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Weapon +30 using crash channel

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Date and Time(Please, specify the timezone) : 23:50 (BR)

Server Name: Silute

Team Name: Silver_Fangs

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Bug Description :
players abusing bugs for weapon refinement. There are guilds with many people popping up with shiny weapons, famous guild members like Skyline, Silent, Paradise. Look this weapon, a player linked in shout. It’s impossible to refinement +30. Some will argue that rich people can, but it’s a lie. I saw weapons with high refinement and full potential.

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Please Read this topic: Weapon +26 using crash channel

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Classic ¯_(ツ)/¯ ¯_(ツ)

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its impossible! /20charsblablabla

You don’t get tired of creating such threads haha
I’ll pray for the goddess to give you luck in your enhancements so you may stop being jealous about other people achievments.

Do you know what I think? That you should only be one more player who takes advantage of bug to refine weapons. I don’t need to be jealous of players who get things in the game “dishonest” I will pray to the goddess give all double what you do to other players x) and for you to lose your bugged weapons, in case if you have

I don’t have one single item +20, still I am not jealous of someone elses achievments. One day I will be able to upgrade my weapon to a greater level too, I spend my time trying to do my own achievments instead of being judgemental or assuming things I don’t know.

That’s why IMCrash should limit the enhacement to +15


So “lucky” right (¬‿¬ )?lets say they use awaken stone for awakening, open 3 slot - 3 pots then they only failed 2 times to upgrade those weapon to 17 and 21, and somehow, and their guildmates also got 15+ weapon with almost full pots too, so join large guild = better chance when refine weapon ? (¬‿¬ )




So, +15 and on refine weapon = cheater?


you make it fair and square to me, minus 3 pots to sock it you only have 3 pots left.

@Bizarre of course not friend, look at hubertorito post, he make his fair and also from the beginning right ? so you should saw alot of people with + 15 weapon before,
at rank 7 era the only way to got + 15 weapon are though luck and golden anvil most people stop at 15 with 0 pots
at rank 8 era you can got your + 15 or higher if you lucky enough with diamond anvil heck i ever saw some one with +21 0 pots weapon at that era,
now we at rank 9 era suddenly everyone from large guild got + 15 or more with full or almost full pots, of course we got the diamond “hook64” anvil (¬‿¬ ) , if you from varena, did you remeber like a week ago Klaipeda channel 1 crashed all night ? yeah after that night suddenly some people from large guild got + 21 315 and 350 orange weapon with full pots, it just coincident right ? (¬‿¬ )

@Vivie you should use more omega 3 fish oil instead of salt (─‿‿─)


im part of that called big guilds and my weapon is ■■■■, i demand retribution

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I don’t deny there is some shady stuff happening with some people, but we can’t go on thinking that everyone is cheating! I was lucky enough to refine a weapon to +20 with no potential lost and i didn’t use any cheats. And guess what? Someone accused me of cheating.

What rich players do is buy already high upgraded gear and use diamond anvil on them to avoid getting back on the refine.

If you have proof someone is cheating, go ahead and report them so those scumbags hopefully get banned, but if you don’t, do your research before pointing your finger.


nobody is going to ban those fuckers cus they spend money, a lot of money in tp, buying letitia cubes and those stuff…ok getting a weapon +15 is easy but, +20 o +30 without lose potential in a very good weapon like a primus with 5 green balls… and the guy is from a guild with other teammates with other +20 super weapons… it suspicious…but imc don’t give a fck


+16 is easy, + 21 also doable w/ d.anvils. but +30 w/out losing pot is mindblowing. It’s okay to be suspicious, I just hope that IMC would just do a bit of investigation if they were upgraded in a legit way or not… but IMC doesn’t care. So, if you can’t beat them, join them and get your own +30 ez no consequences.


IMC will never react until the hacks are out in the open. So if you know exploits its better to hide them like most people do. This game is very exploitable anyway shouldnt be that hard to find them. Just think of TOS as some offline game branded as online game where you can cheat anytime.

Addons you see in open are only for convenience it is obvious that you can make an abusable one and never publish them. Or if they find a bug while making one it is obvious that if you can profit from it you never report them.


Nah it’s oblivous enough in our server. Nobody bats an eye however. Now my Dina bee village isn’t crashing so prominently suddenly . So coincident that post Halloween we had non stop crashes.

With probability to get +21 is already abysmal. Each hit anvil is 50% x 3 times. Try doing that till 21. You prolly have Lady Luck in your side . But for 10 + individuals of similar origin to get +21. Sounds legit I Guess .

I would use the luck somewhere else though , like winning powerball or something


And then there is me: I had a Masinios Shield +24 0 potencial… and i tried to put to +25 for that reddish color bright yey !, i used a Diamond Anvil and the upgrade fail and dissapear… ok, i was dumb and did’nt know diamond anvil brake the item since it doesnt lower level upon failure, but it does Break your weapon since it do lower potencial…(learned this the HARDEST way)

I was never passed an item for more than +15 before, it was a miracle… i create a ticket begging to roll back my shield since the lack of sense a non droppin level anvil destroy the weapon, and they answer with : There are no tecnical issue, the anvil failed, go Duck yourself Premium Honest Client that give us money , learn how to crashing channels or some other trick u casul LOL