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Accounts Banned for Abuse (April 19th, 2016)

Hello, Saviors.

We’ve identified and permanently blocked 1,394 bot accounts in the order from the most frequently reported. Additional 1,678 accounts that have manipulated the game client for exploiting purposes have also been banned.

If you feel you have been wrongly banned, please report your case to us through the support page. Your reports will be used as important data for us.

We do believe these bots are a major issue and will continue to do our best until the problem is solved.

In addition, we are taking down the Founders Server : Exclusive Access 3 product temporarily until the bot issue is handled properly.

Thank you for your cooperation.

IMC Staff


@everyone saying “They’re doing nothing to stop bots”:


Nice! Hope there is a notable decrease in bots around!

and about that popular exp lua mods? Once VAC activated @Staff_Julie


You mean exp viewer?
If that, they said they allowed it

You don’t know what your doing to me right now!!

Thank you.


wow thats a lot of banned accounts :smiley:

i’m not sure if VAC (which is Value policy) would say the same as IMC

Wow so you can have a non-bot player banned by asking your friends to report him as bot…this is stupid though good job on banning those real bots

Hope you guys banned all the people that edited game files to send big messages in the shout.

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Over 3k accounts. wow :kissing_heart:

I’m wonder that 1,678 accounts are the real cheat users, not one of us - who use addons, mods (whatever it called)

ya i am also worried now , i used those addons too

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Im kinda curious about what IMC did with those that use popular mod exp viewer, i mean using it its like a modified client? because the only good feature from that mod at least for me its the help for monster killing count.

we really want some answer from IMC about that, i know they already said its ok to use, but now that they said they banned users that modified the client, i dont know what they think about that mod now.

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I changed xml files to improve FPS… Can’t wait to try if I can still play later today

Thank you!

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It’s not a modded client, it’s a .lua addon. They already said addons are allowed, and also specifically the exp one.

Keep up the good work guys. Some of you are concerned they might have banned actual players instead of bots, I don’t know if that did happen, I’d assume they took the time to look into each case. If it did happen, They did say you can report your case if you were wrongly banned, at least its a step forward, nothing is perfect but they are trying.

Let’s all hang in there and help them clean up the game.

Thanks good job!! Sorry for the rant bruhs!

It should be fairly obvious that the client modifications they are referring to are those who used popular hexcode editing software to modify packets and hack. Teleporting, cross map autoattacks, etc. Not those who are using the preapproved and fairly popular exp/mob count viewer going around on reddit.