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[Weapon Costume] The_Bluesorrow // Telsiai


Team name: The_Bluesorrow

Server: Telsiai


Weapon image:

The “Dragontail” is a tool pre-dating the Sorcerers and their ability to harness the strength of demons. It is weilded by the first Devil Dominators that made demons submit through raw subjugation. The dragon motif is that of a blue-eyed god of justice with an eternal opposition towards evil

Gimmick suggestions:

  • Subtle blue light particles evaporating from the dragon’s eyes. (the only effect that works for warriors and cleric class that would equip the rod)

  • Has a whip-sword animation/sound effect during basic wizard class attacks. Whip snaps back into a rod at the end of each attack animation (of course it won’t if you keep on spamming the attack button).

  • Additional spiral whip animation during rod twirling animation when using the sorcerer “Summoning” and “Salamion” skills.




Weapon image:

Elemental swords crafted by alchemists to defend themselves in these desperate times. Their capability to have mana stored makes them independent from the wielder’s own reserve. This one is mechanically imbued with the power of frost.

Gimmick suggestions:

  1. Blade emits ice vapor during combat mode
  2. Attacks will produce frozen after image for 1 sec
  3. Will be displayed in a stand when alchemists set up shop


Weapon image:

A jet-operated drill that is wielded in a spear-like fashion. Pyrite is used to fuel the boosters, and can be used like a blowtorch when the drill is locked in place.

Gimmick suggestions:

  1. Spinning drill by jet propulsion on thrust attacks
  2. Brake mode stops the spinning for non thrust attacks
  3. Emits smoke when durability reaches 0


Weapon image:

A shield that’s composed of two metallic wings. They are connected by rotators so that it can spread like real wings when attached to the waist.


  • wings open up to look like wings during passive standing position
  • wings change angles on passive running animation instead of retaining a non-aerodynamic flat angle
  • feather particles during combat/passive transition animations


Weapon image:


A maul made from a piece of the headless rider that served the demon lords. The handle is plated with gold to ward off its owner. A gem is utilized so that the weilder can use its power instead of hearing it complain.


  • Flame effect coming from the candles and mouth
  • Hellish “HAHAHA” voice when attacking
  • Shouts “NOOOOOOOooo” when faced against dullahan bosses


Weapon image:


A lightning pistol that is loaded with an enchant round instead of a revolver mechanism. The bayonnet can be directly connected to the barrel so it would be an lightning infused melee weapon.


  • shoots lighting instead of bullets
  • gun mode only occurs when attacking, knife mode on everything else
  • blade has electric effects during combat stance

[SEA - Telsiai] Reichsgebiet Armee
[CONTEST] Design the Next TOS Weapon!

So cool, hope the designers aren’t lazy about it cause that feels lime more work than copy/pate and stretching a model XD


yeah… this is a rather ambitious design tbh ; w ;

but seeing the chainsaw having moving parts kind of inspired me to try suggesting the idea Owo


That sorcerer predecessor thing is not lore-friendly. I like your design! Just being nitpicky. Sorry. =((


we can always have it as an foreign thing though Owo i didn’t mean it as a predecessor for the sorcerers but rather an older alternative method from the hinterlands owO

like when everyone uses magic in Ivalice but not in Lea Monde ‘w’/
they be like "what the heck’s a faerie chortle??! O__o "


This is Jun,
Aoi, you’re gonna get sued by Wizards everywhere who’re gonna get badly hurt with a chain-whip staff.
You should design one for swordsman. (i use one in Dark Souls 2).

Anyways, nice ink- I love it.


will disclosing that the glowing gem in the dragon’s eye enables the wielder to control the whip at their will make them not sue me? Owo;;

i actually want to make a sword Owo

and a hammer owO

prolly made from dullahan’s decapitated head owO;;;

i mean, if i have the time Owo;;


Bluuuuu . Please say you are “nyt nyt embriwan” so ppl actually know it’s you


but i’m shy / w \


I like the new doriiru supiaa.


yeeeeeesssss Owo

i’m a fan of drills that pierce the heavens Owo

but before that, there’s Drill de runrun kururunrun owO


nice curBes hmmmm XDDD


what are curBes? Owo?


oh you … those fine bend curbes … V


oh~oh XD thank you X3


Very creative art! Some gimmicks were so fun! It would be awesome to have them implemented!
As a main wiz, I’d love to use that staff/rod, even if it hurts me >///<




@illyria aw thank you >w< though i must admit that they are inspired from the trick weapons from bloodborne Owo

@andreranziel431 ahaha X3 why the tired popo owO;;


cool weapon design. :haha:


aw thanks X3 i wanted a whip weapon >w<