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Which founders pack did you buy? :D

Obvious? That sounds like you took a rather large guess to come up with those figures. You see, smart people base their answers on facts not assumptions. You won’t get too far with that attitude :slight_smile:


smart people also use common sense…
beside you are not going to get an accurate result with your poll because you won’t get a sample size large enough to represent the players that paid. I have a masters degree in computational science, but I don’t think it takes much to see that…

I am not looking for an accurate result, i am looking for a general overview. Small sample sizes are fine for that. Considering your degree involves more than just assumptions and or common sense, you out of all people should understand that an assumption can easily be inaccurate.

Please, if you want to wave your epeen around, go do it somewhere else. I am all for constructive feedback. However, you produced no comments worth of value nor intellect and contributed nothing to this thread.

Another note, if you have to spout what degree you completed, then obviously your mental stature online did not reflect such an achievement.

@12ahl3 is right about having a small margin of error, but if you’re okay with a 5 point margin of error:

Then to estimate results for a population of 150000, with a 95% confidence interval and margin of error of 5 points (so ‘true’ results are within +/- 5 of what the poll reports with 95% certainty) then you just need 384 responses which is quite doable.

EDIT: A 4 point margin of error requires ~600 responses and a 3 point margin of error requires ~1000 responses.

You could also ask the reddit ToS forums as well for responses and they have I think like 10k subscribers.

EDIT: I personally try to stay and ask these forums since these are probably the biggest fans of imc and ToS. That way you can say you were conservative in terms of the population you were sampling.

Here, you might find this helpful:


its actually not only just the sample size, but the result is gonna be so biased since people who come to the forum are more enthusiastic about the game. The majority votes will be be they purchased something when in reality most people are f2p… like im realy not trying to bash that guy, but this poll is just utterly worthless and a total waste of time and space

… i know how z score and confidence level work

Yes, this is a great point. Thoughts on these preliminary results then?

Can’t answer correctly on this as the options don’t support my exact answer.
I originally thought I wouldn’t have enough money so I bought the cheapest pack first. When I found out I had a lot of extra leftover that I could spend I bought the $50 pack, which is what I wanted originally, then bought a $10 for a friend who was out of cash. (So I’ve spent $70 in this game already.)

Ah damn… knew we forgot something lol… uh… flip a coin to choose between the ‘$50’ option and the ‘Bought all packs option’

I got the 10 pack, so I can join in and see how the game runs basicly. Didn’t play any of the Betas etc, and don’t wanna wait for the F2P opening. -hehe- If the game runs well and I find it fun, I might get another pack.


Yeah you can even get the pack at a 30% discount I believe after the 21st of April, so the most logical behavior would be to buy a $10 pack to try and then invest more if you like it (will save you $15):

Of course this will be bad for imc profits so I expect those players who think imc will starve, should come over and chide you and I for trying to save money lol

Oh yeah, I read that. But I forgot about it as quickly as I read it. -hehe-
Will not surprise me if I buy it way before the discount due to my lack of memory. -hehe- :sweat_smile:

lol!! I was trying to give you more credit for being such a smart customer! Don’t make me want to rescind it :open_mouth:

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… >>

… <

Oh yeah, that’s right. Ofc, that’s what I meant. -haha…-

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I bought the free one.

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if its so pointless why are you responding?

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Oh great we have one of you guys the one who must without any evidence justify for the reasoning of the post must validate a masters degree in some sense because you know this is the internet and you could be a child behind your computer for all we know that believes if they try to convince someone that they have these quality’s without any evidence it will make them seem more competent you know what this reminds me of.

Those kids who claim they have leet haxor skills to invoke fear because there upset with someone.

Let me tell you something my father is a electrician he’s done the practical and theory of it all has a person come up to him out of collage bragging they are a electrician when he worked with my dad he had great knowledge in theory but when it came to it practical he did not know jack of what to do this tells me unless someone can do both practical and theory that bit of paper saying you are qualified means jack in this instance your using the fact you have a qualification as a means to justify your quality but like the person I said who worked with my dad for a very short time you have no evidence to back up your skills.

The short end of it all DONT come on a forum and justify a real life skill as a means to say you are better then other people when you have no evidence to back your claim.

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no money no pack not playing xD