What are guilds? [v3.03] - Added Guild Territory War info(Re:Build Ready)



If we do all the quests that are the pre-requisites then i believe so yes. as of now we’ve not crafted any.


Unfortunately i’ve heard nothing of the sort at the moment, we don’t have any information about the Marvel grand cross as of this point of time.


Here’s my answers to your questions.

Question 1:
The GuildMaster need to use Templar Char to Open events OR can be any Char in his account? In other words: if you have other character better suited to battle, can you use it instead the Templar char?

You can use any character to start the event, it does not necessarily have to use your templar character. I normally use my cleric or archer to join events.

i’ll skip question 2 since it’s related to each other.

Question 3:
Do you really think Templar Circle 2 is needed in order to make the guild much better? I know that now that Stats as STR will be really usefull in the new path, that the increased count of STR added by the skill “Battle Orders” will be great, but I dont see much relevance on the other skills of Circle 2. And I already saw a lot of people taking Murmillo, Shinobi or even Squire C3 instead Templar C2 for a more general benefit.

The forge on Circle 2 of 110 Attack dont appear much worth it on the end game, where the damage is generaly >2000 each hit. But I dont know.
And Shield Charge appear to benefit only a few members.

Well generally, Templar 2 is needed for guilds that want to have additional utilities, it’s actually more of enhancing your guild to have additional buffs to be useful in GvGs, this also allows you to use forges and shield charges, while i can’t say for sure about shield charges as i heard there were several bugs in between, but remember that you can place up to 5 forges in templar c2, thus instead of having 110 attack, it’s going 550 and this is going to be massive with the latest damage patch coming in.

In fact, it’s actually quite a bit especially if you’re rerolling a new class and having 550 physical attack greatly enhances your damage by quite a bit.

Following what IMC has said, templar C2 is mainly for guilds that want to focus a little bit more on GvG, else if they’re purely for PvE, templar c2 isn’t required. but then again, if you’re only templar c1, you won’t have access to forge which is a common reward in late game guild events.

Question 4:

You said yourself:

My personal opinion is that templar isn’t a DPS class as you will not be able to scale as well as the other classes upon reaching the highest rank, therefore you may opt to go for a support build or tanky build (mixing rodelero, squire, peltasta inside).

So, how do you manage to Level Up your Templar until C2? Do you force your members to level up you in party while you do some poses :sunglasses::smiling_imp: ?

Well, i still believe that templar isn’t really a great DPS class due to the fact that most templar skills lie on the utility side rather than support.

I’ve played my templar as my first character, therefore during the phase of early access, there were extremely alot of parties that were looking for peltasta compared to the current time where all classes are accepted. I remember back then when swordman without peltasta are excluded from parties.

I grinded my way up to level 280 and maxed this character up before experiencing other classes, honestly when i played my archer as my 2nd character, compared to spending 15-20 minutes for a quest boss, my archer did it in seconds for some bosses lol and i’m honestly happy i didn’t start with an archer first else i might not have the patience to make a templar :smile:

I solo-ed for quite a bit though, i don’t force people to help out in my grinding. Most of us in the guild already have a habit of helping each other out, so i wouldn’t really consider that forcing. Whether it’s the centaur quest or mishekan forest upon hitting 317, we’ve helped each other countless times.

We also have a channel in discord where we post up grind parties, quests, ET and to bring everyone up together. This helps up alot for grinding :smiley: especially for newbies that joined the guild.


@ToiletMaster Really Thanks for your time to make a so detailed response.

Well. This are good new I guess.

Thanks again


I wait for a war templar in C3.

  • We need a shorter cooldown to “recall” skill in GvG … (like 2-5 min)
  • More buffs like “Battle Order” (but make it better, please).
  • No Specific weapon to use Mortal Slash.

With that templar will be on a nice spot for GvG


Hey! My guild dropped the “Recipe - Mystical Cube Recipe” from Guild raid lvl 13, killing Demon Lord Naktis!


Hi,you said back at Wolfy’s topic that there is 2 quests that give the mystical cube recipe.Which quest give it that is from lv 13?


