Tree of Savior

What casual content would you want like to see in the future in TOS?

  1. Personal house system, because we want a place to call home
  2. Pet duel system, like pokemon
  3. Taming monsters in pet, so we can use them to battle in the pet duel system
  4. Dye classes/rank clothes
  5. Mob hunting area, to kill so many monsters you can until the time over and earn pontuation to exchanve in prizes
  6. Fishing skill system … the more you fish, the more skill increases and the greater your chances of fishing larger fish and rare item.


The best casual content idea would be solmiki floor skips :hey:


Casino minigames like slot machines, poker, blackjack, bingo
minigames can be played with other players with the exception of the slot machine

A mini game run for players or pets

PK Maps with Open PVP

Cooking Sistem for all class (with recipes and mats for this)

Revamp Fishing Sistem, is too basic

Card Battle in Game

a Colliseum -

so much ideas haha


Facial expressions being separated from the current emotes available and turning into emotes on their own that can be used alongside the existing ‘action’ emotes.
More facial expressions as result.

  • Let us get exp by killing the mobs in the dungeons again while we still get the cubes and extra exp by completing it.
  • Increase the number of maps we can level up at.
  • Acessories that drop from hunting ground.


Chair System with a bunch of chairs to drop, collect and sit 8)


Screams Maplestory :stuck_out_tongue:


Invasions / Corrupted Maps

Corrupted monsters attacking a certain area, and players must hold them off or complete certain global objectives, like slay 10,000 monsters in that map, or destroy the corrupted source, or a timed invasion or anything else. In that areas, the monsters will be more numerous and stronger and give more exp or silver. At the end, the best players in the corrupted rank will be received a gift.

Marriage/dating system

I think the title says everything.

House System

A house system where the player can ‘upgrade your house’ and buy some furnitures. The houses can be some especial rooms in the guild’s player, were each player will have your own accommodation.

Integrate the Dungeons instance (DGs) into the story

Dungeons can be more integrated with the history of TOS and have a real purpose. For example, instead of being accessed by a simple NPC, dungeons could be opened through a portal within the town itself (created by the association of magicians), where saviors make incursions into the monster’s lairs (the maps that can be currently chosen for us), with the objective of weakening them or containing the population of monsters. If incursions are not realized enough by all players in the server, a global monster’s force gauge will increase, leaving monsters on every map more stronger and / or aggressive.

A better Guild Systems

Guilds urgently need a better system, where there really is a sense or kind of ‘reward’ for players to donate talts and raise the guild level. Perhaps better integrate the guilds and their events into the main story of the TOS, for example, each guild castle was created to maintain and protect the entrances of the ancient catacombs and, with each level expanding, it is possible to go deeper and deeper into them, thus making missions and guild raids increasingly difficult.

obs.: make the guild tower accessible in all channels of the map
obs².: Guild Wars are currently very frustrating

A Tamer class

A class (or maybe a kind of job system) where it will be possible to capture and tame any monster in the game (except elites and boss), and turn it into pets, each with its own percentage and capture. Opening up an new pet market, ruled by the players themselves.

Pet evolution

Even pets grow and become stronger!
An “evolution” system could be deployed where, by reaching certain requirements (and even deploying secret requirements), the pet can evolve and become stronger (perhaps growing in size or changing small features). This would be a great way to make each player’s pets more and more unique

Making the marketing tax more useful

In real life, cities grow and expand according to the economy.
One way to make the rates that are applied in the game more useful would be to reverse these taxes in the growth and expansion of cities or some game content. Something similar to in-game goals to be achieved by all players when using the market and paying the due taxes in each transaction. For example, if the kingdom manages to raise a total of 1,000,000,000 Silvers of taxes, they will use that amount to expand the fishing area in Klaipeda, etc.

Factions / Corrupted Revelators

In the future, in some part of the adventure, perhaps some saviors may doubt the real purpose of their journey. Implementing a system of factions would give the player the ability to make an important decision at some specific time and choose the side for which he really wants to fight. Was he a real savior, or was he allied with evil forces? With this, the game could be divided into two separate groups (light and dark) and enabling a future war of factions, among all players for the destiny of all.

Day / Night cycle

Implantation of a system of day and night in the game, allowing the monsters to become more aggressive and numerous in the night period and giving more exp to the players, or even to offer the possibility of certain exclusive monsters only appear in the period of the day or night .

More fun pvp modes

PVP urgently needs more fun and different modes for the entertainment of all players, something like capture the flag or killing the beserk, etc.

Savior’s Tower (infinite dungeon)

A tower of unknown height and treasures, created by ancient gods to test the courage and faith of the true saviors. It would be something like the current Earth tower, but with many more floors (where pathfinders could “discover” new sets of floors, whenever new game patches come, so as not to leave the content obsolete).

