chance to infect other targets nearby. When using Incinerate on the target, it receives additional damage.


see at 1:20 in Kr patch that pretty same as iTOS

Best way to reduce the ‘bugs’ that need to be worked on after months:
Label it as ‘working as intended’.

-'working as intended’
Layman’s translation: A business(gaming) phrase that means; ‘Blast that sh*t, let’s call it quits and announce it as not an issue/bug anymore=no longer our problem.’, often used to pass the blame to the consumer side for not being ‘gitgud’ enough or not ‘whaling/spending’ enough.


That’s it, i’m done with ToS.

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I’ll be half out of topic but… what about Krivis’ Zaibas and Dievdirbys’ Ausrine ?
They’ve been bugged for longer than PD, and no update or anything on them…

Nobody cares about them, why live :tired:


Dear Savior,

We’d like to make some clarifications on the Krivis’ Zaibas and Dievdirbys’ Ausrine.

It turns out that the current version of Krivis’ Zaibas and Dievdirbys’ Ausrine that is implemented in-game is working as intended.

Blah blah blah,

Our apologies for the time it took for us to clarify this issue.


when u can’t/don’t know how to fix a bug, just say it’s workings as intended



I sent in a support ticket asking for them to give their players a courtesy rank reset scroll. Lets see the response.

I got an answer from GM orange some days ago, he said it was bugged, and it was hard to fix. It seems it was harder than expected so now they made it “intended” :’ D


In Orange’s defense, it wouldn’t surprise me if the devs told them it was a difficult bug or didn’t update them on the issue - saying they were still working on it, and suddenly said out of nowhere “By the way, not a bug”. I’ve seen it happen so many times…
I also love the idea of a skill not working as intended for 11 months without them realizing. Which means the devs never actually tried and tested the class and the skill :wink: (obviously they did test it a minimum, and had no issue with it. But now they randomly decided to change it/give up on it…)

Yea, same reply. I came into that same exact scenario w/ GM_ORANGE. Always asked about PD2’s BDS every after maintenance when there was a bug happened. I asked him about Black Death Steam then He said, “It was hard to fix and will again forward to devs about this issue.”

Ughh it seems that all bugs which they cant fix will turn out to be, “WORKING AS INTENDED” :tired:


we live on a beta test game :haha:


fun fact, they only fix bugs that give advantage


Ok Ethan. Send me a Skill reset Potion so I can spend points on Pandemic.

Team: Pinata
Server: Silute

Also, send one skill reset potion for everyone that have a Plague doctor c2 in their Lodge.

Thank you @STAFF_Ethan .