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Announcement on our Partnership with X2GAME

Greetings, Saviors.

We are glad to announce our partnership with X2GAME.

Through X2GAME platform, we will meet our players in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau territories.

IMCGAMES will manage in-game contents and game versions to be released in the territories while billing services and customer support & management will be handled by [X2GAME Integrated Platform].

For more information, please refer to the links below.

IMCGAMES & X2GAME Partnership Announcement Article :

《Tree of Savior》Traditional Chinese Version Official Website:

《Tree of Savior》Traditional Chinese Version Official Facebook Site:

【X2GAME Platform】 :

  • Please note that the access to the Steam English version will be restricted for the players in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau territories.

Thank you.


staff needed to calm madness once and for all by writing clearly that the release date is the 22nd of march and not the 19 of june. People are going crazy thinking that everything will be switched to june. Forum is going to explode again due to madness. Staff i know it’s hard on you to have to deal with this nonsense but please… it takes a couple of seconds to write down 2-3 words.


Well that’s pretty xenophobic don’t ya think?


It’s xenophobic to provide your game through a different service based on the customer’s geographical location? Are you for real?


or maybe all he want is to block brs from connecting to steam servers? :o

that’s the only thing he is asking, br servers will happen at some point. Although other South Americans are left behind with the LUG partnership.

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Please, don’t try to sound like you’re looking after our interests when you only want to segregate us from the international community.

After all this time we’re still getting heat? Are you for real?

It’s already confirmed that we’re getting our local server but why should we be kept from playing on Steam? It hurts my soul to see that people still think that all brazilians are troublemaking trolls.

Show good players some respect. If you want to get all the bad players banned, by all means go for it, just go after them specifically. Please don’t try to destroy my hopes just because you’ve met some bad people.


You took that really personally. I just want everyone to have the best experience and the lowest possible ping.

If everything i said wasn’t your intention, i apologize.

The events of iCBT 2 scarred me for life, i am a bit on the edge.

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And @ the announcement, that’s really messed up to give 'em a local server and IP block them this late in the stage, especially since they start learning English in 3rd-4th grade? But at least it’s better than making that announcement after the Founders Packs. Business is business I guess. There there.


“Users in Singapore and Malaysia regions will not be restricted to play on International servers (Steam).”

And yea, great, HK/TW/MC players are fuxked up and blocked away from the Steam server and at the mean time some are not LIKE SINGAPORE AND MALAYSIA. GREAT.

IMC live up to the trust of Taiwanese players, X2 gaming platform under the system is a subsidiary of OMG, OMG Taiwan and most of the players are considered to be bad agents in the OMG agent Tera time, the players are not very friendly, monthly fee system . mall system. Korean content is advertised but actually Taiwan emasculated version, upgrade experience doubles treasures fall lower
On the economic point of view, all players (consumers) should have the pursuit of a better standard of game, then pay the money
The IMC should open Taiwan players into STEAM system, so that Taiwan’s game agents (suppliers) to enhance better standards, rather than game to game agents to make inferior performance
OMG thank IMC choose instead Taiwan players, IMC live up to the trust of all the players in Taiwan, IMC will lose a lot of players in Taiwan


Let me re-explain the situation of X2Game = OMG in Taiwan.
As you may, or may not know, X2Game is under OMG, Taiwan and one of the biggest game OMG have been running is TERA.

At the beginning of time, OMG claimed that the content of TERA will be the same as Korea Server, but turned out the Level up required EXP is more than a double and the drop rate is extremely low. Also, most the of clothes and item which can get from the loot / Quest / In-game are moved to the Real-Money Transaction.

OMG is a company which have TOTALLY NO INTEGRITY to the player, they’re a total lier.

And IMC sold us to them, refuse to listen what the player crying in the steam community, and still, sold us out. We are extremely disappointed and in nowadays, MMORPG’s market in PC is getting smaller and smaller, you will regret losing A LOT of loyalty player in our local community.




99% publishers from taiwan are aiming p2w products and eventually making the game dead.

you will lose a lot hardcore taiwan and hong kong players by doing this decision.

Another coming soon haha.

That’s much worse in China Mainland if I not mistaken
Changyou, a company shut down game server after OBT launched for not even a year

In Hong Kong we start to learn English from Kindergarten, before going to Grade 1. Of course some are good and some are bad to this, but, at least, most of us is “Okay” for daily communication. The language issue is never a problem, selling us to OMG is totally a business decision.

OMG is farther better than暢遊 the local publisher of CHINA mainland.Dont you agree that? OMG at least deal with every players even for a tiny problem.BUT 暢遊 only give severse for Diamond richest Max VIP level player!

You still got little hope.
If IMC can act like Blizzard in China, full control of the client , X2game can’t do anything except hosting the server
Well it depend on the contract

seriously, they should not have any ip block or ip ban from any country at iToS. players should be free to choose which region server to play instead of being forced option. this is so much ridiculous.

i will never play under china taiwan publisher games anymore. players from this region should know the real reason behind.