With each number of floors finished, the rewards will be multiplied and there is also a neutral zone to rest in certain specific floors.

The groups can spend days inside the tower, always making the saviors ask themselves “how far can we go?”. And It would be a great form of group play, since there would be a real need to use many previously unused classes in this game mode, such as the squire to repair the materials and the rest tent or the alchemist, to create more potions for the group.

Procedural Dungeons

Always making the same content is quite tedious. It would be interesting to implement procedural dungeons. Each instance is unique and always different, where its rooms and even the monsters are generated randomly.

Job Systems

A evolutive job system, to encourage player to do other activities in the game. For example, players could raise their fishing skills and became a really fisherman, so that they are getting more and better chances of getting better quality items, or could raise their skills as a farmer, mastering the anvil skills to turn the player a real blacksmith and upgrade the itens with a better chance or turn as a monster tamer, etc. The possibilities are endless.

Open PVP on maps (4 star maps or higher)

In 4-star maps (or possible more higher level maps) instead of the death penalties that are currently applied, it would be nice if the possibility of attacking other players on the map was released without the need to necessarily activate a duel mode.

Rework uphill defense

Uphill defense is very easy and repetitive, which makes this game mode very tedious. Perhaps the implantation of infinite waves of monsters (for better rewards) or include other difficulties, besides the implantation of systems similar to the tower defense games, made the uphill more fun.

Reputation system

Let the players decide who are the good players and which players are toxic. Similar to the current like system, with a reputation system, each player will be able to vote in any gaming buddy is, thus creating a system of good and bad reputation, so that other players can know when the player has a low reputation, due to their more attitudes on the server.

Vote for kicking a player in dungeons

Please IMC, we are tired to do the dungeons with the same toxic or AFK players. Let the current party be able to create a voting system to expel from the DG the player who has a toxic behavior, these players do not deserve to win a reward at the end of these missions, without at least doing absolutely NOTHING!


I returned to the game after a year and a half stopped and I have seen great best in the same one since it was released.

For the game to improve first before implementing any additional class or anything that is to add more information to the game we need the problem with the part of the graphics engine to be remedied almost completely, I still present several times during my playing hours. freezing and even after the current update continues to occur.

After the last update hears a great improvement over the graphic loading on the full maps and also how the engine interacts with the players but what it takes is to solve this big problem with the whole game engine, how it deals with the effects, shadows, textures as a whole.

Later to implant new classes, new events involving clans war or creation of factions.


Adding more “cool looking companions” it’s not improving anything at all, let us customize all companions, even the ones we had before, make cosmetic items for them. Rockstodon it’s the perfect example, you guys just added a pet that looks kind of not “cute” like penguins and that cute stuff, but at the end of the day that’s not a solution. I don’t understand what it’s the problem with adding cosmetic items for companions… it would be super fun to hunt them in order to personalize our own companions based on what we like.


1. Changes in the current system:

Possible Changes:


  • Improve the rewards
  • Make a timewise option, ex: if you are strong enter uphill hard mode and finish it fast.
  • Maybe do it like Solmiki, twice a week.


  • Make a timewise option, ex: if you are strong enter awakening hard mode and finish it fast.

1.1 Another point is the time you waste making potions as Alchemist, It is just too much:

Possible Change:

  • Make it faster, less than 8s maybe 2s or instant.

1.2 Cleric and Archer Rework
Motive: there are so many “Dead” classes in those trees:
For Archer tree we have Ranger, Scout, Rogue, Fletcher and Quarrel Shooter. They rarely blend in to make good combos.
For Cleric tree we have Dievdirbys, Paladin, Miko, Druid, Kabbalist, Taoist maybe others.
Obs: What do you mean by Dead? Dead for me are classes that you only get to fill gaps, classes you only get for one skill, last but not least, classes that doesn’t work well with the current state of the game.

1.3 Rank Resets need to be given more frequently
Motive: We are going through constantly changes, and most of times our characters needs to follow the flow to not fall behind.

Possible Changes:

  • Once a month events that gives it to us.
  • Maybe a monthly quest you can do in order to get it.

1.4 Trade Restrictions
Motive: We all are aware that we can’t trade freely with or without token. This token system for trading is useless and only make people angry for taking off their freedom.

Possible Changes:

  • Allow trading to be free of restrictions.
  • Encourages token use by putting a system that improves gameplay like: Follow the tips: “Do More”, “Get More” & “Faster” Saalus/Solmiki/Uphill/DGs/Raids/RateDrops/SilverDrops.

2. Future Changes

2.1 PvP&PvE

Possible Change:

  • Make a PvP tier armor/weapon, you can only get it by doing PvP and you get more benefits in its system with the set.
  • Rework PvE gears to be more effective to its system.
  • That way you can best both worlds.

