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Character stuck at lodge

Server: SA Silute
Team Name: CBx
Character name: Pepemin
Map stucked: Shaton Farm

05/04/2016 11:55 A.M UTC-3


Bug Description : Stuck at lodge and cannot conect


same here dude :c
tried to connect but cant, made a new one and its just fine, but with my first char i just cant connect

Me too, i got DC’ed while teleporting to the Forest of Prayers and now i can’t log back in.

me too, i was disconnected while teleporting to mage tower 5F

Cannot connect to any of the channels, character stuck at Aqueduct Bridge Area

Server: Silute
Team name: Panzerfaust
Character: Tori

Same, but on Pelke Shrine

Server seems to be online but channels aren’t. I can log in but can’t log any char.

Same here, getting kicked out everytime I try to log any char.

+1 same here :confused:

Cannot conect , character stuck in Vedas Plateau

Server: Silute
Team Name: longer
Character: SecondLife

I’ve be facing the same problem. It looks like the channels are offilne or something like that.

Same problem here. Stuck at lodge and can´t connect any character.

Team name: baymax
Server: SA (Silute)

Here Too =/. Aqui também está com o mesmo “ERRO”.

Team: SirChrono
Server: SA
MAP ERROR: Royal Mausoleum Workers Lodge

@Staff_Julie @STAFF_Ines @STAFF_Ethan @STAFF_John @STAFF_J

answer here please :frowning2:


Team name: IronSky
Server: SA (Silute)


Me too!!!
Help IMC !!!

Same problem here :C
Team name: LittleCake
Server: SA (Silute)

me too, I was able to connect only once then I changed maps it disconnected again…

Same here
[SA] Silute
Team Haru1337
character Haru

I have this problem too, but only in my main char ):