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Accounts Banned for Abuse (April 21st, 2016)

Greetings, Saviors.

We have blocked 140 bots and 232 gold sellers. The following is a list of their team names and the reason why they were blocked.

If you feel you have been wrongly banned, please report your case to us through the support page.

Thank you for your support and cooperation.

IMC Staff


Good, good.

Now let us all continue our mission to deplete bots as much as we can.
This is not wasting time! This is ensuring that Tree of Savior will survive!


Keep the good working against these guys IMC!


gold sellers are probably losing money now :3

Thank you very much for your vigilance IMC! :thumbsup:

Good work! ,’) love you IMC :slight_smile:


goooooood, goooooooooooood.

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Julie is a bot confirmed!



IMC has been caught red handed.

Yes!!! Banned them all!!!

I bet she was just too busy with all the bugs and complains so she wanted to catch up the other Staff. Don’t get discouraged Julie, just send a support ticket to yourself :joy:


Thank you for your action! We, legitimate memers of the TOS society, really appreciate it.
However, as the F2P period draws near, I am afraid that the issue of bots and goldsellers might get more complicated. There will probably be many many more bots and goldsellers to the extent that it might actually be impossible to report and ban them all.
I hope IMC staffs will come up with some sort of plan to counter the worst case scenario. Should you need any help, I believe I, myself and many other players are ready to support.
In return, we need you to keep up the good work, respond to our voices on important and necessary matters so that both sides can benefit equally. :grin:

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you freaking “memers” of the ToS community!

and no do not edit that out. XD

swing the banhammer !!!

But she would have to wait for her turn in ticket queue. Expediting it can be considered playing favorites.

Good job, but still, the whole global chat is full of goldsellers…