2.2 Silver System
Motive: The game is in the current shape of SSS ( Silver Sinking System), everything in the game needs silver to be accomplished and the silver drops only getting nerfed by the time because afkers, botters, etc. So many excuses but no solutions by far.

Possible Changes:

  • Make the silver great again whilst banning bots.
  • Make daily activities more Booty (if you know what I’m talking about matey ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) )
  • Improve mob density, respawn and silver everywhere so you can avoid lots of players disputing the same land for loot.
  • Create Silver Dungeons (It’s a place you go alone in order to get silver once a day/week)

2.3 No Bots evermore

How to deal with bots?
Possible Ways:

1 - A Boss system that not f.u.c.k.s with the mobs respawn, that appears every 30 min (Some RNG in his respawn time would be great and effective) someone is in the same map that can tracks especially necro/sorc builds and kill them, remove their armor and teleport them to the city.
2 - A curse system for summoners, if they summon 100 times they would have to go to a goddess in order to clean his curse.
3 - Human-Verification-In-Game every 1,2,3 hours.

2.4 No Afkers evermore

Possible ways:

  • Vote for kicking a player in dungeons.
  • If you get X reports you get banned for a day/week. If It persists you get a more severe punishment. (where X is the amount of reports for being afk)


I made it with love and effort thinking about making our characters more unique to each person, I hope everyone likes it and the developers think fondly to implement it in the game.

  • I did “Visual Skill” which consists in changing the appearance of specific skills, for these particularities the character will use a Consumable Item, an appropriate name could be “Skill Visual Scroll + * The Name of the Skill *” and then we would like select whether we are going to use that look in the skills just as we currently change hair colors.
  • The “Visual Weapon” is quite simple, a weapon that replaces the appearance of our weapons, but different from “Briquetting”. In this case, a slot for “Visual Weapon” would be created. In the latest Developer Update was said to have a New NPC that will replace the Briquetting, I hope it’s something this way.


Everything was done in Photoshop.


Meaningfull PvP :

Have pvp modes that are always open and give small rewards or exp, or exist just for fun. allow premade partys or duels. A proper pvp balance or pvp dedicated skill formulas are due for that.

Meaningfull crafting:

expand the farm and pets in guild system to be able to produce more special resources for crafting classes for improved services like extra apraisse chance, overepair or buffs.

In-depth Pets:

Allow pets more AI , skills, non combat riding, equipment options unlockable by taking proper care of them. Maybe allow Monster Taming by means of hidden class (e.g.pied piper)


Even more lewd costumes and lewd partners like the homunculus…

Maybe some naked forest fairy

Maybe as fishing reward on outer maps cause god knows if there is a puddle I can put my rod in it :smirk:


Rather than housing for seperate players, i would prefer something like customisable housing for guilds, where players can suggest how to place furniture and the guild leader can either place down furniture, or accept suggestions from members.

Would really serve to make the guild hangout more interesting, instead of just being a literal farm.


  • Arm Wrestling mini game… nothing to gain nothing to loose
    Who mash the z button the fastest wins.


  • This was already suggested but… Make Orsha or Fedemian a Free for All PVP Arena
    Not the whole map but similar to Klaipeda’s expation… Make a section of the city an Arena. People who enters will get a 5sec immunity and silence buff. If you get killed you will be send outside of the arena to enter or just watch.

  • Regarding dating/Marriage system: Why not a Partner system instead… Since majority of my main Characters are female; me being male irl (probably majority of us are…) I’ll be a bummer to have a gender specific system if a friend I wan’t to marry/date in game (purely for its perks, buff and such) also has a female character. It would be much better calling it a “Partner” so people don’t have to deal with changing sex or having a hard time finding a Friend/Guild member with the opposite sex of your character. :sweat_smile:

  • REQUEST: Please make mount not eat up character slots… Hear me out… A char slot cost 33 TP. and a companion cost 298 TP all in all if you have 5 characters and you want to give each one a companion you’ll be paying 1490 TP + an additional 165 TP for 5 character slots that is wasted on companions. This here is why till this day I still don’t buy a premium pet.

  • Improved fishing system. This was already suggested but heck I’ll say it again. Add more fishable fish. Not just Silver Fish; add something like a Bass. a Cod, A Catfish, A Perch, etc.

Remember this place? I think It’s hightime Vulinya returns and turn those caught fish into delicious food.


  • Mining for Ores, gems and crystals
  • Bug/Insect catching?

Edit: Not really a casual content but… since every one seems to already said most of what majority of the players want for casual content, (PVP Arena, Marriage, Housing, Fishing, Farming, Mining, etc) I’ll take this chance to suggest some future Raid missions.

