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Character stuck at lodge

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tb to preso em tenet garden, me pergunto se tem alguem fazendo dg 50 no server ou todos os channel tão offline em tenet garden, ou se fomos premiados

Im still stock at the lodge. The server kick me put when i tried to enter in the pyromancer house.

Server: SA Silute
Team Name: RPH
Character name: 100Cebola


Not server logs, so this is a real drag , and no one answers if are doing something.

Pessoal, unica maneira que consegui pra resolver este problema foi instalando o WTFAST, tem o tempo de TRIAL la, acho q é o tempo suficiente até os ADMIN acordarem pra vida e arrumarem essa bagunça. Estou jogando normal. Fica a dica.

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I don’t think the IP are the problem. I was able to log in with a hunter (but i have 2 other chars locked) and play with no problem, but I warped to the map where one of the locked character is and now the hunter is blocked too.

Server is messed up.

Server: SA Silute
Team Name: DuoKek
Character name: all three of them

povo com o WTFAST esta realmente funcionando pelo menos por enquanto

YES YES, I have come to join you fellow players.

Got my 2 chars stuck at empty maps, it wont go past the lodge.

IMC do something, TOKEN is running in my stuck paladin!
Team name: Loudain
Char name: Adam

so tem um problema, antes do serve cair eu tinha feito as dgs e o mesmo não foi retesado isso tendo 2 dia que não estava logando. Serve esta todo bugado

Server: SA Silute
Team Name: Assai
Character name: Kon
Map stucked: Tenet Garden

04/04/2016 11:55 A.M UTC-3

Keyboard / Mouse

Bug Description : Stuck at lodge and cannot conect

I wasn’t able to play with 2 of my characters( i was able to play with the other 2) since the tranfer to the [SA] server, then i heard about WTFast and decided to give it a try, and surprinsingly it worked. Both characters were stuck at lodge, both on the Zachariel Crossroads map, now i can play with both.
Be sure to choose the WTFast server with the best ping(Manually connect > Sort by ping).

BTW i’m using WTFast via Steam.

Try this and if it works for you, post it here so more people can see it.


Team: Leafdragon
Char: Wind
Location: Verkiti Square

Same here …

TeamName: SpiderVerse
Char : DeathStroke
Server : SA

You should not be using this WTFast, why?

“STAFF: As a reminder, we highly advise you to stay away from using third party
programs like WTFast to prevent possible suspension on your account.”

it’s not recommended.

Kupi’s post: Cannot connect to server [SA]

you have been warned!

No problem, i’m just saying here what worked for me, also, you dont need to keep using it, you can use it just to unstuck your characters.

Galera é verdade com WTFAST consegui logar todos os chars. Eu usava o WTFast quando jogava no Orsha depois que migrou deu esse problema que não conseguia logar na minha acc no SA agora quando usei com WTFast deu certo loguei todos.

This is beautiful when the server runs without any problems, not when its the only way people can use to play

2 days and still no answer? What is wrong with the admins

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la puta madre, todavia? no quiero saber naa cuando lanzen el f2p