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Eligible for Compensation


Can we get two things clear:

  • Will every 30 day Token be eligible (bought directly and from auction house)?
  • Do the Tokens need to be in the inventory or is the storage also fine?
  • Do Tokens need to be retrieved from AH if bought by silver?
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If only directly bought tokens are eligible, then auction house tokens need some kind of compensation too, for example atleast 45 days instead of 30. Coz they were bought, when price of tokens was 198 TP.

Only tokens bought with TP are eligible to compensation, they need to be in your account someway, inventory or storage, as long as you have them.

I don’t think there’s a way for them to track how many eligible tokens you sold, but even if they do, makes no sense to compensate you for something you don’t have anymore and already made a profit from it.

And it’s nonsense you receive TP for something you bought with silver, it’s like buying 90TP for 500k… so anyone that stacked up tokens would receive 900TP+ thats so not happening

Nope, a staff posted that it doesn’t matter how you get the token, you’ll stiill get the compensation



“You’ll receive compensation for every non-Event Token you possess or
are using at the time of the price change, regardless of how you got
it: TP shop, Market, makes no difference.”

OFFICIAL DECLARATION 2: TP Shop Token Prices Reduced

That is correct. 99 TP per non-Event, 30-day Token, whether they’re
in your possession or being used at the time of the price change, and
regardless of how you obtained them.
Was my answer not clear? :frowning: I meant that players will receive 99
TP for every Token they own or are using at the time of the price
change (as long as it’s a non-Event, 30-day Token). It doesn’t matter
where you got the Tokens (TP shop, Market, DLC), as long as they are
owned by your team.
So yes, you will get compensated for Tokens bought in the Market.

If IMC do that, give TP to anyone that has a token on inventory, they’ll just cripple themselves, thats a not logical thing to do as a gaming company, in any way.

Only tokens bought VIA CASH SHOP active or not, in your inventory or storage are eligible, again, makes no sense to handout free TP for 500k, they would be signing their bankrupt contract if they do that, cause NO ONE will buy their TP for a really long time, everyone has at least 2 tokens and the hardcore ones already have 20+… do the math and you’ll se how it’s a dumb move if they do that

u sound jelly?

they cut the token price in half can you just be happy with that?

stop over thinking


I feel really sad… As I bought 2 Token full price that I sold at AH for 1M… As they are not in my inventory I won’t get compensation…

It would sound more fair that people who bought token from their TP’s, whatever they did with them, gets the 99 TP free.

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Every token was bought from cash shop, in some way. Or was from a dlc.
Compensating for every 30-day token in possession or used is the most fair thing they can do. Not the most profitable one, albeit, on that i agree.

But even if they were bought from the market, you still have to consider that people bought them for a price that was deemed appropriate in relation with their cost. A cost that’s going to change soon.
Whoever sold them got silvers that were deemed appropriate for a 198 TP cost.
Whoever has them now, or used them, will get compensated so that they’ll have the whole TP they paid for - whether that price was in silvers or TP.

Sweet, I stacked with tokens from market and never spent a penny, so that means I will get now 500 TP for free :smiley: Thank you, whoever got this stupid idea :smiley:


Not really for free since you actually spend silvers for them.

It was your choice to sell your token for silver. YOU chose it now go to your corner and cry. You are asking someone to give you something for something you do not own any more. That’s like selling a product that receives an upgrade by the company and you expecting to receive an upgrade for said product you do not own anymore.


LoL some guys exchanged TP (Tokens) for a lot of sliver and now complain because they don’t have compensation but buyers do? Damn you, Do you know how hard it is to have that much sliver? Do you even think if, from beginning, token costs only 99TP then you can never sell Token at that price? And since you had that much sliver you were able to buy alot of thing that now you cannot buy? Oh please, think, think more before whining. Sliver on the early days is always much more valuable than the same mount in few months later.

9$ makes me much more willing to get tokens 18$ was stupid more then a AAA mmo sub cost.

With that logic, they might as well not allow tokens to be sold for silver or traded for items.

If you have a token, you should get compensation whether you acquired it via TP shop or from other players. Basic economics.

Technically there was an exploit that allowed people to get lots of the founder dlc packages multiple times without paying for it. So there are a lot more tokens than were actually paid for. Otherwise, I’d agree with you.

Next time you may not give informations “based on your feelings”. Heh

Yeah, spend silver to buy TP. I’d call that for free as well. 350k for 99 TP is pretty sweet deal, if you ask me.

U mean those people who bought token with TP should be compensated?

it doesn’t make sense if you list it for silvers on the market and still get 99 token back JUST BECAUSE YOU BOUGHT THE TOKEN WITH TP. i had rather the people who bought them with silver get 99 token. i mean comon lets try to make some sense here.

lets try to say that those people who bought them with silver got lucky. not everyone can be happy with this decision that IMC made.