Tree of Savior

What casual content would you want like to see in the future in TOS?


I would like more low-effort, low-reward things in the game like Fishing currently is.

Another idea would be an in-game tool for guild leaders and officers to create quests/competitions for their members. An example would be a GM creating a guild quest such as “Donate 1000 Talts” or “Defeat a Field Boss” or “Kill 500 of the same monster type” and selecting a reward from the guild bank (For example, whoever completes the quest first instantly obtains one of the stored Practoniums or whatever).


Job System (carpenter, farmer, tailor, etc.)
PK System (because some people deserve to die, and is frustrating not be able to do so)


I wasnt able to read every single message from this post, but I actually like this game and I will try to give my ideas here. Not sure if they are easy/hard/impossible to implement, but at least I tried.

=> Marriage system [BUT PLEASE MAKE SAME SEX MARRIAGE A THING, this is not only because we have gay/bi/other orientations playing this game (actually, many gays play it), but some guys play female characters, some girls play male…

=> I’ve seen a few “pvp on maps/pk” suggestions so far. I really dislike this because, even tho I like pvp in general I think this game needs A LOT to be balanced around it still. So, at least make this pvp mode on/off. So I can never turn on.

=> The fishing system is amazing, but lets expand it. More baits, more rods, more rewards, alternative areas to fish.

=> At the beginning we had more equipment diversity. Not like the stats… The idea is good and Im loving it but… things like Igntion? It gives 5% chance to inflict burn. I really love this kind of uniqueness of a weapon, I wish we had more things like this higher level other than the masinios.

The things below are not “casual content”, but are things I consider to be almost urgent.

=> Make QoL updates more often for classes. If hakkapel is a decent class, but requires A LOT OF SP and drinking potions all the time… this is not fun, right? Lower it a little bit. Make some skills so you dont dismount after using and favor some alternative class combinations. ALSO MAKE ARCHER REWORK A THING.

=> Alchemist takes so much to build an homunculus and it’s useless. Also, the briquetting skill? Lets revisit the class concept.


I support the sparkles and magical girl staff… go magical girls :smiley:


Thanks for the Reminder…

I forgot about squire…



guild hangout modification
like custom mapping and furniture

wiz class that has skills that konverts matk to atk with a weapon collection system OwO (pretty much all class weapons)

or at least gm with this kind of unique skill would be nice OwO


@Staff_Amy honestly i see really good ideas around here… people is really creative on this aspect… i wish you guys have a discusion on the systems that are discussed here hehehe, back on the topic…

  1. Marriage System: This is something people been asking alot since you opened this topic, would be nice if couples in-game have a way to marry… saying this you guys at where the magic begins (Yea IMC Main Heads) need to think how to make this possible and I know it’s hard… Still I have a couple of ideas… (I know it’s bad to mention another game… even more now that it looks like a wound I don’t want to poke… but…) In Ragnarok Online you used to need 2.100.000 zeny? (Or something around that) into the main Church at the main city, also you needed a Dress and a Tuxedo, adding 2 rings too, for that I have an idea on how to add this:

           1. Paying a fee talking to Inesa Hamodale at Orsha (Around 3.500.000 Silver)
           2. Make preparations with Orsha Bishop Urbonas.
           3. Getting some kind of free costum (Dress / Tuxedo) and 2 special bracelets (who 
                said you needed to follow tradition!?)
           4. The couple after the marriage will have Special buffs that can be used by only 
                married couples.
           5. Special Quests, nothing too big, something related to this topic would work and 
               short but fun to do with your special one.

Those are kinda my ideas around that topic… about the rest, I will leave you guys to do your awsome magic!

  1. Housing System: About this topic… nmm there is possible not much I can say about this… honestly giving some ideas to you guys is hard on this aspect… because… well you guys are awsome! anmmm but everyone needs a little push so… what about this?

