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TP Shop Token Prices Reduced

Greetings, Saviors.

Please check the link below for the announcement. Thank you.

IMC Staff


This is a neat change, people who have bought EA3 before will now have access to tokens in case they haven’t gotten them yet.

And the beginners pack will have enough TP to get another too, if they have nothing else to spend with their TP.

Thank you for the change in price. This makes way more sense for the western market.

Finally, a lot of people already leave TOS, this may bring then back.

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Si if I bought a Token a while back and recently stacked it with my 60day token, the reimbursement of TP will not apply to me? Sad

Soms questions from Reddit:

[–]_Raymond [score caché] il y a 21 minutes

I wonder what happens to the existing packs. Are the contents going to be
adjusted to be worth 99 TP more, or is the package price going to be


Does this mean that the Veteran pack will give you 99 TP? This is annoying for the Beginner’s pack, though. Any word?


Guys… you won’t get any tp if the token was bought using silvers… I mean… is it that hard to understand?


So that mean since I bough alot of Tokens for 198 TP and sold them when the game started I just waisted hundrets of TP just because you guys changed this now after 2 months? I’m really disappointed about changing this so late. And it’s not like you guys can just give everyone all the TP they waisted. That’s really going to mess up the game even more. I can handle the TP waist but just wanted you to know I’m disappointed. I could just have waited for this moment and bough twice as much Tokens benefits.

So theoretically based on the compensation rules a f2per can just buy and hoard tokens and get compensated simply because they have them at the time of the change?

Users Eligible for Compensation

Note: Conditions apply exclusively to regular 30-day Tokens. Event Tokens such as 7, 15 or 60-day Tokens will not be considered for compensation purposes.

A. Those using at least one Token at the time of the price change.

B. Those possessing at least one Token within their team at the time of the price change (includes those possessing a Veteran’s Pack DLC unopened in their Inventory or Message Box).

This only states that all you need to do is have a token in your inventory, or have a token effect.
What if I buy a bunch of tokens from the market?

Yeah, the same question: Will I receive TP if my tokens were bought from market?

Should IMC put a limit to avoid abuse from buying massively token from the market ?

Or is it okay because “refund” will just happen “once” ?

Well still does nothing for the people who have bought tokens from the TP merch and sold them on the market… but since they don’t have it in their inventories they will receive no compensation for it.

You’ll receive compensation for every non-Event Token you possess or are using at the time of the price change, regardless of how you got it: TP shop, Market, makes no difference.


Will any other high priced items within the shop be reduced such as hair styles and skill potions?

I don’t exactly know how to feel about this blanket policy because your aim is to compensate people who have spent the initial 198 TP to get those tokens. You said so on your post.

“we plan to compensate those who have already purchased and/or are currently using Tokens ahead of the price change.”

It doesn’t make sense to me because a f2p player can theoretically spend say 1m silver to buy 2 tokens and basically get blindly compensated for them in the form of 198 tp. I’m fairly certain this isn’t what you intended to do. Unless you’re completely fine with the potential abuse that this policy will get, and it WILL be abused.

Not to mention that the eligibility rules do not take into consideration those who have spent said 198 tp to buy a token and ended up selling them afterwards.

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So now people are getting rewarded for using Gold Sellers to buy out the entire Token stock on the market for a life-time supply of TP.

Good job.

Really no need to be rude or condescending here. Plan just needs a little tweaking.

At this point it’s infinitely MORE important that the legitimate players get some love even if it means a few gold buyers benefit from it.

IMC is doing things and that’s all I care about right now. Hope Restoration Program is underway.


Now people will buy tokens like a crazy. this move will milk the supply of tokens on the market and surely rise the price.
Since I will buy tokens for real money, I will have 50% more money for cosmetics
Common IMC give us more costumes. Cleric spring costume looks like a wedding cake lol.