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Where is the compensation for a full week of dungeon disconnects?

Nope, this is early access to the full release.
From Steam;

Steam very clearly stated the game was going f2p, so it’s pretty obvious given the current trend with early access games that you aren’t getting a complete product. I agree that it’s stupid that gaming companies do this, but it’s nothing worth complaining about here.

Read the Edit.


It’s not an open beta because it’s not open, you have to pay. Duh, dude! :slight_smile: Many companies call it “early access” nowadays, you just got scammed because you can’t put the two together. Like I said, it sucks that it’s like this, but it very clearly is. The gaming industry only does it because people have no patience and will throw money at unfinished games. And again, MMOs have historically been ridden with glitches and issues; it’s the challenge of having a limited development team running a massive game being played simultaneously by thousands of players.

P.S. you didn’t really get scammed, I’m just trying to level with you.

Because it’s not an open beta…

My bad I assumed you guys followed the forums from before Steam DLC where up.

You do realize that “open beta” on that announcement was most probably meant to be written “free to play” as it’s consistent with ALL THE REST OF THE INFORMATION AVAILABLE - especially because this is the only mention to an open beta in a ton of posts where “open beta” is not used because it was dropped - right?

EDIT: Seriously, they say with all the letters here there won’t be an open beta because reasons. You may keep clinging to whatever two words on a sole announcement you wish, but it won’t change the fact that THERE WILL BE NO OPEN BETA AS THEY DECIDED ON A FOUNDER’S SERVER.

So what’s your complaint?

That we still can’t enter dungeons/instances correctly, CommanderLoadFail and DC from inside dungeons.
(Save SEA!)

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  1. That an unfinished product is sold as founder’s server, with all the implications
  2. That someone said “inform yourself” to me when they should have informed themselves first. :grin:

Defining the game as “open beta” just gives people an excuse to defend their beloved imc.

I would say this game can be better as time goes. But all the complains are legit at the moment because imc really did a bad job for a paid access.

It was not meant to be anything else. That’s what it was, or is.

Now, you can see how they hide the name of the game’s state on all other announcements, very cleaver of them… Oh and since you are so salty about it let me add that if you had informed yourself about all this you would have known it’s an early access to a beta.

Have a good night :smiley:

Same glitch/bug happening to me quite often this week.

Cool story, bro, but it needs more information. BTW, I’m saving your username so when they announce free to play with no beta, I’ll PM you two hundred times.


Then you will be informed that it’s F2P and not a beta anymore! Well done!

If this is supposed to be an early access to a beta according to your information and there’s no beta after early access, how will that information impact you?

  1. Like I’ve said in every post in this thread, that’s how it works. It was very clear you were paying for early access to the game. Nobody cheated you.

Yup, Klaipeda player here. Guess I deserve the shitty dungeon problem because I chose the wrong server on day 1.

I’m not asking you to solve anything you illiterate retard. I’m specifically asking for compensation for the problem that THEY INTRODUCED. This problem DID NOT EXIST before the 24 hr maintenance. That is 100% fact.

My argument is really simple and it should be extremely embarrassing for you to have failed this badly in comprehending it.

I paid money for 3 dungeon and 3 mission runs per day, instead of 2.

I am not getting 3 dungeons and 3 mission runs per day, because of DC problem on Klaipeda.

I deserve compensation for not getting what I paid money for.

It’s really, really REALLY straightforward.


this is the “release” game. the beta was cancelled.
we paid for a head-start.
“exclusive access” does not equal “Early Access” (aka Steam Beta)
@donwerey @i_Hub

“we will announce the Early Access and Open Beta dates” … i love how despite all the information pointing to a different answer in every other source, people keep clinging to this one line despite it being completely out of line with the rest of the announcement it’s in, and some screen-caps of -removed- posts.

go on and start with how they removed the posts to “cover it up” like there’s a big conspiracy and there’s some secret reason to hide the beta information other than the fact that it was abandoned and the information would no longer be accurate. … lmao, oh wait, you already did.

yes, there’s a really big conspiracy here to hide that they caved in to consumer pressure to release the game early.

how about more realistically, you tell us why -you- have the authority to dictate what development state the game is in, and overrule the company that actually made it.


I understand you completely, I just partially disagree with you for reasons you aren’t willing to acknowledge, namely how you’re being a whiny little brat because you can’t play your TOS when you want. You don’t seem to understand that IMC is not a perfect company, has (as I understand it) a relatively low staff and low budget, and has to manage its resources for other problems as well. I even said I wouldn’t be opposed to some compensation, I just disagreed with the notion that every problem the company has with server stability and glitches should be met with compensation. I don’t want to be bought out like you, I just want to play the game I enjoy, which I managed to do just fine without dg runs. It would have been great to have them, and I’m disappointed they weren’t available, but not having and not getting instant compensation doesn’t turn me into a degenerate on the forums.

You are missing the forest for the trees because you are so caught up in your emotional turmoil and it’s pathetic. Grow up!

So you’re blaming the company for doing what the market wanted it to do, and now you’re angry it didn’t work, and you think you deserve compensation? I’m not trying to pick a side here, just point out how ridiculous you people are being.