           1. Paying an amount of silver at a new NPC on Orsha / Fedimian / Klaipeda.
           2. This NPC has the hability to expand or moddify the player home on command.
           3. Upgrades cost Silver (Starting on 300.000 Silver)
           4. The House is a entire new area that only the player and said friends or party 
               members can get in.
           5. Possible acitivities inside the house, well i will leave that to you guys...
           6.Possible TP In come with special extras or even V.I.P Houses (Don't over do this 
              please guys... some free stuff comes handy to make people happy, but I know the 
              game needs income so, make it fair :smiley:) 
  2. Briquetting done Right: alright! this is more a personal mine… hehehe but I think some people will agree, since it seems briquetting is now gone, we lost one of the skills with alot of potential but sadly that potential didn’t get developed… so on this regard i want to add something, since the old weapons (lvl 75 - 200) some are awsome desings, its sad to see them gone to waste… been able to change your current appearence for the weapon you use for one of the old ones (if you like one of them) is a most have now days, so here is:

           1. Add to the Blacksmiths in all Citys the hability to convert the appearence of a 
               weapon without level restriction (like briquetting) but on a more "Costum" like idea, 
               the weapon is A but it will be seen as B.
            2. This process can cost an amount of silver depending on the level of the weapon 
                that you want to change the image of.
                For example: A Weapon been a lvl 330, will cost around +2.000.000s and its not 
                dependen of the Weapon B lvl.
           3.This process does not use Potential (We already have too many stuff that use 
               Potential... and honestly it kills the fun of the weapon customization.)
           4. Still it can only be done 2 times, after that the weapon loses its original shape and 
               can't be transformed to its original form (this way the players will have to think 
               before doing so.)
  3. Armor for the regular Companions: Ok… we’re back on this again, some companions have more habilitys than others and I know that, still as a Cataphract that since the Open Beta used to mount a little green buddy like the Velheider as my main buddy even after you guys released the new TP companions… (And still belive that green buddy of mine is the BEST!) I kinda want to see some love for him… so adding some kind of costum armor for him would be awsome! but not just awsome, will make feel, us the Cataphract and Lancer users a bit more appealed to use this kind of companions, even the Battle Bird or what ever you think to add in the future (Also we have to think on the free players, come on guys, I know the income is needed but, still some of the regular players don’t have ways to look awsome, so make the Velheider a silver one on the companion shop :smiley:)

           1. Adding Armor Costums for Companions on the Companion Shop for a Silver Fee.
           2. Possible TP Income in Armor Costums for TP Companions on the TP Store.
  4. Class Maestry: Fine, I readed you guys talk about this before, I know it’s on development, for when? I honestly dunno when, but I know it is, so lets make it short… you guys had an AWSOME idea when you talked about “Class Maestry” allowing the lower Classes from Rank 2 - 6 to stand a chance against the current R7 - R9 ones, we all know you guys want to do it, we want to get it, so I know you guys will do a great job on it, still, and now that i’m allowed to give you guys a more… kinda direct feed back here, lets put it on the Table while we can:

           1. A Class Maestry quest from the Class Master directly to take the title of "Class 
                                                        - Be Circle 3 on the Class.
                                                        - Have all Skill Attribiutes (Only Speciall addons and not 
                                                           counting Enhance.)
                                               - Gain a huge Defensive / Offensive Boost with the Class skills.
                                               - Obtain an Extra Lvl 1 Class Master Skill only avalible for Class 
                                                 Master (Either Offensive type, Defensive type or Buff type skill.)
           2. You will be able to obtain only 2 Maestrys, after that, those classes that goes C3 
                will remain like that... Circle 3 and only that (We are supposed to be Saviors! a 
                powerfull source of light for the world, but still there should be limits.)
           3. (Optional?): Adding a Special Maestry Costum after finishing the Class Maestry 
               quest. (Possible TP Income too like the C3 Costums.)
  5. Battle Arena and PvP Enviroment: Ok, lets sit down and talk about the PvP Enviroment and the Battle Arena. This kind of topics are natural for a game to fall into, the PvP right now is good, but could be better, the new incoming GvG Territory Wars are a proof of this concept and is an awsome one to be completly honest.

let’s divide it into 2 topics:
- Battle Arena.
- PvP Enviroment.

