Tree of Savior

What casual content would you want like to see in the future in TOS?


well pvp in high level.maps will make sure its either im limited to dungeon instance or just quit all together and go back to stardew valley…

dont mind me im just another person on the line… and if this happens you wont even notice me leaving :slight_smile:


House System

-Replacement for Character Selection Screen instead of the regular background
-Players can craft/buy and of course, arrange their furniture the way they want
-Every month IMC will release a THEMED set of furniture and can be bought by TP / Silver
-Function that can randomly visit other player’s house
-Access to Personal/Team Storage if you have cabinet or drawer or something.
-Design Background for the House. If animated more better
ex: Bokor Master room you can see the background is black instead of having black players can buy a Design Background.
-Characters will have interactions / animation / pose when interacting with furniture. sitting on chairs, opening drawers, lying on the bed and more.
-Married players will have a shared house
-Gardening System Inside the house

Upgrading House Space

Basic Upgrade via Quest or Challenge to upgrade house space
-Basic upgrade will only have 2 types of upgrade
1st ex: square 4x4 house and a rectangle 4x6 or 6x8.
2nd ex: pre-made design space designed by IMC

There’s 2 ideas that can be done upgrading house space

  1. Players can freely upgrade their using block by block system either silver or TP.
  2. Players can buy a pre-made space designed by IMC

Nearest concept/pegs:
놀러와 마이홈 Kakao - My Home Kakao

MapleStory 2 - House Customization

Garden System [Inside Player’s House]

-Players need to have a plant pot to plant their desired seeds
-Can sell their seed/harvest
-Farm Leveling System: The more you farm the more you can plant.
-Can earn Silver or EXP
-Garden owner can set / allow up to 3 other players to nurture and harvest your plants
-Each tier or kinds of plants will have a duration on when it can be harvest
-Garden Ranking / Garden Collection with rewards

Nearest concept/peg:

Mstar Online

Couple and Wedding System

-Since TOS is TEAM BASE when creating a character, only one character can couple per team.
ex: i have 4 characters [a,b,c,d] in my TEAM. only 1 of my character can be couple to other player and my other characters cannot be couple to anyone unless you break your previous couple.

-Initiating Couple to other players: right-click a player and the dropdown should have “Request to Couple”
sad part of this is most of korean games with wedding system only has male and female. no male to male - female to female unless IMC will allow it

-Couple Leveling / Couple Info Card / Couple Ranking / Couple Costume/ Couple Rings/ Rewards

-Couple Points you can level up your couple level: doing quest together, dungeon together, Garden,

-Couple Quest/Challenge
-you have to reach a certain couple level to get married. ex: lv. 1 to 15
-Will have a basic buff for both couple

-Wedding Quest/Challenge
-Couple needs to go to an NPC [priest] to get the requirements thats needed for the wedding.
Ex: Wedding rings / invitations probably crafted by players
-Couple can pick a pre-made design wedding rings, clothes and invitation
-Will have a advance buff for both couple
-Ingame announcement will be made if someone will get married
-Break Up will cost something so better think if you are planning to break up ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
-getting married will have your own COUPLE HOUSE [Shared House]
-IMC need’s to setup a place for weddings. Maybe Saalus Convent? :haha:

Couple Rings Tier/Level - Concept/Pegs:


Couple Info Card Concept/Pegs:



Extra ideas
-Revamp Pet System
–Racing using your pets

Crazy Ideas
-Baby System [adoption system in ragnarok] ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ;;;;;


Master Circles should be handled differently, and that’s because of two reasons:

  1. a lot of Classes are already too powerful, so we need more control over them
    Basically, IMCs goal of introducing Master Circles is to upgrade those Classes to Rank 8 niveau, so it should only apply to Rank 7 and below Classes.

That’s why I think it’s only natural to balance those Classes out with the Master Circle.
In my opinion, to achieve this, they should adjust damage of a few selected skills to Rank 8 niveau, but only if the player has mastered the “enhance”-attribute (i.e. level 100 of the enhancement attribute), which shows his qualification in mastering the use of the skill.

About the other points like new skills, these things should balance out the Class, e.g. a Class with mostly support skills will recieve a damage skill/s and a Class with mostly offensive skills will recieve a buff/debuff complementing what the Class is lacking (Doppelsoeldner e.g. could get a skill that reduces attack and block penetration of an enemy while Priest gets a really strong holy attack skill).
That’s the way RO has done it with Renewals 3rd Jobs and it was pretty successful and nice for the players maining said Jobs.

