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Plague Doctor 2 Black Death Steam Sometimes doesnt Spread within Contact

well they don’t claim it as a nerf either.

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if its really a bug it will be fixed in 2018 :slight_smile:

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So what were you fighting here? That all mechanics should be different from the mother and children itself? No. The only thing that differ in iToS were the premium items released and events. Skills update should follow Ktest while being migrated to KToS before it is released here in iToS/JToS/TH-ToS or whatever TOS

Anyway, let’s get to the point of this THREAD.
It’s clearly a bug and not an intentional nerf.
See for yourself, even the description says it all. :upside_down_face:

Okay, zooming it up…


We really have to wait and see if they fix in Ktos, if the Korean pd’s aren’t complaining about it, Inc most likely won’t fix it. Only when they patch bds in ktos, then we will have hope that one day itos bds will be fixed.

Also aussrine is bugged in itos, the buff is not suppose to disappear when the statue are killed/or ended its duration. however it is fixed in ktos back in July, and we have yet to get this patch in itos.

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bokor zombies have received a buff in ktos over a year ago, and we never received it :confused: ( or ninja patched) and a couple of monk changes werent implemented either

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Tooltips and skill descriptions are not a valid argument in this game because they are frequently incorrect.



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Lets say its a nerf


And the biggest bug fixed achievement award go to :joy::tired:

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Feel free to spam this thread with white popolion now


The only way left to describe the situation and feelings

Now the next is Zaibas.

bug or intend?

It is bugged for sure, seems like the class is sure dead by now.

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this is funny… it’s a poison and monsters poisoned nearby next to each other can’t spread poison because IMC says it’s too easy…

Just admit it if this was a bug fix why take so long to say that?

if you touch something extremely contagious what gonna happen? nothing, according to imac is very easy so the poison isn’t contagious anymore, just change the description of the skill haha

There, since IMC loves RNG.

Based on the thread above, some did ask to GM about this bug and GM said that this bug was hard to fix. Thus, giving us the impression that the bug actually unfixed and they stated ‘working as intended’ to finish this issue.

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