Now that they’ve introduce dragons by way of Volcoffer’s Nest I would like to see in the distant future, raid mission similar to Lao Shun Lung and/or Jhen Mohran missions from Monster Hunter

Not to Plagiarize Monster Hunter; just an enemy so massive that killing or just to divert its destination needs more that just you and your partys dps skill spamming. It doesn’t need to be a wall defense or a boat vs huge monster. As long as the monster is Godzilla size and the whole party can climb on top of it, I think that would be cool as and end game content.

Defending the wall using cannons and ballista against Lao Shan Lung
(Boy this reeks of Attack on Titan :laughing:)
Video explaining the mechanic of Lao Shan Lung mission

A Ship attacking Jhen Mohran

Video on Jhen Mohran mission

Final note: To me, there is just something so Grand and Epic in defeating a larger than life monster along side your trusted party or guild members. Sharing the spoils, telling stories about your conquest, saving the city, and just having a good old time in the guild hall is what all adventurers dream of. :star_struck:

That’s about all I can think of this time… will add more if something hits me. :smiley:


Extinguish the exp events, or come up with rare events.

The return of the old dungeons.

Boost the missions of the game so that it has a greater reward than the experience cards. (Like bounded account items, more recipes… Etc…)

A greater experience curve from level 1 to 270, therefore, the game looks like a private server. You can level up on a map whose mobs are 50 levels above you, you can ignore the whole story of the game by just hovering on a level 26 map … and stay there until level 75. This is annoying. (People sell zachariel bangle for 2kk± without knowing that you can get the recipe on mission)

Greater rewards from mercenary dungeons.

More options of equipment mastery depending on the level (Plate, leather, Cloth …)
Example : Plate mastery level 1: when 4 pieces equipped psy dmg taken is decreased in 10%.

Plate mastery level 2 : when 4 pieces equipped psy dmg taken is decreased in 10%. And add 0.5% bonus HP Max

Plate mastery level 3 : when 4 pieces equipped psy dmg taken is decreased in 10%. when 4 pieces equipped psy dmg taken is decreased in 10%. And add 2.5% bonus HP Maximum

Plate mastery level 4 : when 4 pieces equipped psy dmg taken is decreased in 12%. And add 5.0% bonus HP Max. 5% magic damage taken is decreased in 5%.


Weapons mastery giving attributes, to impact on the farm alone. Or… In party.

Example : Mastery two handed sword

*Increase AoE in 1

  • Increase psy damage in 10% (Heavy swing)

Example ²: Gun

*Incease accuracy in 25% of total you have.

  • Have a 10% of chance to make a enemy bleed. (The dmg is a percentage of STR and DEX, or a maximum damage based)

Example³ : Shield Mastery
*Increase block in 25%
*Increase psy defence in 7%
*increase magic defence in 5%

Of course, this buffs only apply in player vs mobs. A balance settings for pvp is required

Daily quests increased to 10 and giving no more experience, just a box that gives : condensed potion, materials used to create items, attributes points and Daily quest points for daily quest shopping :slight_smile:

Daily quest shopping is just a mensal shop that sell characters slot, exp tome, materials for craft, exclusives recipes, visuals . (These items I have cited are only illustrative, certainly the IMC will not put any of it.)

And finally, imc… This game need’s more heavy armored costumes. Cute costumes sucks, i need more costumes like a dragoon, Paladin, Inquisitor…


It’s nothing much original or that haven’t been asked before but I WOULD LOVE:

-Marriage system

-Housing system, maybe something with a connection with the player’s lodge

-A place like a tavern in every town where we can sit and relax, just to chat and meetings

-SKIN TONES (I know you guys are developing skin tones already, but we’d love to get some updates, or at least know if there’ll be something in the next magazine)


Objective Oriented PvP - Like on the line of old guild war but without being guild exclusive or the upcoming Baroconsi Crystal Mine Feud, some players don’t enjoy straight forward PvP.

Non-combat PvP - Races, tag (like halloween event), quizes (step on panel to give answer), etc.

Expand Fishing - Having more fishing spots with levels and also a fishing level for team, this may allow players to pick spots based on what they desire with higher rates based on fishing and spot level.

Mining/Harvesting Spots - Some random Boulders/Bushes spread through maps, players cast for 1~3s and get a random material based on a list for each map.


Crystal Mine - Silver Ore* 30%, Gold Ore* 10%, Mithril Ore 5%, Ruby 5%, Lvl 1 Gem X%
Tevhrin Stalactite Cave - Gold Ore* 40%, Phydecium 10%, Terranium 10%, Lvl 3 Gem X%

Cobalt Forest - Dilgele Seed 20%, Rosemary Seed 20%, Uosis 5%, Dilgele X%
Emmet Forest - Rosemary Seed, 10%, Uosis 10%, Uosis Seed 1%, Dilgele X%

*To craft/forge Silver/Gold.