What are guilds? [v3.03] - Added Guild Territory War info(Re:Build Ready)


lvl 14 guild raid reward


Hi there @Plasmagica

That’s great! Thank you very much for sharing this with us :smiley: unfortunately we were bugged several times including yesterday so we couldn’t run our own, we’ll be running it tonight and see if we get other rewards, if we do i’ll share it here.

Thank you very much for sharing it!




here’s our run and the reward, unfortunately it was just a forge though :frowning:


this is what we would’ve liked though. >_>

click to see a desired image



What is the easiest and fastest way to get Shield Charge?


What drops the owl egg?


wow very nice guide! i am a newer guild leader in Orsha server and this will help me guide for future guild contents!

I will be sharing this page link with my guild members. thanks!



We’ve gotten a bunch from the guild boss hunts by killing the strong ones, some of them drop quite a few of it but it’s randomized.


unfortunately that is just a random photoshop image that was randomly made. was kinda sad that we got a forge after our attempt lol so that was just an image to troll people off. you could see the image has been easily photoshop in some parts i guess.


That’s great to hear, feel free to post here if you have any guild related questions. While I have to say most of the most aren’t 100% complete at the moment, we’re still missing quite a bit of information that i wish to add in, but i’ll gradually add them in once we got time


kr user channel with some guild raid vids, guild raid lvl 15 (cleared): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x2pXc8uu9ZA
No display of reward though.
Vids are named ‘guild reid’ .


That video shows a reward at 37:17. Looks like attack boost potion: strike lv2.

Also, Devilglove can drop mairunas seeds.


@greyhiem and @trielav

Thanks alot for sharing this information. I’ll be sure to edit it back once I get home. Unfortunately for the time being, seeing that level 15 does confirm on getting the first new mission for the latest update, I’ll be hoping if some other guilds manages to reach that level so that we can know the exact rewards.


Added the information on the latest rewards.


Hey, they are saying that in level 14 you can get the recipe of the box of the practonium, do you know anything about it?


Hey @guiradunz,

I’ve caught on the latest news not long ago too and we’re definitely attempting on trying that, so far we’ve not attempted this so far and may most likely give this a try sometime this week. I’ll update once we’ve gotten the rewards since we’ve just hit 15 also, we have a new mission to test to see the actual rewards that they give


Dropped 2x forge will try it again tomorrow


well guys, reaching level 15 wasn’t an easy feat, but reaching to 16 however is bracing new heights… we have about 53k talts donated to reach level 15, level 16 requires about 100k+ talts which is absolutely crazy.

i’ve also updated the list to include level 15 guild mission details, we’ve not done the run yet though.


what items can i get on the new Guild Mission? and on which level get i the new Guild Mission?


We have not cleared it yet, therefore I can’t answer you that question directly. But you have to be a level 15 guild in order to unlock the new missions called Gele Plateau.


thx now guild level 11 :smiley:


That’s great to hear! Keep it up and you’ll eventually get to 15 soon! More events opened up as you gradually level so make sure to do them all :blush:


i think level 14 is important for the second pract recipe :slight_smile:


We have yet to confirm that though, right now it’s just a speculation from the practo recipe thread. We attempted it yesterday but due to people disconnecting and etc, we weren’t able to finish it. Good news is that the boss isn’t as tough as we thought it would be, we will be reattempting it tonight and will update on what we get so far for the drops.

Stay tuned!