  1. The game pretty much made advancing into a job a one-click thing. This is a pretty sad change and I hope that we can expect a really hard master quest to get to the master circle.

At this point I suggest approaching it a little differently than the current Rank Up-system and make it an independent system that relies on you continuosly proving your worth through quests and missions to be rewarded master points, which can be spent to increase certain skill levels, buy new attributes or learn specific skills (only after you’ve unlocked them with a specific quest), with each quest being as ardurous as e.g. the pre-nerf Miko quest, so that endgaming also includes the players struggle and strife for perfection/completion.

One-click,easy-peasy missions/advancements should never be part of Tree of Saviour, just look at the ingame lore where the current Class Masters had to prove their worth of years of their life, struggling with everything to finally achieve recognition.

I want the master circle system to be such a system that you can be recognized for your effort instead of shaming the ingame NPCs even more, the Goddesses are already shameful existences that only play Damsel in distress, but the Class Masters should become recognized by the players as people who put in effort to get to the point they are by providing a similar experience to the player trying to become a similar existence in the game.

By the way, it would be nice if every Master Circle Class could get a specific effect costume similar to the new Rank 8 Classes.

About marriage:
I’m against the marriage system.

There are two reasons:

  1. Marriage is a vow between a man and a woman before their god/gods.

Do you remember playing the main story of the game? The goddesses are supposed to have left/are away, and even after we rescue them they want to keep a low profile since they’ve been weakened to the point where you no longer can consider them “gods”.
It would just seem strange that you can actually marry if there is no god present to take your oath (you could e.g. marry in front of a goddess, but you can already roleplay this) and the Clerics are all busy to save this world, they don’t leisurely spend their time in towns doing nothing like the majority of players…

  1. Marriage is a happy occasion for a lot of people

Now remember the world we are thrown into?

It’s a world with destruction and death everywhere, where people become corrupted by their emotions to the point that some become even greater evil than the demons. In this world where resources are already badly managed, with people starving/getting annihilated by the monsters advancing onto them after they had to take refuge out in the fields/woods in refugee camps, you expect someone to spend time and resources on your egoistic wish to have a wedding?

As I’ve already stated above, you’re in a roleplay game, you can utilize the tuxedo&wedding dresses as well as the popup books to roleplay your wedding.
And why do you demand rings? You can already craft Bracelets and Necklaces with the ability to engrave a memo onto them like people usually do with their wedding accessories.
Just exchange them and ask someone with a wedding book who is a Priest or Krivis to hold the ceremony with you and “boom”, you’re married like in a real tabletop RPG…

To put it simply. marriage doesn’t fit into the theme of TOS. People are mourning everywhere, with most stories having a bad ending once you play them through.
Being a revelator shouldn’t hold the privilege of becoming happy, you’re already immortal and strong.
As I said, you can hold your own wedding, you have all tools at hand(Megaphones to announce it, skills to commemorate it, screenshot and video function, crafting&engraving system, wedding costumes and a setting book) to roleplay it and thus breath more life into this world.
Not everything should be managed by an NPC(playing your role as you’re supposed to can be actually fun and advantageous), and in real life there also no way to tell that you’re married other than looking at your rings/other wedding accessories and/or asking.


It would be nice to have a PVP map that is open 24/7, free-for-all style with infinite respawns and a safe zone at the center to chill or AFK. It would be a nice place to goof around fighting people.



We can make of this a religous debate, but I won’t, because it’s not needed and has nothing to do with the game, yet people want it and that’s how is it.

The point been even on the worst situation where the odds are against and there is no hope, people still gets married, belive it or not it even makes it more common.

Again, do you really need to take an oath to the gods now days? isn’t it an oath to the other person that is supposed to stay with you till the very end? or what? will you tell me you can’t get married with your couple because god is taking a nap? (hahaha even though I said that up there, I just gona leave this little joke here, don’t kill me!!!)

I droped ideas man, didn’t demanded stuff neither asked for it, I don’t see your point… do you have something against me by any chance? also… did you read it for real or you just skipped stuff? because I can see you skipped a lot of it.

Funny, though… I do remember seen married couples in the world… strange it is a really saaaad time, people don’t have time for getting married, bleh bleh bleh…

We have not the privilege to become happy? now, from where did you took this idea anyway? if I may ask… people find happines in all kind of ways, funny enough, you don’t need to be married for it… so your point of the revelator been unhappy immortal and strong… thats not true… also we are mortals, did you missed something along the lines? we are just a normal every day civilian that, well… just got a dream about the goddess and suddenly is on a quest to save the world, we are not “Immortals”.