          1. Battle Arena: With the incoming class been a type of gladiator that has lost her 
              home (The Arena and if I recall it correctly it also was wrongly acussed?) would be 
               awsome to see some kind of Colosseum where players goes to get into the fight, a 
               place where its a Free for All and players can enjoy a good brawl... also the hability 
               to make more Cool Duels.
                    - This comes with some rewards too, like some kind of "Champion" Title and 
                      players with a Ranking system that allows them to challenge the current 
                      Champion of the Colosseum, been the No.1 of the Ranking been able to 
                      challenge the Champion (If the Champion spends "insert number of days" 
                      offline will automaticly lose his title.

          2. PvP Enviroment: Alright, lets touch this matter quickly because this is a matter that 
              not many players will agree with. Most of the End Game content right now is PvE 
              oriented... nothing bad on it... but that makes the more PvP oriented players to 
              leave the game disapointed of the gameplay in general, so what about this:
                    - The Corrupted Savior System: This system allows players to become Outlaws, 
                      corrupted Saviors that once had the power to save the realm and goddesse 
                      and they negleted their responsability with them.

                    - Outlaw Hunt Reward: Put some kind of bulleting board for Outlaw hunters that 
                      marks a player with some kind of Point System, this will allow for a system 
                      that automaticly determine player's bounty for outlaw players to enjoy the thrill 
                      of been hunted by Saviors that want to end their era of terror. After they are 
                      killed the player with Outlaw status will lose it all and will have to start again.

                    - System Limitations: The Outlaw player will only gain points by killing players 
                      around his range of level, since its pointless to hunt lower level players, lets 
                      avoid "Noob hunting" as much as we can... please, this will retain the fun for 
                      the lower players but also make more challenging to the Outlaws that want a 
                      good fight and not just easy points.

                    - (Edited and Added)PvE / PvP Marker: This status is a buff that makes players 
                       able to fight in field, players have the option to change between a PvE Marker 
                       (Inmune to Outlaws) or PvP Marker (Able to fight in Maps) this marker will 
                        help those who don't want to get into the Corrupt Savior Hunt.
  1. Guild Hideout Improvement: Let’s talk about Guild Hideouts, they are supposed to be personal guild hideouts, fine, it’s a good idea, but lets expand it a bit.

           1. Lets put an NPC on the hideout to manage, only the Templar of the guild will have 
               access to it.
                     - Hideout Manager: This NPC will handle some basic stuff like:
                              · Appearance of the Guild Hideout (Silver and TP Variations)
                              · Furniture showed on the main Hall (Silver and TP Variations)
                              · Expanding of the Guild Hideout (Silver only) (4 times)
                              · Guild Treasury (Silver from guild tax and only showed, can't withraw)
                              · Guild Bank (An updated version of the Current Guild Bank that allows 
                                players to put inside items that they don't need so they can share them to 
                                the guild members.)
           2. You could even expand this idea to a Guild Housing in general like:
                     - Guild Room Purchace: This gives the member of the guild to obtain a room 
                       inside the guild's Hideout, makes able to the player to store basic stuff on it as 
                       it would be a regular room.
                     - Silver Purchace: This will allow the Guild Master to use this silver that the 
                       players use as a tax for the players to live inside the guild hideout, making an 
                       stable income for the guild's treasury but that silver will remain inside a special 
                       Guild Bank inside the Hideout that only the Guild Master (Templar) will be able 
                        to check from time to time.
  2. Character Style: Ok, this one is currently asked a bit too much now, lets expand the idea ok? so, everyone is waiting for the new hairstyle shop in Klaipeda, that is an awsome idea and I support it 100%, wish I see it and is as good as I hope it is. Lets take the focus out of the head for a bit… ok? hehehe let’s talk about the Costums, yea, the costums! we all like a good gear to show our awsomeness and badassery but, lets think a bit… the new system you guys at the Dev team showed us on the new R9 classes (Bullet Marker, Matador, Shadowmancer and Zealot) is an awsome example of things done well. Saddly… this are the only classes with that system… and we are sad to see that this idea didn’t come on the first classes…

           1. Adding some kind of Class Costum change on the old ones... and not only C3 
           2. If not adding variations on the TP Store for R1 - R7 Classes.

