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Why i vote for a wipe

You can always move to a new server when f2p comes.


I wasn’t testing anything. I paid money to engage in an early access to an open beta. I was told there would be no wipes. Had there had been a wipe, I would have personally waited until it went F2P, when I was sure there would be no wipes. That’s false advertising and I would likely talk to Valve and IMC about a refund.


I won’t mind, why would I. I came here to test the game, and to learn it to play again once they release come.

They can wipe all of this at any given moment, we are on OBT.



Yeah I am not ready to reroll my main!

First off, I worked my butt off to get that white hair, do not want to do again. That wipe better gimme that white hair in that case. Am I alone in this mindset? Absolutely not.
Secondly, my leveling experience has been almost painfully slow, redoing that leveling? NO THX.

I also don’t believe a wipe is the solution. I think that the exploits and hacks that may have screwed the market will eventually solve itself and it isn’t so bad that it has impacted me too much yet (it might when I become an Alchemist but that is prolly another 2 weeks ahead so).

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Can’t you see the flaw here… You weren’t testing because you paid to Test the game…

And now IMC can’t wipe your progress…

We aren’t an OBT: Announcement Regarding Changes in Plans (Poll Closed)

It’s early access, which might resemble OBT with the issues. But money was paid, and its status is considered “released” by Steam.

You’d keep the silver and the ‘ghost’ will be banned. The net value of the economy is intact because there is an exchange of goods of approximately equal value (due to the fact that this is a legit auction), with the item the ghost bought being deleted from the ban, but an increase in silver of your account = Same value preserved in the economy.

As for the situation where the silver goes to the main account of the ghost, then that is easy to identify because there is no legitimate trade (e.g. something like the transfer of silver from a gold seller to buyer) and the deleted silver will be flushed out of the economy.

Chill, there won’t be any wipe. If IMC decided on it, it would basically equal to a suicide. I would just quit the game for good and chargeback all my money, I’m sure that thousands of other people would react just the same :wink:

This bug isn’t harmful at all, so stop panicking. A few cheaters got rich indeed but if IMC gets their sh1t together and cooperate with steam, they will be able to track not only their ghost accounts but the main ones as well. No artificial silver has been created during the fraud, just the market got flooded with tokens.

You should be happy that you were able to stack them when the price was so low :wink: When the game goes f2p expect the prices skyrocketing from 300-500k to 1.5-2mil.

The biggest loser in the event is the IMC.


So if a scammer bought a item you were selling on your AH, you should be ban.

Were does the IMC get an software capable of tracing thousands of transactions and identify what trades were “suspicious” ??? You think is that easy? and they have the time and resources to do that?

You’re so short minded.

spend 300+h vote for vipe,if all dlc rollback and we can use it again


One what grounds?

Steam I pay to test the game, I didn’t test it tho but I want my money back cause dev team founded a bug that destroy their in-game economy.

Sure here it is $$

If isn’t you then fck them, right?
Such a lovely person…

This isnt a beta this is the FULL GAME RELEASE EXCLUSIVE ACCESS. There will be NO WIPES PERIOD. This is how it is forever until servers shutdown.

Some of us have multiple lvl 100+ characters i have a 194/107/69

I have 257 HOURS logged in steam.

There is NO WIPES PERIOD. This is not a beta.


Your solution will hurt the more dedicated players the most, while doing very little to exploiters. You reset players that spent 200+ hours and ask them to do it again for the greater good, while botters/exploiters lose few minutes/ hours of cheating, which they can just do again, because there is no permanent solution for them. There is always a away to exploit. You might as well reset every few months, it is the most retarded solution ever. And extremely selfish since you achieved s*it in this game so far and want everyone to be on equal ground with you after wipe. JUST SAY IT :slight_smile: You want everything to start over again because you made crappy build and want to start over without losing to others :slight_smile:


Yeah korean market token is 1.8million.

This isnt a beta this is the FULL GAME RELEASE EXCLUSIVE ACCESS. There will be NO WIPES PERIOD. This is how it is forever until servers shutdown.


You’re the one short minded if you think wiping is the solution to everything.

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thats funny, they aren’t gonna wipe, the amount of vacation days or the hours people put in as a planned event cannot be compensated ever. Just do their best with bans and implement the features, the money made with this exploit will be insignificant within a couple of months esp when F2P releases.


Lmao. this post isnt going anywhere. and getting 10pcs arde daggers in game is much more plausible than this happening.

True, IMC should not have rushed, they could’ve had one more CBT before all the crap. However, they already announced an official launch. It is not about people “being selfish” for not wanting a wipe, but it’s more likely you being selfish for wanting a wipe. People had invested time and money. They already think that this ■■■■ is permanent. Stop being short minded. You even aint thinking what’s best in a wider scale.

Will the wipe can solve anything? Temporarily, Yes. Long-term? Nope. This is 2016 good grace, we live in a digital world and exploits like this are nothing. That’s why Cybersecurity professions are in demand today. By saying that, hackers and exploiters are innovative. After 1-2months of wiping the server, expect new ways for people to find cheats, bots, etc.

Sure, there has been a lot of bullcrap going on right now, and I even demand IMC to do a much better job to MINIMIZE (not 100% gone) the effects of those exploiters.

A game/server wide wipe? Maybe want you want isnt to help the game (in the long run) but ruin it and lose thousands of player-base.



This isnt a beta this is the FULL GAME RELEASE EXCLUSIVE ACCESS. There will be NO WIPES PERIOD. This is how it is forever until servers shutdown.

I paid via paypal, so I don’t have this problem, it’s the seller that has to prove that the virtual goods they sold me were delivered properly. And in this case IMC would be unable to do it.

And if you hadn’t paid via paypal and needed a chargeback in a occurrence of an unnanounced previously wipe, you should simply contact your bank, not make use of steam as intermediary lol.

It’s not my problem the company’s security measures are poor, I, as a customer, frankly said, do not care much and it doesn’t make me a bad person at all. If I were to worry about each firm’s financial problems, I would end up with severe depressive disorder :wink:

I suppose that most of the people standing for wipe are the ones who messed up their build and now want to start over on the same grounds lol. The rest are just masochists or simply have too much spare time.