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Accounts Banned for Abuse (April 24th, 2016)

Greetings, Saviors.

We have blocked 158 bots and 48 gold sellers, the accounts totaling to 206. The following is a list of their team names and the reason why they were blocked.

If you feel you have been wrongly banned, please report your case to us through the support page.

Thank you for your support and cooperation.

IMC Staff


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Enjoining the ban-wave :3

hope there’s come a day when 100% of bans are fair and deserving :slight_smile:


Is IMC really banning the bots? For what I said this? Just see my thread, I ve been reported bots in 21/04 and unitil now they dont get ban account…so its really happening?

you do realize theres a report bot function?

Keep it up IMC. Really nice to see you being this active banning bots!

you do realize theres in forum have a section specific to report bots??..

You do realize just a picture is not enough evidence warrant for a ban? I made a video on KenMushin and he’s banned(he’s on the list of SEA botter here).

Yes now I do realize youre blind or idiot, just read all trhead and you will find screens, videos and such more…

Maybe next time edit your post and put the link on your original post? Dumb idiot do you think dev have time to read all threads and the comments? Holy crap. Its common sense, and my common sense is telling me to not bother with you anymore.


Youre so ignorant guy, just next time read all thread and stop to talk sh****ts and the thread is not so long man wtf…

Next time you might want to avoid flaming if you want anyone to bother answering your original question :slight_smile:

Something that would inspire others to play and invest to the game. Good job again IMC!!

Keep the good work, IMC!

Muahahaha i like it hahaha.
Yeah Crush those damn botters to pieces and send em to hell.
Its so annoying every time you read them spamming gold messages-.-

Btw the reason why so less Botters from europe is easy.
The most botters are from asia region.
Especialy china…singapore…thailand and so on.
The reason is easy.
In western regions we have higher life standard.
In most western countrys at least 75% of its ppl are working and can keep up having a good life.
But for that we have less free time for activitys like gold farming.

Now thats where the asian market comes in.
In asia regions the life standard isnt that high for most ppl and they have much free time cause no work.
So they use this botting to earn money by selling us in game cash.

Its somehow a coexistence but its very annoying at same site.
those botters are the reason later on an item is costing a Billion in game gold even so the item is just wort 1 million!

So these assholes destroying econamy.

And btw later on they increase their technics like in ro and creating personal chat botters who pm you even if you ignoring pm by options…thats veeeeery annoying.

I like how I report 160+ chaplain bot(s) on Fedimian and they aren’t in this list -_-

Do you realize that they can’t ban all the bots report at the same time?

Almost 4 days and they still are banning bots, the only ignorant guy i see in this thread is you, so stop talking sh***ts and be glad that they are doing their work.

Unless, if you are capable of ban all the thousand and thousands of bots report that comes everyday THEN send them a message/email/whatever saying you are capable of do their work 1000000000000x times better when comes about banning bots related issue.

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Interesting how the names are starting to become more “normal” as bans waves been occuring.

In the past 99% of them were just gibberish names.

the first name, i told some ppl to report it yesterday, cool u guys alredy banned. awesome!!

no, this list is fake, in fact IMC IS THE GOLD SELLERS

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