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WarNux's Doodles - Updates on Comments

Making a new one with a legit title and make it my art only. xdd
Also, many of you know me for the memeable cartoonish doodles, but I can draw decently, too. LOL;;

^Remember these shits? LOL


i stille habb de gif thingy Owoy

Working on this comic which I don’t know when will I finish it. xdd
Read as manga.


is a manga…

please don’t call it a comic :neutral_face:

Mangas are Japanese comics. I don’t see anything wrong with calling it “comic”.


You put more interesting lore in this game than IMC o3o

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LOL. I make a lot of research in the game so I can make fan stories. :haha:

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manga refers to both comics, cartooning, and animation, but more on cartooning as it translates to “whimsical picture” though people outside japan usually refers to it as “japanese comic”

cartoon is to manga, which can be anything from a comic to caricatures

due to the generalization of the japanese for “manga”
the term “anime” is then adapted to refer mediums that utilize animations
unlike “manga”, anime is not written in kanji, as it is a borrowed translation for the term “animation”

of course nowadays, people would also refer it to a style of animaton that even animations that is non japanese can be called as anime. Regardless, animation is animation yOwo

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This year I didn’t improve nor did quality paintings. But it was full of ToS drawings. 2018 was the year I was officially free from University and had enough time to draw and play. For me, Tree of Savior is more than just a game; it is an inspiration and a very important part of my life. Thanks to it, I met awesome people, met my girlfriend, got motivated to draw more and even get back on character’s development, writing stories and RP, which came with the creation of the Tree of Savior RP group. And, like in every “community”/fandom, I met people who I wish I didn’t meet and who I argued with.

So, thank you, my ToS friends, for this year and RP pals who still are part of that group, because more than a group its an experience. :sparkling_heart:


thats cool :grin::+1: i will looking forward on your new work :satisfaction:

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Thank you so much!! I also look forward you work, too! :distinguished:

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always amazingly beautiful! truly impressive! :two_hearts::ok_hand:

My latest creation!


feat. @Therra in this last one. <3


D’awwwwwww!!! :two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts:
Theo and Suyin forever :two_hearts:

Art Stream [OFFLINE]

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DAMN HAGALAZ :blue_heart:

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My healer became a Demon Lord because nobody saved him. xd