Demon Lord Naktis is from level 13 Boss Hunting Mission


I don’t know the name, but it’s in Roxona Reconstruction 1F, you have to Kill Naktis :slight_smile:

We dropped five recipes in the last one.


Hello do you know how guild authority works? I tried checking the invite box beside a guild member but it just uncheck itself when i look into it again.


Hey guys, sorry for the lack of response here, I have been preparing something and have been quite tied up currently, I’m compiling all the data from everyone to update the latest spreadsheet for the guild events so that everyone can get the latest update.

Thank you to @caiocobra for the update! I’ve also received other reports that it does drop for naktis, in the future could you provide some screenshots to ensure authenticity of the information shared?

@Lotus, do you happen to have any guildmate add-on placed in? You also need to ensure the right member has it, it’s a bit tricky but assuming your desired member is 5 slots below your name, ensure on the right it’s also 5 slot from your name, the sequencing on that authority side is wrong from IMC. So you’ll need to manually estimate where your members are. Unticking online members would make it more accurate too.


Thanks for answering. I really like your Guide very informative. :slight_smile:


Hey guys the boss hunts hp for high levels have reduced tremendously. While IMC did not state this change in the patch notes, low level bosses hp has been increased, while higher level bosses have their reduced drastically.

Our usual 1.7billion hp boss went down to 50m go only.


You can take the “not cleared” off Mothstem. Getting raudonelis instead of a shield charge or forge was unexpected. More runs will be needed to explore the loot table.

All guild bosses seem to have similar HP now.
Temple Shooter 2 people: 17,212,896
Temple Shooter 4 people: 28,688,128
Giant Wood Goblin 2 people: 19,154,200
Mothstem 2 people: 22,438,524
Hauberk has been reported around 50 million with 7 or 8 people.

It looks like it’s roughly 11.5m to 15m base HP for each boss, and baseHP*(players+1)/2 total HP. In addition, Mothstem’s damage was very low. This is pretty absurd and unbalanced from the points of view of both brand new freshly rank 7 guilds and high end power guilds.


On a side (but very serious) note, we experienced quite a peculiar problem after completing the Boss Kill Mission LVL13 (Naktis): on our 3rd kill we dropped 6 (six) Mystical Cube Recipe and all the members could see the items placed in the Guild Storage correctly, but after we warped away from Roxona West back to the cities, the recipes were completely gone.
Anyone experienced the same issue?
We have NO IDEA what happened or what could have triggered this but you can understand we’re not very about happy this and we’re actually pretty scared it could happen again… any kind of info is very appreciated!


Hey Ryogo, it should be fine don’t worry. most likely it’s a visual bug. after awhile or probably a day, the item should re-appear back into your guild storage as usual.

we’ve had that numerous times but after waiting awhile the items are back to where they were.


Thanks for confirming that portion, i’ve added that into my list but currently compiling the full one at the moment. once i have that done i’ll re update the entire sheet in the first post.


Thanks for the fast reply, you have no idea the heavy weight you just lifted from our shoulders with this!
We were seriously worried we encountered some huge in-game bug and we had no idea how to avoid it the next time… then, we’ll just wait for a while and see what happens.

Thanks again :slight_smile:


Sure! No worries, best to wait 1 full day after rest to ensure that you’re able to see it from then on.


I can confirm that the lvl 12 Guild Boss Kurmis drops the Mystical Cube Recipe

Check our now unbearded friend stream it last sunday.

Also, suscribe to him =P

PSA: Mystical Cube Recipe drops on lvl 12 Guild Boss

Thanks Wolfy!

I’m planning on putting the latest guild event reward listing on to a Google drive so that the updates will be more fluid as compared to uploading an image every time.

I’ll be announcing it once it’s up.


Yesterday when we fought a hard boss with about 15 people, the boss HP rose up to about 100m,

We then started another easy boss for poata with 20 people and the boss HP grew up to 150m. I believe ALL boss hunts hp scale the same now compared to pre-balance.


this boss drops andesium too?