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2nd Mystic chest should not be in Guild raid


I’m no casual and I’m not saying that it should be super easy. It should be widely available so everyone can have it, making the community more balance and the game being more popular and or productive, increasing it’s player population whether alts or new players. This will benefit the game nonetheless since more players = more income on TP. But yeah, it’s been almost a year and the game itself is losing casuals since the mechanics are too much for new kids in RPG :wink:



Practonium should be obtainable in a sufficient amount to craft at least one 1h and one sub, for each char and in a reasonable time.
The upcoming “balancing” patch emphasizes weapons role in damage dealt and without a proper way to obtain that resource, it’s going to be a mess.

Unless, of course, you follow the suggestion of someone from the forum and grab a weapon from HG, gem and transcend it.

There are already players with orange main/sub.

I’m not saying that practonium should drop like rain, but it should be obtainable in some way, even hard.



Letitia cube :stuck_out_tongue:



I agree and disagree with you. I don’t think that having this as a reward for guilds is a bad thing. However not having it as accessible for solo-players is.

I believe that this is a great way of making guild content more reasonable and worthwhile. I think guild content should give rewards for end-game content but it should not be the best or only option for it.
I’m all for optional ways of gaining certain key items that please different play styles. Hopefully in the future there will be more options with obtaining some items and that they would be available to every player.



I Agree on your point and I somewhat focused on the guilds. But with the low population of the game, Only a few guilds are left and most of them are dead or inefficient for the high guild raids though it makes the guild function more active and seems viable, but I think they should at least, if the guild raid will still give this recipe is to put other items into the droplist with the recipe being lower %. I also believe that every player must have access to the 2nd mystic chest/cube but make it a bit harder than 317 questline so it can be worthwhile and makes the end-game content a bit slower to finish.



I forgot to mention this :joy: Yes the 2nd Practonium should be harder to obtain than the 1st. a 330 questline maybe?



how do we we get a 2nd practonium?



You can get 2 (or 3?More?) per character,i think.

Mystical Cube has a recipe,and you get the recipe for one of the ingredients from Guild Raid(maybe i’m telling you wrong,search the proper thread to be sure)



you can get 3rd as well?



Totally agree with what Dilgele mentioned.
Adding to that that the few guilds that unlocked that raid are selling it by having people join the guild temporarily for one raid to get the recipe and leave once done.
Which seems like a very broken mechanism to obtain a practonium and a flow on guild design.
I would rather have the recipe drops with a low chance from 315 dungeon, which would motivate people to play that forgotten dungeon.



The recipe isn’t tradable?
I have a guild but I don’t see them interested in doing guild raid, so maybe I can buy from someone else in market



Rewards from guild missions aren’t tradable. They go into your guild storage, and you guild leader can send them via the mail system to a specific member. The person then redeems the item on one of their characters, just like the maint compensation that IMC sends us.

So mystical cube recipes are probably untradable as well, but I don’t know for sure.



Either way, if i’m not mistaken, you need to have your guild lvl16 in order to acces the event that gives the 2nd practo recipe, and that is just,… well, quite absurd.

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This would be the 3rd way of getting practonium if the 290 questline wasn’t partially implemented :sweat:



The current workaround would be to temporarily invite the buyer to the guild and then the GM would mail it to them. Seems like this practice can be monopolized for awhile (or forever if the game population doesn’t move up at all).




I totally missed that one. I’m not a P2W kind of player, I like to farm for my stuff and not take the easy way out :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Anything would do! Even a quest that says “kill 1000 mobs”, as long as they give practonium directly and not the RNG cube.

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So may be this is a pruning technique being employed for reducing the total number of guilds itself and somehow making GvG better.
Not sure on this but i feel that way.



It is to be expected. No guild had incentive to level up thei guild levels so this information catched most guilds by surprise.

Also is not weird on mmo for people to abuse information or reaching certain content first to improve their income.

The reason for my Practo guide is to remove that exclusivity on information.



I agree, many information from guild events have been kept in secret. I’ve asked multiple people before and unfortunately most of the answers I’ve gotten were bland or somewhat secretive.

In return, I’ve decided to release every bit of information that we can get to the community from my guide to guilds. While it does seem unfortunate that the 2nd practonium recipe can only be obtained via a level 14 guild, I do hope that the recipe would be accessible to all.

Having comestic items or utility items aside from the forge etc would be better for incentive rewards for guilds.