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Weapon Design Contest WINNERS!


Do you think Monstz will be any less bitter when you do if he doesn’t get what he wants?


yeh, i’ve been telling staff letty back then that it would be nice to bring back commentaries on staff picks

as much as we want to develop a healthy relationship with other players, i think it’s also better if we get to know the staff as well Owo

so to avoid

“staff_bob picked this… that’s all…”

“wait what?”

“i can’t tell if staff_bob has childish tastes or is very deep”


Of course Staff_Bob is very deep. Look at his honorable creation :sad:.


BOB stands for “Benzoate Ostylezene Bicarbonate” :prince:


Congratulations to all of the winners :satisfaction:
I’m quite conservative on the equipment visual, so most designs just don’t sit well on me with the suitability aspect on its surrounding. But then some people like them. So be happy that you’ll get what you want (or the designer themselves).


Congrats to all winners!


I shouted because of surprise while I was in the office after seeing my team name in there. Im both glad that I won and still have a job.


Thanks for all positive and negative feedback, I was really happy when IMC announced a concept contest instead of the usual fan art.

The pistol design was born few hours after the announcement, it was simple, a simple design for a simple concept, and a huge gamble, had i read the rules right? was it really fine? The first comments were comforting.

My november was the contest, the 15 remaining weapons were in my thought circle for the whole month. Each experience, movie, talk, etc, was inspiration, and slowly the twelve other entries were created. It was a fun event!


I dont know about art contest.
But from this event I understand why I feel confuse on tos evolution.