Tree of Savior

Last Night in Varena


My journey with Varena have come a long way when i first entered the game in August 2016.
I have met many wonderful and helpful people as i progressed a long the way. Varena has
been a very sporting and helpful community although we do have our own share of drama
and popcorn from time to time.

I have met many people and seen many go as while. Some whom i have grinded in Maven with
are still hanging out in the town of Klaipedia, and the others … gone for further pursuits
in life. For some lucky few, even found true love in game , dated IRL and never to return
to ToS.

Varena has been wonderful, RIP .

On the night of 12/3/18 players gathered at Orsha for a photo session event.
Thanks to those who participated in Orsha or in Shout.
(Those who pm-ed you cant attend because you stuck in ET, i appreciate your thought.
Sorry had to run it at 9:45 because of TBL and WB spawn near 10pm)




Good Bye Varena server! Rest in peace 2016-2018!

Too soon to go :sad:

Server were so young and small :cry:


Thanks for your posting!
I will wait for the Varena video with Varena memories :sad:


Will this section be closed ? Since varena is no more.


We will move to our ‘Memory’ category with you guys Varena memories :sad:


do not worry, i myself dont see varenians as refugees going to telsiai territory OwO/

telsiai will never be the same again when the merge happens. it is a new world for both

and i hope to meet you guys soon XD


Sry, i watch ur vid without the sound, lol


Not a fan of the recorder :eyes: