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What casual content would you want like to see in the future in TOS?

What casual content would you want like to see in the future in TOS?

We look forward to your feedback! Leave your unique ideas in the comment section.

There will be more updates in the future, so maybe you may predict something before it comes out.

What are we planning to do next? :distinguished:


-Party Duel Function, to have fun skirmishes without having to duel each person individually.

-Bring back the “Pokemon” event in some altered form for people who just wanna throw their “pets” against others.

Pretty sure its been mentioned before, monsters attacking an area, and players must hold them off or protect/attack certain objectives.

-Boss Player Monster mini-game,
Several players participate, and one of them is picked randomly to transform into a boss monster and the rest must fight together to beat him. (Basic idea, may need lots of balancing)


Not really into content, but I’d like to see more improvements on how you handle dailies, like what you did to ET and saalus.

This time, apply them on dungeons. One run, 3x rewards for tokens, 2x for non-token users. Replace existing instance multiplier with something else like extra run voucher.

It’s a nice change that we have more CM parties running ever since ET was made into once a week.

Let people play your game more, not just dailies.

Oh other than that, we could also have interactive events that kills 2 birds with 1 stone.

For example:

Random Bot hunting event - available when a GM logs in to start the event, should not have a specific time
Spot X number of bots in the map during random times.
Per X bot you’ve found, you’ll get one soul crystal (or other rewards that can’t really be abused in a way were you’d create more bots yourself to reward yourself)

  • Marriage/dating system

  • Farming AFK players. If a player is online for X-randomized duration in a certain map, he becomes a targeted mob. Drops 30% current silver as loot. (yes you can tax 10% away)

  • VR Chat room. A map with mic enabled. I am pretty sure SA/SEA would enjoy this.

  • Allow more alternatives for uosis/digele farming.
    Players can grow plants in town, and share them for a duration. Maybe water for 8 hours and can be
    harvested for a certain duration.
    Maybe plants have season/bumper harvest etc

  • Make events like racing in a race server. Players rush to X level / certain map in 1 hour. Winners get items
    with alternate sprite/skin. (copied from poe KEK)

  • Add cooking mama style to squire. Squire can sell food in market. Better score = more food produced

  • Marriage/dating system

this. PLEASE.


I would be grateful if you added a class that could improve the companions, or even some update to make them more usual. Add unique skills to each type of companion. I really feel that our beloved pets should be better taken advantage of.

Tamer - Tamer.

The Tamer is a secret class from the archer’s tree. To unlock the class the character must be Hunter C3 and end the quest, Calming the Beasts.
The Tamer is a specialist in the search and capture of monsters. The same manages to release all the capacity of the companions by teaching them unique abilities besides being able to increase their status drastically. Armed with their whips, they are also capable of effecting medium-range attacks, arresting enemies, approaching a certain number of themselves, and reducing resistance to attacks by the companions.

  • Marriage/Dating System
  • Housing System
  • Add more activity that you can do in guild hangout like Fishing or other mini game
  • Barber Shop

Add mote stuff to do in the guild hall.

Like decorations or more stuff to do besides the piggy and plant farming.

  • Casino minigames like slot machines, poker, blackjack, bingo
    minigames can be played with other players with the exception of the slot machine

  • A revamped Card Game with new (funny)artwork made by the official artists or fans

Areas suggestions:

  • I want to see more of the interior of buildings in towns like the castles in Klaipeda and Orsha, the churches in Klaipeda and Saalus, etc.
  • Finish up the restricted areas in Saalus put in NPC’s like AH, storage, blacksmith
  • Return Orsha beyond the City Walls :prince:
  • Klaipeda still feels small and cramped please widen and scale it up
    some decorations are smaller compared to Orsha’s like those lamp posts and benches
  • Beach maps

Quick list:

  • Fishing overhaul, levelling system, more fishing spots, more rods, more and different kinds of bait and buffs
  • Marriage system, (fun) unlock quest, special quests, buffs to each other
  • Housing system/Lodge overhaul, furniture and unlockable houses, unlocked through TP store, and other in game content
  • Mining system, search using a metal detector, levels, metal detectors to unlock, levelling system
  • Treasure Hunting system, treasures that require clues to find and unlock (actual problem solving skills required, references to lore, puzzles, parkour)
  • Overhaul of chests, updated loot, more interesting ways to unlock keys, hide some, (maybe even give extra rewards to the first 100± players who unlock them)
  • Cooking system similar to new fishing and mining systems, levels and progression, used to create powerful and useful buffs
  • Better and more interesting gimmicks, more stuff for players to discover, puzzles, unique enemies and locations, good rewards
  • More jump locations around Klaipeda, Orsha, Fedimian and elsewhere, nothing interesting other than showing off you can jump
  • Guild lodge customization, furniture and locations unlockable through in game content and TP store, could even extend this to defence and assault scenarios where guilds can create defences and traps
  • Pet overhaul, quests, unique equipment, accessories, progression

Casual? Pet costumes like plate armor for penguin and doge!

On a different note, hope you guys can fix the issue with pets not appearing when changing maps. Temporary fix for now is to toggle them off then on again but it’s somewhat annoying because there is about 5-10s of wait when toggling.

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@ZeroFoxGiven Something like this…? :distinguished::distinguished::distinguished:


Btw, We would also like to request that issue with missing pets.
Please send us your lastreply files from the following directory: Steam/steamapps/common/TreeOfSavior/release/replay/lastreplay


Yep, definitely like that! :smiley:

I’ll get on this when I can.

Here are some off the top of my head. They are mainly set with the goals below:

  • To get players to visit more of the beautiful maps which are mostly players uninhabited
  • Provide some form of side distraction for players, apart from just logging in and grind for gears/levels
  • Utilise more of the vendor trash (why waste good item sprites)

Idea 1 - Crafting gimmicky items

Gimmicky items are items like the welcome signboard, teapot set that the players got from the fishing event previously. It will be really great if the players can craft a number of such items in game using materials dropped from monsters. If crafting isn’t good, an exchange npc will do too.

For example, we can craft gimmicky items like school tables and chairs, blackboards that we can write using the “!tag” function. Allow players to use up to 3 gimmick items at the same time (of course with restrictions on which gimmick item to use, like players can’t hold a teapot while holding a signboard for example).

What this does is it adds more poses and opportunities for roleplay in game. It also bring players maps which are usually not visited at all to farm monsters for materials required for such items. Lastly this will give IMC the potential to sell more Goddess Blessed cubes if the cube costumes and accessories are “on theme” with some of the gimmick gears.

Like the kToS farmer costumes, wouldn’t it be nice if players can craft stuff like “heap of hay”, “pull wagon”, “chick herder” (a row of 3 chicks will follow you whenever you move when use the item for 30secs)? This will boost sales of the farmer costume and pitchforks too.

Next is on enticing players who want some benefits alongside the gimmick items since just gimmick items alone only entices players who want cosmetic stuff.

Idea 1.5 - Gimmick items sets that provide small boosts

The boosts are casual at best and don’t affect competitive play much. Remember the above proposal of being able to use up to 3 gimmick items at a time? The set boost pertains to that. Here are some of the set examples:

Gimmick items: Alchemist blackboard, Table of flasks, Sphere of colored liquid (random names thought up)
Effect: When using the 3 gimmick items together, decreases Tincturing and Magnum Opus production time by 20%.

Gimmick items: Furnace, Bucket of Water, Smithing Gloves
Effect: When using the 3 gimmick items together, there is a 10% chance of not reducing potential of equipment upon failure when using a normal anvil. Costs of using the anviling will increase by 300%.

Idea 2 - Expand fishing and add Cooking

Fishing is a great casual content added to ToS, but the limited catch makes it leave more to be desired. Fishes caught also have little to no use besides randomly checking for biggest size and feeding the cute cat :3 in Khaipeda.

Proposal is to increase the variety of fishes that can be caught, with more fishing areas spread throughout the numerous ToS maps. Also allow more ingredients to be dropped off monsters. Such ingredients and fish can be used for the new crafting skill which all players can access, Cooking.

Cooking, not to be confused with Squire’s refreshment buffs, is the buffs it provides is different. Foods produced by cooking lasts for 10mins and increases 1-3 base stats by 5-30 points. Each player can only have 1 food buff at any one time. A food buff can increase INT and SPR by 10 each for 10mins or a CON/STR/INT combination by 8 points each.

What this does is it introduces a new consummable that players can use to improve on their gameplay yet don’t give too much of an impact. A +30 dex food buff can suddenly propel the player to next tier of attack speed for example. Like the previous idea, having to farm for materials to make such foods also give players more things to work for.

Idea 3 - Crafting past cosmetic effects from goddess blessed cubes

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: I’m not an advocate of the concept of Gacha, I rather see it gone. But since this is the model of monetisation IMC has chosen, I’ll work to improve it so it is better for both sides, us and IMC.

One interesting thing to explore for game companies who rely on freemium model of monetisation is the pros and cons of rarity through limitation.

For example, the devil wings is only available via 1 particular set of Goddess blessed cubes. While this makes the items rare where players who want it can only get it via that particular gacha, it makes such items “non recyclable”, where it is hard to reintroduce them in a future gacha where the target audience had already acquired them and have nothing of interest to get from the rereleased gacha. Players who joined the ToS family later also loses the chance to acquire past premium items.

Hence I propose a new type of item that can be released in Goddess Blessed Cubes. Can’t think of any fancy names for it so I called it ItemX for now. ItemX has a drop chance similar to the tier A items in the Goddess Blessed Cubes but it is a material for the previous gacha premium effects/wings/books.

Premium Effect/Wings/Books recipes are released via the Medal Exchange shop and can be exchanged for 450 medals. Recipe release time is the same as how costumes are made available via the Exchange shop, 2-3 Goddess Blessed Cubes iterations later. Each recipe will require 1 ItemX and a different number of materials which the player will need to farm. Like for example the Devil wings will require 666x Drake Films to craft too.

What this does is it allows players to acquire premium TP paid items which they are unable to get previously (due to luck/financial limitation/date started ToS). It also give players the reason to buy the cubes even when nothing in the current iteration of goddess cubes caught their fancy, so that they can acquire a past item which they missed out.

With ItemX being sellable in market it also gives players who don’t want to pay a chance to acquire some cosmetic item they really like.

Hope I don’t get shot cuz of idea 3…


rework for a loot of class like:
.- an usefull alchemist build (with homunculus and boms like RO maybe)
.- a cleric class with 2h staff… a monk with 2h blunts it’s really illogical
.- a class with daggers and maybe other with axes.

contents about gear progress:
.- rework instances like library but with nice gear o some like that( not cinnamon in a cube with 300k of reroll cost)
.- a logic upgrade in the equipments. i mean the masinios < solmiki and a lot of players have get their solmik full since 1 year ago
.- more flexibility about the gear enhace/gems/awakes. and an improved system of costume enchantments (less pay to win pls)

and please fix the f**kngs small and annoying bugs like the imposible crafting system and the refound from the item merchant and fix this guy pls. it’s anoying!!

pd: are you mad with me @STAFF_Amy ???:sad:

@javier.mendez that’s not casual stuff, so then is off topic.
They are meaning stuff random like costumes, pets, gimmicky stuff, not “heavy” stuff like that.

And i think about something else:
More subweapons in the “others” category but with utility. Like if you use the vuvuzela item, you will annoy the mob and they will attack you. (ofc giving like 60s of CD)

I know but imo they must be focus on the usefull content. anyway i think that will be nice if any kind of raid drop some like a pet eggs kind the hamster or others. same with items like the paperbox.
or hair costumes.

well speaking of the things I would also like to gather opinions about well like.
Farms, Housings… something like that O_O


But not just farming but I would like about more details.
In this case we could even might brain storm it too.
Well speaking of farming, well we could grow corns, harvest that corn, feed pig, eh… and make pig in to sausage… Or we could ride that pig as companions… squires might put those sausages to the table, sharing before entering to the territory wars.

Digging some kind of mine, or acquiring ore from the monsters to build armor smith it, arming companions with equipments, riding out.