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What is best archer's AOE class that is independent of their weapon?

especially for AOE heavy case like CM and uphill

Probably Fletcher and Sapper, since both have true AoE on their skills and are great for CMs, Fletcher does need a bow or crossbow tho

But really, anything + Falconer is great for archers, the free 8 AoEAR and Aiming makes any class have decent AoE

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I vote Sapper!

20 characters XD

i got archers cm slave which is hunter for extra looting, falco for aoe, and sapper
you can switch sapper with wugu or fletch

Sapper wugu falco :slight_smile:

I started a thread / guide about it but seems very underrated

But if you carefully pay attention, it is getting even much stronger every patch

I have cleared cm7 outer 15 with mediocre toon even before the skills got buffed. The patches are just making my cm farming lately easier than ever

And if you are on youtube, a famous youtuber mentioned this build is still viable with the high crit resists of ep12 mobs

This is because elemental damage ignores def

With the naturally very numerous damage tics of the build + masi xbow ichor, the low damage of the class circles are compensated by how many the damage lines will show on your screen

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they change wugu dmg to be pyhsical right? not elemental dmg anymore

You mean Zhendu? I havent seen anything like that

i mean, they will change it to physical right? not elemental anymore

They are not changing Wugushi’s attacks to physical.

An attack can have an attribute (Poison) and still be subject to all the rules listed there (critical hits, accuracy, and block).

@crevox and still ignore def? are they affected by enemy’s pdef or mdef?

To the extent of my understanding running this build, the physical damage aspect is the hit of the skill itself.

But the elemental damage procs from multi hit DoT from my build comes from ZHENDU.

That is why Masi xbow is really strong but underrated. Sacrament adds a damage line. Zhendu adds another damage line. Then both Blessing AND enchant lightning adds further elemental damage to all those lines (+1 for base dmg line)

Top it off with multi ichors of high STR, then Wugu Latent Venom arts.

Yes, build is weak coz cant hit flying (sapper downside) and low SFR vs Mergen for example, but if played right this build, imho, is broken.

Then skills were increased in SFR last time, Blessing is further to be improved, then poison will now crit? I m stoked

Crevox can verify if I’m right pls? Otherwise can correct me if wrong thank you…

Poison as a damage attribute never ignored defense. The stat “Add. Poison Property Damage” ignores defense and is reduced by the enemy’s “Poison Property Resistance.”

Zhendu has two effects:

  1. Adds an additional damage line of Poison damage when you hit an enemy with a basic attack.
  2. Increases the “Add. Poison Property Damage” stat, which causes all hits against an enemy to deal an additional flat amount of Poison damage (reduced by Poison Property Resistance).

The latest KR patch changed Wugushi’s skills to be considered a normal hit, which means they can now critically hit, be blocked, and be evaded. There was no change to the damage attribute of the skills, and Zhendu is completely unaffected by this. IMC had specifically chosen at some time in the past to assign a special modification to Wugushi’s skills that caused them to ignore critical, block, and evasion. You can see this in a code snippet from the game’s scripts for Poison Pot that this was an intentional decision they made:


By removing this old code, they have finally decided to allow these interactions.

To clarify “physical”, IMC can use the term “physical” to describe two different aspects of a skill: its damage attribute and the skill’s type. All skills in the game have a type and an attribute.

A skill like Wugong Gu is a Missile Attack (Arrow) and uses the Poison damage attribute. It being a Missile attack means it is a physical attack (not magic), and it deals Poison attribute damage. Its damage is increased by your physical attack and reduced by the enemy’s physical defense. This is not reduced by the enemy’s “Poison Property Resistance”, because that stat only applies to damage from the “Add. Poison Property Damage” stat, but the skill can gain bonus damage from any modifiers that increase your Poison damage dealt (such as Crescendo Bane: Deadly Venom). All of Wugushi’s skills that deal damage are physical attacks.

Some skills like Bash are a Melee Attack (Slash) and have no assigned damage attribute. IMC and players frequently refer to both of these things as physical. It is not magic, therefore it scales with Physical Attack. However, they often refer to damage that is unattributed as “physical” damage. There’s a bit of inconsistency here, as there is also magic that has no attribute (Sage skills), but those are simply referred to as “non-property attacks.”

There are buffs such as Enchant Lightning that change the damage attribute of a skill to another. In this case, Bash would gain the damage attribute of “Lightning”, however it is still a physical attack that is reduced by the opponent’s physical defense. The skill’s damage attribute has no bearing on whether or not it ignores defense, but it will adjust your damage compatibility (deal less damage on Lightning enemies and more damage on Ice enemies, in this case) and potentially give you increased damage if you have any damage bonuses to Lightning attribute damage. This is often abused for things such as Silver Bullet, which changes your damage attribute to Holy, combined with Deploy Cappella, which greatly increases damage dealt with the Holy attribute.

Some of the confusion is born from IMC’s own inconsistency with describing things (things like the word property vs attribute, even in KR), but also legacy in-game translations that we continue to use to this day.


Yeah I omitted the part that elemental resistances (particularly poison resist for this matter). I thought it goes without saying while speaking of Wugu

But yeah generally speaking what you said. In summary, the upcoming patch, as I see it, is a good buff to my build (this multi hit DoT) since Wugu can somehow crit now (despite their low scaling) on top of numerous damage lines.

of all wugu skills which one can really POISONS (debuff) the enemy?

I dont understand what you mean…?

are all wugu skills can give poison debuff to enemy (to trigger velnia monkey card)?

Yes, that is why it is easy to have +30% more dmg to anything

can you give us screenshot of lv 15 zhendu tooltip? i cant see how much poison dmg it gives at tos.neet.
Btw, is it better to gain +50%str from latent venom art then zhendu it? or zhendu will dynamically change based on your current STR?

Zhendu depends on STR and scales with it. The more STR, the more Zhendu poison damage. Furthermore, the more STR, the more bonus from Latent Venom arts that contributes to your poison damage.

Currently I have made almost 1700 STR from thos setup

how much zhendu give with 1700 str? @adrian.agulto.rn can you give us screenshot of lv 15 zhendu in-game tooltip?