What are guilds? [v3.03] - Added Guild Territory War info(Re:Build Ready)


when you have finshed this boss hunting pls confirm the recipe :blush:


dropped it on the 3rd kill


So you can make a new practonium now?


3rd kill =O? I would gladly receive any details on the runs and amount of recipes dropped per run.


Manticen: 2x Forge 1x Shield Charge and Rosemary seed


@Wolfy @Sandu

Confirmed, the boss drops, we’ve got it today, we’ve got a total of 8 in total.


Thank you for confirming this ^^

What guild level is it required to unlock Gosal mission =O? Im getting people telling me its 15 others 14.


Oh my! So how do you feel guys is this easy enough to acquire so people could obtain their orange weapons easier now, at least not with the 1 pract per char limit? Also do you think this is enough for pract now or not?


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The new patch came in for us when we were level 14 and we were able to see during then, so i can guarantee you it’s 14 and below. i can confirm it’s definitely not 15 as it only unlocks the new mission which we’ve yet to do.


The boss isn’t easy to be honest, you need a good sum of DPS to deal good damage, the main issue is people disconnecting halfway through as there’s no way for you to return if you get hit by VGA errors and disconnection.

you’ll definitely need more DPS than support as with 13 people on this quest, the boss came up with 2 billion HP, it took about 1 hour 20 minutes for us to defeat the boss.

In terms of formation wise, you’ll need to consider the following

  • Resources for arrows/pots etc
  • Durability of equipments

Having a squire is very much needed for this event.

2nd Mystic chest should not be in Guild raid

Giant Wood Goblin gave us 4 different seeds from a single kill (mairunas, jonazole, rosemary, lavender). Rocktortuga dropped rosemary. Colimencia has jonazole.


Thanks alot for letting us know!

I’ve updated the thread to include information from your end. we’re getting close to finishing all the reward listing for the boss events :blush:


how is it possible? kill Cyclops in 5 Minutes?
how many people are in your party?
we have tried it with 11 :smiley:


How many practoniums did you make already?


The headgear is kinda the problem haha, I don’t have the exact headgear for now so at the moment I don’t have any.


Sorry, English is not my language XD, in fact I wanted to ask how many your guild did in general.


We’ve did alot of runs, but unfortunately luck wasn’t on our side as we’ve only gotten 8 on our initial run, the rest dropped forge, academy and other etc items.


But you are able to craft the practoniums?


Hi @ToiletMaster here I am again with some questions:
Question 1:
The GuildMaster need to use Templar Char to Open events OR can be any Char in his account? In other words: if you have other character better suited to battle, can you use it instead the Templar char?

(please don’t lose time thinking about the question below).
_Question 2 _:
IF can’t use others chars, what events you remember that can use other character?

Question 3:
Do you really think Templar Circle 2 is needed in order to make the guild much better? I know that now that Stats as STR will be really usefull in the new path, that the increased count of STR added by the skill “Battle Orders” will be great, but I dont see much relevance on the other skills of Circle 2. And I already saw a lot of people taking Murmillo, Shinobi or even Squire C3 instead Templar C2 for a more general benefit.

The forge on Circle 2 of 110 Attack dont appear much worth it on the end game, where the damage is generaly >2000 each hit. But I dont know.
And Shield Charge appear to benefit only a few members.

Question 4:

You said yourself:

So, how do you manage to Level Up your Templar until C2? Do you force your members to level up you in party while you do some poses :sunglasses::smiling_imp: ?

_Question 5 _:
For what I understood the guild get Ticket events when the Guild Level Up. How to get more tickets after you use it, OR it is renewable, like it have a reset time?

Thanks for your help! There is no hurry to respond!


A guildmate said marble grand cross is a guild mission drop.
Do you have any information about it?I tried to look around and found nothing.