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[Varena] Official SEA Discord (PREP FOR MERGE)



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Greetings Honored Saviors,

I would like extend this invitation to ALL Varena SEA players out there. We are a close-knittedgrowing community discord for Varena and we have come a long way to where we are today.

I would like to reach out out to all new Saviors out there seeking help/guidance/companionship in your Journey.

Benefits of joining our community:

:white_circle: Source of information/data if you ever get lost in forums/google

:white_circle: Helpful community when it comes to bugs/addons/builds

:white_circle: Once your guild has 5 members in the discord that are active, a custom role / role color will be given

:white_circle: Active in game/off topic discussions

:white_circle: NSFW area ( Only Visible/granted upon request )
az6Li81 Kawaii Role, dont be ashamed !

:white_circle: VERY active market place and party finder channels that is cleaned every week.

:white_circle: Intense discussions for each Class ( Separate channel for all )

Screen Grabs!!


Dedicated channels for class discussion


sample for #builds-swordsman

We greatly welcome all math-wizards for your calculation-fueled bolts. Much Intellect!

Or for simpletons like Hodor, Layman terms for the new Saviors!

Guild Recruitment

We as a community will like to help you out !


Make friends and party?(debauchery tea party)
Last Night in Varena
Which is the best guild to join (Varena) ?!

When is the Orsha Varena merge :heart:




why varena rarelu use 2-4 player when auto macting its gonna took long time lol


SEA FRIENDS do join us!!


[SEA] :distinguished: