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Weapon Design Contest WINNERS!


Well, first and foremost I didn’t play a big part in the weapon art contest so I do not know the exact criteria on which the winning entries were chosen.

But it should be common sense that such “fairness” only applies to contests that are held by companies or organizations that specialize in art/design.

Let’s not forget IMC is a company that develops games before anything and whether it be fan-art or weapon design contest, things shouldn’t be taken so seriously compared to other contests held exclusively for budding professionals in the field by established organizations in the said field.

You must always keep in mind the context in which a certain event occurs. In other words, the true goal of the contest in the current situation is not to pick the “best artist/designer” but its more about community spirit and bringing players together in an open discussion about ideas about weapons they want for the game and to make some of them a reality as a reward.

ps. Personally, I believe there is no room for “objective” criticism in “art”. If it’s for commercial purpose then there could be :stuck_out_tongue:

pps. I don’t think you’re being rude its perfectly fine that you bring such topics up. we are open to criticism as long as they are reasonable


@Csiko @WarNux

Please watch the video first :blush:


I’ve seen you posting incredibly rude things in other threads and for other contests that you later deleted, probably because you realized how absurd they were. Also I like how presumptuous/rude you’re being right now with the "oh well you didn’t go to art school you’re clearly not an artist or you would clearly understand how to be objective in this videogame art contest.

Like you’re seriously supporting some ■■■■■■■ crying that they didn’t win, when they had a very similar idea as someone else, made it look really good, and are upset that theirs didn’t win over the other idea. No one cares that it looked good, it was someone else’s idea. That was the point of the contest.


Any contest has a set of rules and it is reasonable for the participants to demand them to be clear, the contest post talks about entry rules only and not evaluation. Without a basic guideline for the evaluation they can shift the rules anytime they want as they please and this goes against the nature of a competition, they may not be able to set specific rules for each criterea but can inform which of those will have more or less weight.

Taking the contest itself the artistic execution wasn’t part of it and this can be seen in the range of experience of the winners. However there’s more to be taken in consideration when evaluation any entry such as…

  • Creativity
  • Practicality (can be implemented)
  • World connection (does it feel like part of the world)
  • Aesthetic connection (does it fit the game visual design)
  • Uniqueness (is it unusual, yet fitting, for the game direction)
  • Usability (would it perform what is meant to do)
  • Etc

Speaking on the personal level my entries focused on itens 3, 5 and 6 but may have been irrelevant for the contest. If i knew those aspects wouldn’t have that much weight i could have a different approach to increase my odds instead of taking this risk, or at least do it knowing the consequences.


The rules were in the post. They were clear, several very “artistically good” entries won, and some very fun ideas won. I’d call that a success.

But some art school brat thinks people care that he went to art school and that IMC should bend to his whims or else god forbid we can’t have a serious Tree of Savior art contest.


@STAFF_Bob, I see. Well, I’m glad you cleared up my questions. You’re right on the fact that IMC is video games development, and not art. Everything makes sense now. Thanks! :smiley:


Again, it that wasn’t about being “artistically good” but rather understand why some were picked as other didn’t. If you enter a competition and lose but can’t understand the reason you ought to feel like cheated, in objective competitions that can be as easy as scorling less points but in subjective it is nice to have some sort of clarification on how they were evaluated be that revealed at start or along the results. After all the other important element of competitions is the capability of self improvement through defeat and you can’t do that if you lose and don’t know why.


Maybe not calling the next Art Contest a “Contest” would be a good idea moving forward.


That didn’t helped during the Fan Art Festival xD


Do you guys think it’ll be a bit better if the staff gave a brief commentary for winning entries in future events as to why certain pieces were selected?

Guidelines can be a difficult thing to set because it may discourage some players from participating. That’s why my own entry was drawn sloppily on MS Paint to let players know that you didn’t have to be a great artist to enter.


It’s a weapon design contest, and it’s extremely rude to the people who won with the entries being called into question here because a couple people don’t think they’re “good enough” in some capacity.

The criteria was laid out. This is not the same as the “Festivals” where it was only known after the fact that the winners were literally picked at random and there was no metric for success/failure. I felt burned after that, but not a single time did I blame winning entries or say they were “objectively bad,” and anyone doing so deserves to be called out and shamed.

The criteria here was what would make for decent weapons in game. The example entry done by Bob was a very fun, jokey entry, and some people also did fun entries as a result.

I don’t think anyone should be discouraged from participating, though I don’t know that commentary would help. It might, but might also foster additional animosity.


YES! I miss those a lot…

staff used to give their choice messages but you guys stopped some events ago :frowning:


I think that’s an interesting addition for both sides, the winners can know more about what the judges liked the most and those that lost can appreciate more the design/artwork and learn from it.


Anyone can win or lose for any reason; it’s a subjective art contest reviewed by members of IMC’s design and development team. Any staff member could like a specific piece of art for any reason or dislike a specific piece of art for another. Some may fit in the game, some may not. There is no objectivity here and increased level of effort does not necessarily provide any increased chance of winning the contest.

If you were not prepared to have a chance of losing, do not enter a contest. If you cannot handle losing, do not enter a contest. If you do not win a contest or a submission you like does not win a contest, do not insult others or demean their opinions and/or entries. This really should just be relatively obvious sportsmanship rules, for any sort of contest or competition in life, but evidently some people take this far too seriously and get very upset. Complaining won’t change the result, nor does it change the opinion of those that decided the winners. They also don’t have to provide any reason or justification for their choices; it’s their contest and their decision.

It’s just my opinion, but please try to be civil to one another. We don’t need this.



Something like this, but more elaborated?_?


This would be good, since, after every contest, people wonder why such entries were selected. I think you guys used to do that in past contests? But like Crevox said, its up to you to take the last decision.


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as much surprised that i made it in the list, i’m kind of surprised how some reactions turn out frum peeps Owo;;;

while i must admit there are entries that deserves to win

why can’t we just keep a healthy environment and be happy towards other participants?

if you enter the contest only to expand ego and not relationships, then you get nothing when you lose, at least when you go for the latter, you still win something even if you lose, and winning is just a bonus

i’m kind of surprised how some people would point out how some winning entries are supposed to be disqualified after, and not during the contest.

it’s like waiting for someone to step on poop before telling them, though in this case the poop is actually molten gold, and these people went on saying “i saw it first, the person who stepped on it wasn’t even looking on where they’re going, they don’t deserve it”

come on guys, if you think those entries didn’t follow the rules, i can’t think of any reason why peeps wouldn’t tell it to the person during the contest, unless they intentionally withheld it for the entry to be disqualified. otherwise, these people aren’t really interested on the event to know these entries exist

looking at the artfest history, i understand it was initially a for-fun event and not an objectively skill-required contest

eitherway, a good competition is one where people show sportsmanship above show of skill

“A warrior is measured not by their kills, but by their heart.” so they say

and i want to believe these contests are based on that, where participants can keep a healthy relationship to each other, and not like a survival of the fittest event like some certain beauty pageants

some peeps would say such ideals are stupid, but isn’t it the same for people who already know about the nature of ToS artfests and still insist what is an ideal competition to them?

i mean, this event isn’t even an artfest in the first place as how i understand it…

of course i salute those who goes the extra mile on their entries

while i say that, i also think it’s even less logical to win dignity/respect when the person participates without it. people can’t look up to you if you keep looking down on others

i do not see myself as an artist but more of a hobbyist, and i find these contests very welcoming for everyone.

i used to fight for the same cause of these artists when i first participated, but upon questioning them, i have learned about the artfest’s history and understood its nature. i just wish the same people would have already realized that instead of inflicting misery upon themselves when there really isn’t one from the start…


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