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Why i vote for a wipe

you only get one of these. open beta -is- a testing phase. 90% of them include wipes at the end.

@Rubiss @zoi4friends
there’s no open beta. mar29 was international release.

but people still refuse to get it.

you can keep pretending it’s open beta all you want, and while you’re doing that why not pretend you’re in charge of the game.
just like making really big text in bold, pretending doesn’t make it true.

well, i mean, it’s not like the FBI is going to blow up your servers for breaking the law if you do have a wipe after release…
they won’t have to, the customers will pretty much ditch you on the spot.

what’s the point of a “persistent online virtual world” to play and level up in, and etc… when they remove"persistent" from the equation?

the way truly game-breaking exploits are handled on “live” servers is with a rollback.
they identify when the problem was discovered, they shutdown the server, they reinstall the nightly backups from that night, install the patches to prevent it from happening again, ban some accounts, start the servers rolling up again, and poof… they’ve been “rolled back” to the time before the exploit was an issue.

players are pissed because they’ve lost maybe a day or two of progress, but not nearly as pissed as if they had lost all their progress, in spite of the promise of the “persistent” world.

@zoi4friends has a special type of blindness and can’t see that because it disagrees with his preferred worldview.

on what grounds do you say the impact ISN’T minor? you don’t have any proof either, only your word for it.

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  1. They can wipe as much as they see fit if we’re on a testing period.
  2. They will create measures to not happen again, so it’s not likely that will happen once the wipe is made. (Probable making Token untradeable)
  3. There’s thousands of transactions happening right now, IMC can track the transactions but there isn’t any software that can understand what silver transactions were “suspicious”.

The staff already said there won’t be a wipe. A lot of people bought access because of this. If they do wipe, which they won’t, IMC can expect a lot of chargebacks.

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People will quit either way. If there’s a wipe then people that quit can chargeback. The product that the players payed for was a month of early access to the game without ANY wipes, as advertised by IMC. If they wipe it 2 weeks in then we didn’t get the product we payed for, in addition to false advertising, in which case, chargeback is fairly simple to accomplish.

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yea, exactly that.

plus, despite how many time @zoi4friends says it… there is no OBT, and we are not in “testing”.

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  1. We’re not on a testing period. It was also clearly promised there will be no wipes. This itself already proves this thread is nonsense.
  2. No game is perfect. Even AAA games after implementing “Exploit Countermeasures” Hackers/Bots/Exploiters will always find a new way to break that shield.
  3. You keep saying this, do you work for IMC to know their limitations?

You just keep repeating your replies to every person who disagrees with you the hell?


The problem is that I’m not saying that I know the size of the impact, I’m asking for the wipe for other reasons.

Creating a balances and leveled ground for new and old players to play the game with a good economy without exploited tokens.

i vote for wiping youre acc and maybe…youre head…some ppl (like me) that have work and family have 1-2 h MAX time to play games…and after paying to play a game they wanted and investing that few hours of free time they have to play a bit and geting wipe will just make instadelete the game for them and not only for them a lot ppl will leave and make BAD reviews on the game on gamesites and this will well…impact ToS “life” so yea wipe it and make it dead so you can play a BIT before server are closed because new ppl wont come here knowing they can wipe AGAIN because some cheater found new exploit.

PS tell the truth youre jealous that some ppl that played betas/kr version know how to in game and have better build/items than you


Yes, WIPE the game but… i want all collections/all my maps 100%/ enough XP cards to get at my current lvl/ all my mats/ all my hairs and their stats/ BACK…

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These issues are not going to be resolved. Nobody is resolving anything, even a wipe is just temporary.

IMC makes trading impossible between characters - RMT uses potion trading to transfer the silver.
IMC makes potion character bound - RMT uses the aution house to transfer silver.
IMC implements min-max prices - RMT bah, I don’t know, it’s too early to tell, but I’m sure they are going to be fine.

Any solution is just a workaround that a human being managed to come up with. And for every one of these workarounds there will be another human being, smart enough or even smarter, on the other side who will be working hard to counter them. Necessity is the mother of all inventions, if these guys need bots and to sell silver to make a living, they will find a way.

So wiping now the server means you have to wipe it everytime something goes wrong, and something will go wrong again, multiple times.


No wipe. You are stupid for requesting this. To be honest, the price in the market is fair. It just happen that the items being sold is acquired in the wrong way. Still, the economy is still in good status.

What i want them to do is an immediate ban for those hackers together with their silvers and items.

I also think that the hack is all about dlc package not infinite silvers. It means theyre juat getting free account. Evwn if they are selling silvers, who gives a fvck? Stupid people flocks together. Doesnt have that much impact. Srsly. If this problem is affecting you that much, you must be a low level scrub who finds it hard to level up.


that +8 mark boots LOL.

There is no reason they would do a “full” wipe. If anything they’d just adjust our silver / attributes / equipment. The exploit has little to no effect on actual level.

Honestly, after giving it some thought. I think a wipe and a prevention system that makes sure it wont happen again would be the most reasonable choice. But we all know that IMC is unable to make reasonable choices and so we will be stuck with rampant botting and hacking just like in granado espada (as you recall, thats IMC’s other p2w game)

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I totally second this…

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I can’t tell if some of these guys posting are the exploiters or what by their comments lol.

Oh god, I spent weeks doing achievements and completing collections. If the game is wiped out, it’s so hard to start again. And how about the ultra rare items I have collected? The goddesses do not always bless us :cry:

Right, let’s wipe every time a new bug or exploit is found (so like every week). Do you even understand how vulnerable and easy to hack and exploit this game still is? Every bot has an ability to run with the speed of light, use map wide AoE attacks that kills everything in 1 hit, etc. It’s all still in game and happens every day.

If you got nothing better to do than doing same stupid quests over and over again, that’s on you. Everyone else here are not NPCs, they’re all people with their own lives and a lot of them spent hundreds of hours (400+ here) doing those quests and farming gear to reach a stage of the game when it actually starts getting fun and stops being tedious and boring.

There is no way anyone sane would volunteer to just throw that time away. Your lifespan is limited, don’t forget about that.

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