Tree of Savior

[Weapon Costume] The_Bluesorrow // Telsiai


I can tell you spent a great time designing your detailed work :smiley:
Are you planning on designing bows and arrows?
Hope to see your weapons in the game :smiley:


it’s a bit late for me to come up with one, but i am kind of inspired on this idea Owo

like on passive mode it’s a sword Owo

people in town would mistake you for a swordie Owo

or go like "I thought hackapell’s been moved to the swordie tree OAo "


Congratulations :prince:


thanks RM X3 i wish i could say the same to you :'D i’d like a netherbovine rapier for my monochrome fencer Owo


It’s ok am totally winning next one :distinguished:


i wish everyone has the same determination as yours X3