AFK necro/sorc/bokor is apparently back


The game is just a dumpster fire. I hope IMC released the “new code” or whatever they’re doing to fix the horrible horrible FPS and desync issues, and then someone leaks it all so private servers can start being made.

New P2W cubes and more content for the top guilds to ruin instead of adding all the class fixes made in Korea and giving us the new dungeon and HG, and still no word on the Bokor AFK problem. I’m uninstalling and I’ll never be back.


Show me the receipts. No one in Impetus does this themselves, and to be clear that means AFK farming baubas. We had an incident recently but the person responded, they weren’t AFK.

Also it’s amusing you are going to call us hypocrites when people in your posse got hundreds of millions of silver as well from that mess up. I wonder if they did the right thing with that silver instead of keeping it. :thinking:


I will back this up!
I haven’t seen an Impetus member on my recent run.

I go around periodically knocking down afkers, asking them if they are afk first. On my run I encountered various guilds and solo players, but I’m yet to knock down an Impetus member.

If I do find one, I’ll treat them just the same and knock them down. (Additionally, I can forward the information to the guild if necessary)


Like I said, you guys always have something to say about it. :grin: You clearly have no logic, because I used a source from a thread and ask for a receipt as if I can open the account and look at it. You’re great at attempting to debate, because you can easily manipulate the subject.

I’m just calling the kettle black, since Impetus acts so clean and free of any exploits. Next time, before your trash Texas opens his mouth in shout, he should think about his dirty lawn before talking about his neighbors. :smiley:

It’s also quite hilarious how you are defending your guildie about not being AFK. The problem isn’t the Bokor/AFKing, it’s the pillar, remember? Impetus is exploiters too.

Isn’t this a cute picture? Hypocrite in it’s prime. :sunglasses:


Isn’t this a cute picture? Hypocrite in it’s prime. :sunglasses:

“Climbing on top of a pillar to avoid all enemy attacks”

:sunglasses: It’s ok to abuse the “exploit”, as long as you’re not afk right? :sunglasses:



Clearly not exploiting here, people.


Why no one suggest that pillars are a feature and works as intended? Just like Levitation :smiley:


Ranged mobs can still hit if people are on pillars. But there are only 1-2 ranged at the good spots. Areas with many ranged are not used.


Caught all of you afking. (And some of you macroing, although I won’t say who)


He farmed down there on his cleric and saw other people doing it, and didn’t fully understand the situation because most of my guild doesn’t care for all the bullshit drama idiots like you are manufacturing. He was not afk and there for probably less than an hour (he responded to me within a few seconds). I explained to him the situation and told him not to be on the pillars and he obliged immediately. He has not AFKed there or even been back there on his wizard, and if he has I’m sure you’ll be the first to let me know since you disagree with it so much. Literally no one else has seen someone from Impetus down there and you continue to repost this here, in other threads, and everywhere, in an attempt to make my guild look bad or hypocritical, but it was addressed within minutes and taken care of.

You linked to one of many threads where I explained that I was going to give the excess silver I was given to someone who was able to prove they had a deficit. I put in several tickets and got the blessing of a GM to do so. It was about 200m, you can scroll further down in that thread or I can go get the PMs. I even explained the item I’d be using to get to the person in my tickets so it wouldn’t get flagged as something malicious. No one else in my guild that I’m aware of benefited from the nonsense, and honestly (and I’ve said this before) if someone else benefited from it outside my guild, it was IMC’s fuckup and they were adamant about their data management and I don’t even really care that Randy or Resource made out like fuckin bandits and who knows who else did and said nothing. Doesn’t mean that I felt good about keeping mine, and it was convenient that someone was missing about the same amount I had a surplus of, so it worked out for me.

You’ve been lashing out and flailing like a retard for about a week now. Like I’m at the point where I legitimately feel sorry for you–everytime you even get close to something you think is your “gotcha” on somebody in my guild you have to twist and contort and straight up lie about it to even get close to something that resembles reality. I don’t even have to say or do anything and you’re here drooling all over yourself. The people who matter know and understand what the reality of the situation is, and you just don’t matter. You were a non-factor in Lotus, you are a non-factor in Melody, just like the other people who are really big ■■■■ talkers now that they’re in there. The first time you pick up a win–because you’ve never personally been responsible for contributing to one in probably your entire life–you just can’t stop talking ■■■■. And it would actually be kind of funny to me, except I can’t bring myself to feel anything but sorry for you.


If IMC could make an official announcement about this, and being on pillars (I haven’t seen it, if there was), it would save people a lot of arguing and drama. Either that it’s ok, Not OK, or even that they have nothing to say about it…

We need to talk, bro

I mean, Bhikku responded to me immediately too. Push him off the bar -> jump back up and say hi.

Sometimes people just have two screens, and is working on something else on the another one. Doesn’t really mean they are not afking. They can be playing MS2 on another screen, for example.

He obliged, which is good. But I think he might have done it knowingly until it was exposed and you stopped him. You trust your guildmates, but I don’t. Only he knows what was his intention being there at that moment standing on the pillar.

I asked @crevox so many times what’s up with Impetus. He didn’t reply. I didn’t see explanation why Impetus was there (until this raging reply by you). How should we think?

So, can I get a yes here, that if I see anyone from Impetus from now on at 380lv HG afking, I snip that and you kick that person?



Boruta's Vengeful Fever - What big guilds don't want you to know

SEA has been lacking salt content nowadays anyways, need a bit from NA once in a while now.


I am seeing a distinct lack of receipts in your reply. Try again.


@STAFF_Bob can you weigh in on whether this type of behavior is allowed or not


All I can say at the moment is we are aware of the issue and it will be patched soon.

Not Surprised But
We need to talk, bro

Will there be any penalty measure taken on the AFK farmers?

Legitimate players are now at a 200mil+ silver disadvantage compared to AFK farmers, after 2 weeks of no-action.


I made 500m while this is going on doing CM. I demand 200m+ compensation. Thanks.


Not everyone got time doing CM to make 500mil and have a life.

Ok, you are a strong player who is dedicated. Good for you. Go back to the topic.