Oh, oh! before you answer the normal thing of “We can’t die” thats… a game thing, not an actual Story thing so… yeap, point invalid… also the power we obtain is given to us by the goddesses, buuut yeap, we are not immortals just happen to be crazy strong, we are going to die sooner or later…

Now this marks the point you didn’t read at all… we have that and still want an oficial way to get married, we want just something to add it up, and not just “Roleplay it” also… not everyone has that so, point invalid, it is a game, as a game there is buffs or skills that add to it so, yea kind of that stuff too.

Again marks that you didn’t read at all mate… come on, for real? i said already I’m hoping for a hard quest, but fair on the user, or wait are you asking for a total insane quest that makes people leave the game? nmm…

I’m sorry mate, but I only see someone that has something against me… why?

Now that, would be an awsome idea, could be fun to spend some time around fighting people here and there and if you are tired of it, just hang around the safe zone.

  • Couple system

  • The end of companions using one character slot. In a year, you gave two free Leaf Penguins + Last Winter Snow Penguin + the blue penguin.
    I have 2 of them still inside their egg because you want me to pay. Not very casual.
    Why would Falconer/Hunter take 2 character slots when Sorcerer doesn’t ? You summon the demon, you call the falcon, same thing to me.

  • Stamina rework. Who cares but Swordman classes for their sprint and Monks ?

  • Item Potential system rework. Debuff when you fail or increased money fee, I don’t know but no more permanent Potential decrease.

  • Briquetting NPC in towns.

  • More Popolions. We couldn’t even have three different Popolions during last Pokemon event :sad:

Anyway, thanks for improving the game. Many things didn’t change in two years, but many other things did. I’m enjoying the fact that rank resets have been given several times when this feature wasn’t supposed to ever exist.


Many early circles of the Archer Tree are pure garbage compared to early circles of Mage Tree, they need an urgent rework


need to rework murmillo-dragun helmet. And costume too, give more varieties of weapon skins, game effects
PS> update improve FPS is a lies. CM9, join PT cause fps dropped down from 110 to 30.


They could make like a character-bond slot. If you have Falconer in your character, that grants you a slot that is bounded to that specific character. Once you delete it, you will loose that slot too.

IMC could extend that to classes that need to be mounted also.


Hello, my little suggestions are:

1- Pet, which can be tamed with items.

2- Marriage, personally this kind of thing does not matter to me but there are a lot of people who like it.

3- Family system, would be like clan but all classes, could create quest for the family or objectives to complete.

4- Subclass, classes that would be released for all class trees, would not spend points of abilities could evolve by buying points, examples of these subclasses: cook, jeweler, botanist, zoologist, cartographer. They would have craft skills and information gathering skills.

5- collection system, instead of being drops could have plants, rocks, etc.

6- Home system, where the character creates a house and personalizes it.

Note: Sorry my english Google.


Here is an easy and casual thingy…

Let us choose what channel we warp to from the full map instead of been forced into equal channels @STAFF


1ST: :Guild rework, not only guild raid to get box, but turn your guild tower in a raid for other players challenge it, and most content for this has in the game:
Boss Cards for elite monster;
Blue and Red Orb for normal monster;
Crystal Fragments(from crystal mine) to create rooms;
And the guild master need to registrate as a challenge.
Only need to add:
Silver tax to create new floors at Templar Master(Max 5 floor, 10.000 for the first, 100.000 for the second and grow up the price);
Reward if someone beat the Tower: lv4 Gem or superior, Abrasive Gem(15 500), Enchance Scroll, Enhance card(100 to 1000), enhancement cupon, Monster album: black recipe, Talt, Blessed Gem, Hat accesories, Phydecium and others stones.

2ND:Lodge and house system, with herb farm(Uosis, Dilgele, etc).

3RD: Tailor shop and custume color change (need a custume crafted or premium custume to color change).


Archer Rework, especially rogue…


agreeeeeeeed like make backstab UNBLOCK ABLE and give us a dual dagger build class


I’m sorry if I will repeat some other player’s idea, haven’t read the whole thread yet…

1. Heaps of craftable stuff!
One thing that kept me busy in RO was crafting tons of cute hats and collecting them. Maybe give us also some craftable costumes, wings, hair and whatnot.

2. Hair accessory 3 that go in mouth!
A flower, a leaf, a… Ninja scroll? A cigar for that metal gear solid feel, a cigarette, a pipe, whatever

3. Clean up quests and collections, I’d like a cleaner log and a completion %. Remove everything that is not in game anymore, and please either get rid of very low % drop items for those or in alternative give better rewards for completing those. I would actually like the former, in order to make collection hunting a relaxing thing to do when you don’t feel like going through challenges/ET & co.

