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Why i vote for a wipe

just my 2 cents:
Some of those guys screaming for a wipe did the dlc scam once or twice on their account just to get some silver. Now they are afraid of a perma bann on their steam account and hope a wipe will erase all traces and and not get them banned.

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Next level bullshit.

first of all IMC said there will be no wipe. They made an official announcement about this (or several). So yes, we bought the access because there would be no wipe. If there would be a wipe we would be entitled to ask for our money back.
Like many other people, I also have a job, family and friends. I don’t have much free time. I am not interested in wasting my time with wipes. Also I don’t care that some people made money using abuses. That’s every day life anyway.
To everyone requesting a wipe: If you feel that this situation affects you so much you can play on one of the new servers that will open when the game becomes f2p. Problem solved.
I am sure that after this abuse will come another and so on. Like someone said cyber fraud is in bloom (I should know just got my credit card wiped clean a few weeks ago and still haven’t gotten my money back from the bank)

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“they don’t deserve to step in on this mess because you’re selfish and doesn’t want to lose your 2week effort”

What I want to say : Go ■■■■ your self, I PAID for this 2 weeks I DON’T deserve to lose it because “X” people are making profit so yes I’ll be a selfish fucker because I’m not wrong.

Also, the majority of the Brazilians are playing in Orsha I play on Klaipeda and I haven’t see problems with the market prices in Klaipeda now in Orsha I have no idea but I’ll be even more selfish and say if you guys want to wipe something you wipe Orsha, ban the Brazilians that have done this and region lock Klaipeda and Orsha, the Brazilians will have their own server soon they’re working on translate it they just have to wait.

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A strawpoll to decide whether to wipe or not… Great idea XDDD

How about you get use of your imagination and try to foresee the impact of this bug on game’s economy in long term? Close your eyes and try to figure it out. Minor right? Minor and hardly meaningful, isn’t it? :slight_smile:

I will try to explain it once again to people who get carried away and don’t realise that in fact the tokens’ influx was IN FAVOUR of them.

No silver has been created, this fraud doesn’t equal to duping which took place during CBT. All the silver the cheaters received HAD BEEN FARMED BY ACTUAL PLAYERS. The exploiters got rich indeed but the same thing could have happened if they got extremely lucky and dropped 100 ardes in a row. The chance of such occurrence is minimal, yet still possible. Statistics :slight_smile:

Now since most of them will get banned (and I’m sure not only the ghost accounts but the main ones will get tracked as well by IMC cooperating with steam) a lot of silver will disappear from the game. The silver which was created legitimately, but transferred in huge amounts to particular persons, due to them providing the market with cheap tokens.

IMC is the aggrieved side. They got no money for the tokens, which the players were able to buy for just the small percentage of its actual value due to the high supply thanks to the exploiters :slight_smile:

Better buy the tokens before the price reaches the proper one, which currently is about 2mil on kTOS. :stuck_out_tongue:

Asking for wipe is just an excuse for most of people to reroll their characters, that’s how I see it.

In addition to that, a wipe would make a bad precedent to remove all the progress each time when some exploit is revealed. It’s a mmorpg guys, hacks and bots are a daily basis, we should combat them, but not WIPE whole servers just because of them LOL.


Doesn’t matter, you used the game, you enjoy the game. If you receive your product and you make use of it, you can’t have your money back. Doesn’t really matter if you use pay-pal.

Since you’re using their product, I think you should.

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Ban >> Wipe >> New server with measures to not happen again. (Tokens not tradeable)

  1. You’re selfish
  2. You paid to test the game for 2 weeks, you tested, the game need a wipe, they can wipe if they want it.
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…to see in which side are the majority on.

I can’t stand with this level of bullshit.

i dont care if they wipe or not, i just ask that if they are going to do so, they do it fast so we dont keep wasting time :stuck_out_tongue: (and also give back all the founder’s pack content :p.

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Unless you don’t read anything IMC posts this is EARLY RELEASE not OBT also they stated there will be no wipes. So of course people will play it like nothing will be taken away from them. That’s just my two cents about the matter.

Anyone advocating for a wipe is being short-sighted and frankly stupid. How about we wait and see how IMC handles this before expect everyone to reroll?


I like how you guys talk about IMC like they were some kind of sorcerers that can do whatever they want and every problem will somehow vanish…
They can’t track the main users, some of them, but not all of them. If they had a lot of Silver or/and TP on their disposal, after the banhammer they can still break the economy using what they have.

That were never the question, the prices on AH are being manipulated, some scammers have Tokens to be VIPS for a year or so. WITHOUT GIVING ANY DOLLAR TO IMC.

On what grounds can you say that the impact is minor? You don’t have any proof, only your word for it.

Refer to the whole content of my post not some particular parts that have nothing to do with the facts I’ve been struggling to get into your head (such a pity that with no positive results :sob:).

If the serves get wiped that’s hours of my life that I invested into the game gone. I played and paid early access to not wipe.

If there is a wipe. I will quit. No way can I keep investing hours into something for nothing.


Quit for what reason; more Tokens in the Market? If anything, this fiasco actually lowered the amount of Silver in the economy thanks to Market tax.

Quitting the game because there’s more Tokens available to the playerbase is the equivalent to not shopping at a supermarket because they overstock on goods; it makes 0 sense.


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If they allow us do re-redeem our founders pack.
It definitely sounds like a plan.

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Nah, there’s no point in separating the community. This is a bad idea.

It would probably more troublesome to wipe than to just ban and track down the exploiters. On-top of the plans to move the servers for the EU and SEA servers to their respective region and the DLC transfers going-on. They will have to reimburse all the accounts with their respective DLC packs, etc which would take forever at this pace.

Furthermore imagine the shetstorm that will hit IMC if they actually did a wipe. A huge majority of the people especially those who were unaffected would be pointing their rage here.

The exploiters are a small minority and apart from the US servers, I doubt the EU and SEA servers were affected that much if affected at all.

I say we let IMC catch these exploiters and trust that they know what they are doing.

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