What are guilds? [v3.03] - Added Guild Territory War info(Re:Build Ready)


Hello, our guild is currently lvl 9 but why is it that the events that need 8 and 9 tickets doesn’t show in the guild event tab?


The tickets doesn’t dictate the level needed. You may need to level up somemore to see all the mob events there.


Ok, thanks for the reply


Do you have any guild mission that reward talts?


Only the mage tower missions rewards you talts. And that is the only 3 talts per run unfortunately.


Guild raid or guild boss hunt have reward talts?


As far as I know none of them gives talts.


Hi there guild masters, my guild were trying to attempt the lv14 guild raid yesterday, but after all member checked or not checked the confirmation, there’s simply no entrance in the marked location on the map and we end up giving up doing the raid, is this normal? or are we missing anything.


Perhaps this information should be added to this guide? (Check original source for a picture.)

I also heard this is possible from the lv14 raid. (No proof of this.)


When doing raids does the guild leader have to be on their templer or can they participate on any character?


Any character, thankfully.


Hello everyone!

i’ve updated the latest listing of the guild events in a google sheet where updates can be done real time now.

as many have pointed out, practonium itself is found in the level 14 guild boss kill for Hauberk. Chances are extremely slim as we’ve been trying to get it ourselves but the item is definitely out there, i’ve marked this onto my spreadsheet and you can find it on the top of the thread.

huge credits to mienz for helping out to find a reliable source of ktos info in with their respective guild level which we’ve been lacking off so much.

if you guys have any questions as such, feel free to let me know.




How can a guild leader start a guild event? do you need a certain level of guild to do it? i read somewhere that you can start boss hunt from level 3, but we are currently level 3 and dont know how to do it, can you elaborte a little bit more please? :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: I read the thing and saw that you need to be at least level 4, but the first question remains, how do you start a guild event? does the tower show that option?


Hey there,

Yes that’s correct, once you’ve gotten sufficient guild level and also ensure that your build guild tower is maxed out asap too!

from there an option called guild events will appear and you should be able start the events from there.


Hey toilet, im here to sa thank you for all the useful information you share with the community about guilds, its been super helpful so far and most important it had helped us to set short and long term objetives for our guild <3. Thanks to you we did our first succesful raid (haha guild its still a baby for now), we are very happy :D.

Seems like a hard journey to get to level 14 tho, but totally worth it.


Hey Polito!

That’s great to hear! Everyone starts from being a baby and completing your first raid means perhaps you’re no longer a baby anymore, and i’m definitely glad to hear that this guide has helped you out as that’s the main objective of this guide :smiley:

if there’s any other questions that you have about guilds, feel free to post it here and i’ll do my best to answer your questions.


This is Guild Raid “Demons Revolt”? Which guild level is it?


It drops from the level 14 boss kill, Hauberk.


Practonium can double drop.


Is guild boss hunting working with too many people??
I’ve try like 12 and it never appear, change channel and I face boss alone.