4. A billboard for requests! Shouting all day trying to buy or sell something for shards is kinda annoying, and not all players use forums as a marketplace, so it would be awesome to be able to leave a request for other players written somewhere.

5. Bring back the “permanent ranking” for Adventure Journal. I’m not saying to remove the monthly one, but let the players compete in a “big scale ranking” as well. Make veterans feel rewarded, and also give some nice reward for the “top X” periodically.

6. As much stuff like this as you can. MORE!

7. This one is kinda weird, and from the other points I made you already understood I’m a RO fan but… give us an “Assassin Cross”! I was never a fan of the class but I saw players here and there wanting it in ToS and being really disappointed nothing in game was like that yet, and also lots of people appreciating being able to reproduce in some way their favourite RO class (i.e. Gunslinger->Bullet Marker, High Wizard->Elementalist and so on). I love how unique ToS is, but fanservice for old RO fans never hurts, seeing how the game was called Project R1 during development and most of the players hyped for ToS release were actually RO fans

8. Remove the trading and market restrictions… one of the joys in life-erm, in mmorpgs is getting freebies as a newbie/giving freebies to newbies, exchanging useful stuff and so on. Gold sellers and the like never left ToS since day one, so it should be apparent those restrictions did very little to discourage them, and a lot to discourage new players. Trust the community on this one.

9. Not casual maybe, but let us have Solmiki “savepoints” for disconnects/deaths. ■■■■ happens, and climbing back is sooooo annoying lol

10. A PvP arena opened at all times. Do you want to test your PvP build without having to harass other players to a private duel? Do you want to bring the bantz? PvP arena is all you need!


I read your ideas [your text is really short, it’s hard to skip through] and I stated points why I’m against it. Is that a crime to do?
I have nothing against you and your brain storming, I just wanted to drop some points why a marriage system controlled by the ingame population [i.e. the NPCs] doesn’t make any sense.

wall of text-answer

A lot of people became widows/widowers, and being married has happened before Medzio Diena [remember, the catastophe didn’t happen long before the main story starts].
As far as I remember, I didn’t witness anyone of the NPCs getting married before my very eyes…

I stated it that if we’d be able to marry, this would be the result (we already know about the situation of the Goddesses, we don’t suffer from not eating/drinking [famine is a huge part of the games depiction of suffering], we don’t have to fear the monsters [they are our prey for silver&loot], we can play dress up in town all day long [questing and thus saving the NPCs is not a neccessity but an option for us to get their silver&EXP cards],etc.).
One could list up so many things that make us not part of the story at all, we don’t suffer (except for bugs&lags&bad balancing), so we already have the monopoly on happiness, but marriage through NPC intervention would nail the coffin imo.

If you don’t think of this game as a roleplay game, you could easily overlook these facts, but if you dive into the story it’s quite contradictory.

Last but not least, shall I quote you?:

You know that by introducing buffs/benefits just for ingame couples, you’re doing two things:

  1. discriminating against non-couples, because they don’t have a way to recieve those benefits

In RO, which you already used for many references/ideas, the marriage&adoption buff system were such a huge advantage that the marriage system became a farce, people created female accounts just to marry themselves or guild members because of the warp skill and the HP/SP transfer skill (let’s not forget the child buff that allowed you to die without EXP loss, making a huge difference in lategame grinding).

It also introduced the need for a divorce system, since people couldn’t live with their choices through the end, so you’d have to ask for both systems or people will cry again after getting stuck to a certain player forever.

  1. making marriage a farce and un-unique

I already stated above that games that bring benefits with a couple system make it a farce since people would marry their alt accounts just for the buffs/benefits or simply to brag about being married.
However, you seem to forget that there’s also the other side to it:
By generalizing the concept of marriage, you invalidate any effort made by the players to roleplay-stage a marriage.
This game has basically everything ingame to make a marriage, be it the pop-up books, the romantic locations, the gestures [throwing flowers, raising a toast, clapping, bowing,etc.], the different costumes [you can also marry in a Hanbok or even a maid costume to make it unique with your own personal touch],etc.

By creating an NPC and item-based enforced concept of marriage, you make marriage uniform,boring and basically another quest->reward action ingame.
Having many people collaborate and creating a fun and unique envorinment is way more entertaining than forcing them to follow the game rules and do step 1>step x to achieve the same status as everyone else.
This just makes people put less effort into roleplaying[most people don’t even roleplay to begin with; they don’t think about their backstory, their choices,their advancements,etc.; they’re just playing a jump&run game].

