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Complete disregard of IMC with the Latin American community

Ur a liar a lil oxygen thief lil rat liar

i have arnet i cant play :S

i have telered bro :confused:

yo que? decimelo en español si me queres decir rata papu porque ingles te lo llevaste a marzo

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I wouldn’t be surprised, if LUG is the culprit behind all this. They must be angry as %#$, because IMC kinda of double-crossed them. (By selling the game rights, but then publishing the game itself in SA). IF they are the ones to blame, then that’s nothing out of the ordinary. LUG sux.

For anyone else looking to clear the board of this SA server spam:

IMC already communicated the issues they are facing. There are already 3+ threads like this in general, and you have your own server board. I have no idea why you and other south americans can’t handle this situation like adults and feel the need to spam general with it. Fortunately this option gives me an easy filter for all this spam.


Sorry but 90% BR and the rest Argentina and Chile inst Latin America… this server is “SOUTH AMERICA” or … “BR” … countries like Mexico, Colombia and Venezuela have worst ping on this server… so inst SUPER LATINO SERVER afeter all…

Entonces no generalizar por favor, que se llame SA no quiere decir que nos metan a todos en su peo… cuando muy bien saben que esa vaina es un servidor BR… pa que se pasan luego vienen llorando.

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There’s a guy that already found evidence that this is not a DDoS attack but a problem with one of the three servers.
Also, it’s terrifying how racist this community is.

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You have a link to that post?

Stop generalizing. I’m latin american and no one has failed me. Ty

Here’s the link.

Well, is just figured that too, is a route problem, from my point of view the problem is telefonica

Probably something like that. I just got to my parents house and their internet is from another provider than the one I use and here I was able to log in.

Do you? Do you REALLY?

LoL, isnt telefonica Man i made tracert from another source in ecuador =_=…
Administrador] > tool traceroute
1 0% 1 0.4ms 0.4 0.4 0.4
2 0% 1 2.4ms 2.4 2.4 2.4
3 0% 1 8.6ms 8.6 8.6 8.6
4 100% 1 timeout
5 100% 1 timeout
6 100% 1 timeout
7 0% 1 0ms

As you can see no Telefonica Routers, its the freaking BGP route propagations from that server on Amazon Brasil, they are forbidden to any International Router Routing request… so for you is telefonica for Ecuador is any other Operator for Chile maybe Movistar, u cant blame all operators for not having the route to a forbidden server =_=.

The Weekend is just starting, expect a lot of Lag, it’s normal. Edit: But yeah, it could be better, they still need to stabilize the things, the server is new.

Hey guys are you stupid? YES they gave us a server por SA but it doesn’t work!!! OMG why this people are defending IMC like a ■■■■■■■ addicts, why there’s people who can’t recognize that they are doing no ■■■■ for a lot of people!

control yourself kid, even if you start 10000 threads about the problem the fix will not come until next maintenance.

I’m a customer and I will yell al I want because I PAID and i don’t give a **** about what are you saying.

keep crying, your tears will flood the forum, good luck with that.

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