That’s all I can think of right now… so I hope this Feedback ends up in your hands Staff_Amy and you give it a gooooooooood read, but also hopefully (A man can dream…) give it to the main heads in the Dev team so they can have a huuuuuuuuuuuge brainstorm of ideas regarding this topics that people want. I’m quite exited to see what the IMC Team comes on the future, and we all like your ideas and the course the game is going, still this little ideas are some of the ideas that could potentially make this game sky rocket to an even AWSOME game that it is right now.

From: A Veteran Player from the Start of the Servers, with alot of respect for you IMC Team and I wish you guys alot of success on whatever you guys come with in the future :smiley:

Don’t get depressed by all the negative things the players said now days :wink:


1° - Make all the quest more reward, increase the XP CARD earn for every quest
2° - Make a specific day for a girl double XP on every server, like every saturday double XP
3° - Make the grind less boring and more acessible for the people ho don’t have much time free
4° - Reduce the amount of mobs in the DGs for anyone who enters solo (much of it is empty and it’s difficult to clear depend on the build, it takes a lot of time)
6° - STOP the random leticia cub, make every custom buyable on TP shop
7° - There’s a LOT of class WEAK for everyting, make every class reward on this own way, is boring and sick you only get PT if you have the “meta” build.


We, Brazilians Players of Silute Want OPEN PVP on Map Lv 330+


SPA - open a place where we can get EXP while afk ou chatting with other players.

Minigames - You removed /cardbattle that was the online minigame we had in the game :frowning:

PopoBall - Create a map where we can enter with teams to play a type of football (soccer) game, we need to hit (basic atk, archers/wizzards need to use a dagger to hit) a popolion ball to make the ball move (similar to old fireball). Game ends when one team reach certain amount of points or when time runs out.

Wedding - I am not a fan of weddings but many players like marriage system and it’s common in a lot of mmos.

Weapon Skin - Create a new slot and allow us to cover our original weapon with funny weapons or other skins. It is better to create new type of items so we can change the skin whenever we want (equip/unequip)and not incorporate the skin in our weapon like now(briquetting).

PvP free Zone - Please create a arena map where we can enter anytime to fight other players.


In my opinion, the game would be quite more interesting if there was a way to build your own home in game using recipes to craft fitments, paints, wallpapers and house accessories. There could have some skins for window dressing with several types those earned by questing or buying by tp coins.

:deciduous_tree: :house::deciduous_tree:


please consider reworking in the class of alchemists, I feel it is a potential lost, a class without any use or fun purpose. In the homunculus issue I think TOS is a game with greater possibilities to develop a “helper” in a totally new and fun way. Add a system of evolution for the homunculi, learning system, changes of appearances and fighting styles, if the alchemists are the money and potion makers obviously not to fight, the homunculi are their weapons.


This stuffs not so “casual” but hopefully making elites a bit more interactive like BAMs from TERA and larger monsters in games like Guild Wars 2. When I first started playing the beginner quest that made you interact with a Golem for the first time introduced you to movement, jump dodging and AoE markers to help you position. In short, I haven’t had to do that much since the more recent 350 content, monsters don’t use skills, just auto everything down with blessing as you level.

I’ve only been playing ToS for about a year and never had to go to a lot of maps for quests or anything else. I’d like to see a more interactive experience to the great game you created without so many shortcuts but not as tedious or draining as it’d seem to level.

Make stamina relevant to your combat system with dodging/running for everyone or remove it from our non-swordy/classes that use it < w> it’s actually made fun of a lot by newer players or always brought up at least once. (Low key just wanna spam my keppa fan everywhere)

Kill potential. You wanna be able to balance your classes for pvp and pve dmg caps, cap your enhancement reasonably already and get rid of potential you lost so many players to it already haha
early stages of TERA did it pretty good, 10 to 15 the same way as your golden anvils, 9 was fine decent cash sink. 15 bigger cash sink for a boost in damage. Finished that one weapon went on the next for another character reward your players for investing time in your game rather than just punish them with RNG, after they worked so hard to get gear.