Housing could be funny if you allow players to build up tents in the forest as permanent homes.

The cities should already overflow with incoming refugees [otherwise, why would cities refuse to take in the poor people from Mishekan Forest e.g.], so housing outside [like e.g. in Mabinogi, where your house also comes with farmland around it as a specific instance that only you can enter] could be a nice concept (especially if monsters would wreck it{just the exterior,though} while you’re absent and you’d have to repair/rebuild every now and then, similar to what the refugees are experiencing).


Please make this a thing for Rank8 Swordie new class (IMO). Raw 2 different daggers, one equipped in each hand (just like you adapted hackapel for the off-hand sword, could adapt a class for main hand dagger) - I say that because if you make a “dual dagger stance” it wouldn’t really sinergize with Ram Muay Stance, nor with Double Weapon Attack. And please make it compatible with Corsair and all the classes who could work with 1 handed sword in main hand + any offhand (I.E. Highlander, Barbarian, Squire, Shinobi)


Hello to all savior!

One of the changes I would like to see in the game is:

Changes and improvements in the chat chat system
Reasons: The player has to stop the doll to type something is very complicated, this does not happen in other online games, it is something outdated and it does not help the players with the communication, even more that the players like to talk and play at the same time , now for your game to chat? Is very bad!

Increase of players in PT (Party)
Reason: The number of 5 ogadores in the same PT is very limited, I believe they could double that number, to make it easier to build it and not leave any friends outside in any game event, with an increase in player numbers in PT , ensures the fun of more people and everyone is happy!

Organization in the system of stores in cities
Reason: Some players have the habit of opening stores very close to or on top of the city’s statue, which makes it very difficult to teleport, I believe a system could be deployed to prevent players from opening stores very close to teleportation statues. more free and less polluting space for all!

Level increase (360-390)
Reason: As nowadays the game has become routine and does not have much to do, one can think of raising the maximum level of the game, but putting difficulty in the next increased levels, does not facilitate so much that it takes for the players to reach the maximum level, for example a minimum possible count, eg 1.0 EXP per hour, ie the player would have a lot of work in conquering the next maximum levels, giving work and goal to him, because it would not be so easy to conquer what he wants, everything that is conquered easy has no sense or pleasure!

UpHill Upgrades
Reason: Few use this event in the game, one of the main complaints I hear is that UpHill does not do anything upa or drops anything, I think it could be better used this content, make a kind of CM in it, giving XP and increasing the difficulty of monsters in each stage level!

NPC (Mercenary, Dungeon, Sallus and others) in all cities!
Reason: It would be interesting to put these important NPCs in every city, to have more options for the players, so that he does not have to move to another city and avoid crowds of players in the same city that causes lag in the same region.

Note: All my suggestions are based on the difficulties of the Silute server [SA], of the current problems that we have faced with overcrowding of players.

At the moment, these are my suggestions, I will come back later with other suggestions, thanks for the space and attention of STAFF_ staff!


Some things about guild hangout:

  • Allow direct warp to our own guild hangout from god statues, add return scrolls to the hangout savepoint (This option gets disabled during WARS)
  • Restrict the amount of maps where the guild tower can be placed so players can’t abuse the teleport function
  • Allow us to use team storage in guild tower (unlockable)
  • Unlockable basic item merchant, item dismantle and collection npc inside guild hangout (either npc or function via other means)
  • Allow player shops inside guild hangout, so we can have our own “personal” mini city inside of our hangout
  • Allow hangout customization, also allow hangout to expand according to guild level, that place is very small
  • Add guild passive buffs to all members that have some % of exp contribution to the guild. Buffs can go from: increase % exp from hunting monsters, % increase phy & matk, % increase phy & mdef, % movement speed, % increase looting chancer.
  • Guild buffs have a 7 day duration and in order to refresh them we have to collect some item from guild raids to be able to use them again. (We need good reasons to do guild raids and quests)
  • To get the guild passive buffs again after the refresh you have to contribute in exp gain. (No more lazy guild members for free benefits)

Currently guild hangout has little to no function and no reason to even go there outside dilgele farming, if we could have our own mini city inside allowing us to have the basic options and the most useful buffs there, i’m sure many players would be warping to the hangout instead of a popular city unless they need specific NPC’s.


I… want only two things:

  1. An Owl companion to replace the Falcon for Falconers.

  2. A Pet Pwnd named Sylvia. No, I don’t want a Red Orb Pawnd, I want a real companion I can bring around with me and can watch my back. Heck, you can’t even name the Red Orb monster!