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Character stuck at lodge

Ok, i guess IMC will not read my support ticket and we never will get a response maybe because they know nothing about the problem, soooooo…

i will post it here, and try luck if they see it here:

Whats the really problem right now???
two days ago we havent access at all to ANY ToS server hosted on amazon Brasil(,,, yesterday the magic happens, we can finally enter, but then we get dumped or dropped from the server when we go to a random map or small plaace, so what happened, yesteday we recovered the connection to 2 of 3 Servers on amazon Brasil, (for my case and, i guess the same for all who can enter), so we dont have connection to, how do i know???:

So what is this server, isnt a failover or an alternative server? No, this server is used for maybe dungeon or small places and load balancing maps, how do i know this???:

Ok so why is working with WTFast, or Brasil?. they arent blocked or have direct routing to Amazon brasil (in my case with WTFast i dont jump on a local internet provider router who doesnt know how to reach to amazon brasil server (cause is forbidden or blocked by the next hop, or by ip address).

So u will be saying right now… “ohh i get ur point” or “Stfu i will continue to spam that this server is a crap and do nothing about”, yeah, whatever u say, but how can we get this solved:

How to Solve
First of all you can solve anything by yourself :confused: , what is needed to be done is for IMC to really understand the problem and call Amazon BR and tell them to unblock the (like they did it yesterday with the other two servers that werent available), they are from USA, maybe in usa they are not blocked or have the correct path to the, so they say, everything is all right here, and this will never be solved.

So right now you will be saying “how can i help to solve the problem”, :slight_smile: POST UR TRACERT TO THE 3 SERVERS AS THE FIRST PIC ON THIS POST, SO THEY CAN SEE IT WHENEVER THEY LOGIN AND SAY WOW… WHAT IS THAT, OH HERE IS THE PROBLEM:slight_smile:, and solve the damn thing.

Thank you for reading the Long post with pictures lol.


“cool1837” Thank you for sharing your findings bro, even if that doesn’t solve the problem, that’s the kind of ppl we need here, the ones that are trying to help, and not just complain and hate on IMC or like you sayed, spam that “the server is crap”. I hope they see your post.

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Logou todos mais eai…e depois ? o erro vai voltar acontecer…não adianta

Another char is stucknow…

Server SA SIlute
Char name: Brave
Map: Crystal Mine 2F

I really hate it! My sister and her boyfriend can’t use their main characters since the tranfer too.

My character:
Server: SA Silute
Country: Argentina
Char name: Ludja
Family name: Hinaran
Map: Pyromancer Guild (Any two channels)

Server: SA Silute
Country: Argentina
Char name: Lemon
Family name: Herbalist
Map: Zachariel Road (lvl 90 dungeon entrance, Any channel)

Her Boyfriend:
Server: SA Silute
Country: Chile
Char name: Paco
Family name: TheCatzz
Map: Zachariel Road (lvl 90 dungeon entrance, Any channel)


My 2 cents:

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where these support of you 24 hours? A lot of people complaining about the same thing and you guys not to rule ! .

Now I have to add another character to the list:

Server: SA Silute
Country: Argentina
Char name: Tiona
Family name: Hinaran
Pet name: Tione
Map: Cobalt Forest (or something like that, map after Veja Ravine)

Temporary solution for character stucked, just tried and worked, was stucked on Tenet Garden

1- Install wtfast from web not from steam installer
2- Create account for trial use
3- Run ToS from WTfast and login stucked character(s) and move to other map or klapedia (other city)
4- Close game, Close wtfast, and run ToS again, step into new maps CAREFULLY !!!
5- if happens again, go on step 3 !!

ps: some users say using WTFAST are giving ban, use it at your on risk iI just use it to unstuck my character since STAFFS ARE SLEEPING FOR 2 DAYS!!!

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the answerd to my ticket

Hello Savior!

Thank you for contacting us.

Please be informed that we are aware of the situation and is in the process of fixing it.

Also, kindly provide us your IP address since this information can help us resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Please refer to this link for more information:

We can only ask for your patience and understanding at this time.

If you have any other concerns, please do contact us again.


Tree of Savior Support team

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Cara estou jogando desde cedo com WTFast de boa.

I got the same problem, i figured out it is after playing 1 hour.

1 - Get disconnected and can’t connect again to the server
2 - Created a new character, played for 1 hour
3 - Get disconnect again. And can’t login to any character or channel

Estou com o mesmo problema, descobri que tomo desconnect depois de jogar por 1 hora

1 - Levo desconnect e não consigo mais voltar ao servidor
2 - Crio um novo personagem, jogo por 1 hora
3 - Levo desconnect e não consigo mais voltar ao servidor, mesmo testando outros channels e outros personagens

Nem todo mundo tem dinheiro pra bancar Wtfast

me pasa la misma weá, ayuda :C! xDDD

Tem 15 dias de graça

Same here, stuck at lodge, cant connect…

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is there any solution for this? it’s been 2 days since I tried to go to cobalt forest now my char is in the “void” no channel can make me connect to the server. F’in shiet man, I paid to play and I can’t. Also my friend list is bugged, I cannot add any friends nor whisper, nor talk in parties.
I’m thinking about asking a refund.

This is fcking ridiculous, when server comeback we need compesations 4 days without play and some players leveling and make silver.

3 days, has been 3 days since the last time i could connect to the game, i dont care about compensation i have a job and wife the only time left i have is on the weekends and i cant connect to the game i have payed for… 3 DAYS and im not going to buy WTFast to play i dont have to, steam reviews are right cant recomend this game to anyone.

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