Better Auction House/Trading Post = better search options and filtering. Guild Wars 2 and Runescape (believe it or not) has a pretty good system to help funnel listings and control market values with being able to post buyouts rather than people just setting market values, which you could still do it’d just mean it’d take longer if someone undercuts you.

If you gave us housing and recipes to craft stuff for our guild towers/personal homes I could care less about the bubble wrap like combat/leveling system for a while longer. Or stuff to reskin our weapons to lower weapons, TP weapon skins are fun too < w> and give us the more obvious skin colours:blobreach:

Thank you for all the recent changes and looking towards your community for feedback! Keep up the good work <3


Pretty sure it was written up above but I’ll give my opinion as well.

Tameable pets are very welcomed in ToS as one of the casual contents. Not sure how you guys were to implement this mechanic, but I’ve already saw the monster taming event few times and it seems to be very possible. Maybe these “pets” will benefit the Hunter class more than the other classes, and it will certainly make the class more appealing than it is.

Other casual contents such as cooking, minigames, coupling system are also fine to see


Sorry to bring this, but what is with people wanting open PVP in all maps, or in high level maps?? Want open PVP, go play WoW or something.

There are people here who don’t like to PVP, and actually a ton of classes not good to PVP either. I wanna see how it would be to poor alchemists/pardoners or full support builds trying to level chill on 330+ map and then suddenly BOOM a Psychokino or a Zealot just makes your life miserable :expressionless:

if you guys want more PVP, at least suggest something more reasonable, people. Please.
(Forgive the rant, but d00d, come on. Also don’t talk as if you represent your whole server, either.)


He’s right you know… one does not represent the opinion of his people. If you wanna go PvP on level 300+ map, please also do consider people who doesnt like PvP at all… Make a certain spot or an arena for everyone to have PvP modes. I’ve been to an online game before with PvP open on almost all maps, and trust me dude, this will never end up well… ( especially on those classes that arent made for PvP )


I doubt this is a good way to say things zanni.

I added the point 6 on my list as a 50 / 50, true indeed that a Full Scale Open PvP is a total chaos, but it’s gameplay none the less, as much as we play PvE content there is also the ones that love to challenge each other in a PvP enviroment, this is fair for them too, thats why there are systems and rules, this means that one can do of the whole thing a better expirience for all.

We are trying to make ToS great and make players stay and enjoy the game, not leave the game, think before saying that kind of stuff please.


i dislike games with open pvp though, i think only people who needs to prove something would enjoy those kinds of mechanics


It’s not like it’s bad to suggest PVP. The bad thing is trying impersonate whole Silute server to ask something that has a ton of negative implications. I am from Silute, I play there, and I wanna farm in maps in peace without having to worry about grieving and trolls.
PVP should at least be optional to everybody. PVP arenas, TBL, GVG, there are plenty of things for everybody to enjoy their PVP. Don’t feel good in people suggesting something that will ruin my and many others’ gaming experience though.

(it wasn’t even you who triggered me, bro. we all good here, me and you.)


Agree with you on the whole “suggest PvP on behalf of Silute Server” beacuse, ya… thats a bad idea to just ask for a thing without actual ways to improve it or solve normal problems for both PvP and PvE players.

TBL is good, GvG too, but most players now days are used to the All in PvP and not just a 3 vs 3 PvP… I edited Point 6 on my post so, give it a read and let’s hope that fixes the problems with PvE Players (such as myself too… dumb of my side to not think of this before submiting the post… thanks for refreshing my mind again) was bad of me to not think on a way to make more optional this kind of systems, but yet I also thought was kinda obvious and didn’t needed to remark it… oh well, guess is just a bad idea to say ideas without explaining them right hehehe.

Yet! is not a fight Zanni, I just humbly remarked that asking them to leave the game and play other stuff is a bad way to aboard topics. everyting fine on the both of us so np mate :wink: