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Weapon Design Contest WINNERS!

    :sad: :tired: :sad: :tired:


as i thought it was about hand gun
even it was mentioned
“After today, we will work on creating at least one weapon based on the suggestions of each winner”
so its not like every design won

also I dont know why ppl hate someone entry just because it’s not well drawn
to be honest I can see why they picked HumanExplorer’s design

I can see potential in it


Anyway enough of the rage and time for some explanations as well.

Not all of the works will be converted as a monetization product.

Some of them you will see them in the events as well.

Like I mentioned with Repentance’s Handcannon.

We would like to address them as an event item, Perfect fit.

And I’m expecting more gimmick acquirable weapon costume

Or headgears will be created on coming future as well.



it would be nice to have a contest for headgears like you said too. there are alot of potential ideas for headgears especially since there is the 1/2/3 option


As a staff, I have to say sorry for those who didn’t got nominated from this contest.

As a follow member as player, I’m also shame and suprised especially the 3d modellers who didn’t got passed.

I thought well that was such an effort and well some of the entries got great concept as well.

With Head gear suggestion, I think there is some point have to be discussed.

With recent, and effort to build trust with devs, I think creating such suggestion of Head gears will not going to be a problem.

However… this also means, that I think we have to let you know the technical limitation behind it.

like, head gear 1 could create only … with this kind of expression… head gear 2 got this thing could be applied…

Things like that and I think we all could agree knowing technical limitation and sending entry will be the crucial part.

You don’t want that you draw something completely “not possible to convert into game”

That would be the part I have to manage from behind


This contest is rigged. My design should have won. :sob:


in regards to the building trust with devs statement, is it possible for itos feedback to affect other game matters too such as rebuild?

for instance copying the ktos style of event where they pick the top 10 most liked questions to ask to dev team for response.


Yours… on other hand… I’m trying to make some… contract… Behind.

GM do needs some nice weapon


It is really shame that I can’t speak out how many things behind our works or suggestion actually made, or sometimes gone complete dark. I could name three things even typing in here. problem is thats all became embargoed :tired:

Anyway the feedback is already being collected by our Dear @STAFF_Bob


It will happen on any type of event, but do not misunderstand it is that we have soo many great talented people that 25+10 isn’t enough to cover the great talent of our community :blush:

Judge has the final vote so there is no point for us to argue who deserve what or who doesn’t and I understand that this not everyone can be a winner…

At least this isn’t mario party and we can keep our friends and love ones :smile:


buff staff in rebuild pls :sad:


Yeah not to derail the thread or anything but as Yuri mentioned above I’m collecting iTOS player feedback with regards to Rebuild browsing the kTOS thread and other relevant threads on the forum. A sort of a QnA to address the questions/concerns raised by the iTOS players will happen and yes I have already taken into account players’ concerns about staves.

Also, let’s keep the Re:Build discussions in the relevant threads so to make my job easier :wink:


To be honest anyone who follows these art competitions should’ve known that some, if not all of these art-related contests operate on a different criteria than the usual “best art wins” or “most vote wins” criteria.

Most of the time, the winners are usually based on what the staff picks and likes, followed by what they can implement or based on limitations on what they think they can do, then last and probably the least important, by player votes. Just looking at some of the previous art contests one can see the picks that were not by player, votes weren’t the best in art style, but beauty is in the eyes of the beholder I guess, and I respect them for that.

For example, during the pet design contest, everyone voted for every pet other than the dog pet (I recall the pet most voted was a lizard) so IMC can make the pet, but lo and behold IMC picks the generic dog pet that wasn’t really picked much compared to the other pets. In the end, the votes were in general a sham, and the staff probably picked the dog due to limitations and since its doable in the game, instead of picking the pet everyone wanted most, which defeats the purpose of voting in the first place.

Not to discredit the players who worked hard to design and draw in these art contests, but the art contests in ToS simply has a different criteria than the usual art contest. IMC probably increased the number of winners (I think they increased it) from 10 to 25 because a lot of the ideas are doable and interests the staff, and not because they have the best art in the contest.


Hey, Hillgarm. Just to answer your question quickly, the format requested for entry was just to make it easier for the staff to see server team names of the players who wanted to participate. The collection of entries wasn’t automated by a computer or anything :smiley:


I thought it was the case when i checked it later, i’ve been disqualified for small details like that before so it really got me. :sad:


I’m really glad that some of my designs will be used (:

thank you all and congratulations to all other participants, especially my colleagues from Silute (Foxy, Carrossel and Lunairetic) ^^



@STAFF_Bob @STAFF_Yuri ,

Just wondering, what’s the criteria you guys go for when rating the entries?

Like I’ve mentioned before in private messages (not sure if they were even seen), such Art and Design contests require of Objective Criticism coming from specialized team; in other words, people who are masters or experienced within the Art and Design Field. Its also the “fairest” way to select winners. I also understand that you guys like certain entries for personal and aesthetic views (which is a Subjective matter), but as we’ve seen on Art and Design contests, most people’s complain is “Staff’s personal preferences or favoritism” and “popularity over quality”.

This is mainly the area I notice IMC is very weak at. My suggestion for you guys is to base on an Objective/Proper Criticism, which consists in denoting the technique, color palette, particular features, context and style. This can be applied in both Art (fan art contest) and Design (this weapon contest and others that require designing.

I hope this opinion is considered, at least. I wish I could help you guys in a more professional, since this is the only area I’m fully experienced at. Other than that, I can just drop comments.


All the things you mention are base on the taste of majority and all Subjective…

It is hard to be proper and objective…

I wouldn’t like a fully objective event cause it would turn into the equivalent of Meta builds on this game xD

Follow this exact strokes or you cant participate it removes a little of the unexpected and freedom…


No they don’t. It’s a fan art contest. You’re entering their contest, they can do whatever they want and judge however they want.

I’m blown away that you have the audacity to call yourself a professional or even objective after such a rude, asinine post.

edit: and you have a history of it too, now that I think of it. If IMC even considered your “help” after the catty bullshit you pull during and after every single one of these contests, I’d probably laugh off every art contest as a joke. Cut the passive aggressive bullshit.


How am I being rude? I’m just saying how Art Criticism works, especially on formal contests. Maybe you find my feedback “rude” because you’re not an artist nor have been within the art bussiness or education. The Art field is harder than it looks.