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TP Shop Token Prices Reduced

Legitimate players will benefit from it once the Token price falls after June 7th.

Right now the only people benefiting are the ones selling Silver to players.

because it is an exchange. I give you my sliver I have to grind to get, you give me your Token you bought by TP. If I cannot get compensation so you will get back your token (because compensation TP=1token) and still have my sliver. :slight_smile: And you know what? if your token was not 198TP at that time, it would not cost so much sliver like that. :smiley:


Please, stop whining about this, imc do change its apptitude this week. I know this changes maybe are not optimal jut a least we have something. Step by step guys.

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@PrinceMark You created a thread before that you have 1 year supply of token. I think now it’s worth it :slight_smile:

I wonder if they will be refunding only people confirmed to have bought their own tokens with real money, not silver. That would be the most logical.

And I would be rich if I knew how stock prices would change.

So I get nothing since I don’t possess my token anymore but everyone else with token get compensation. I was the one spending the 198 TP on token and the others spending the silvers. Ok… That’s even worse… Well done.

I personally think you should reduce the price, but not compensate people with tokens. (I personally would benefit but I do not think its a fair way to do it). I know people have said (especially people who leveled early and would buy every cheap token on the market) that they bought 10+ tokens. I know I spent all my characters money and got 3 or 4 when the price dropped to 350k per token before F2P. Its not fair that I (with a few tokens) get 300-400tp, or the person with 10+ tokens gets free 1000+ TP, yet the guy who actually bought the tokens gets nothing. I think the only fair way to do it would be to only compensate people once (99 TP) if they have a token active or in their inventory, regardless of how many tokens they have, or don’t compensate at all (this is the option I lean most toward).

I also don’t feel people who bought a bunch just to sell on the market for quick silver really need compensation, as they did so knowing how much TP was worth and just used it to make quick silver in game.

I understand you’re trying to make your players happy, but I don’t think this affects the players you meant to target and instead just applies to token hoarders who farmed a lot early and spent silver on them.


can we get an explanation on the thought process of why people buying token with silver can get compensated

I already used 8 tokens from the founder pack and the 1000+ TP I’ve spend @198TP each

I think i should be entitled to 99TP per 30day token i bought at the very least, and not someone who spent silver buying it off the market…

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Take it like a redeeming gesture from IMC for having make the community angry. Because I doubt it will happen again.

So let’s just be happy.:innocent:

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So the person who actually paid for the token gets nothing, only the person who bought it from the auction house at an already low price? What the hell??

If Tokens were 1/2 the TP price when you tried to sell it on the market, it probably would have sold for half as much silver. Your “compensation” is 2x the Silver. There is no reason that the TP-to-Silver ratio should have been higher if Tokens were cheaper.

I don’t really understand why people have a problem with this…

The cost of Tokens on the market should theoretically drop in half after this change is made, so not compensating them means that they overpayed by 100%.

Just like how people who payed with real money could have bought 2 Tokens for every 1 they actually bought. People who payed silver also could have bought 2 Tokens for every 1 they actually bought (with silver).


So I could literally mass hoard tokens in the market, and get “compensated” 99 TP for every token that I bought from the market, which did not cost me any real money whatsoever?.

And the people that “bought” those with the actual TP price and sold it in the market doesn’t get any compensation at all because they didn’t use or have that token in their inventory?

Yeah something is wrong here. Thanks for the free TP anyway

EDIT: Someone already DID mass hoard tokens

The problem here is that I just exchanged silver for TP doesn’t matter what I’m buying I just traded off currency generated in the game for something that’s meant to be bought with real money.

so let me try to get this straight now, i think people (like myself) could be angry because of all the confusion :dizzy_face:

  • If you have a token in possession and not used - refund 99 TP, no matter you spent 198TP or bought it from market
  • If you have a token you have already use - refund 99TP each

So for example:
Player A spend 396TP and bought 2 token on the market, they are in personal storage
Player A spend 1million silver and bought 2 token on the market, one of them is used and one in personal storage
Player A currently has 60day left on his token status, 30days from the 500k token and 30day from veteran pack

He is entitled to:
297TP from the 3 token in his storage, which costed 500k + 396TP
198TP from the 60day left in his token status, which costed 500k + veteran pack

Am I correct?

The better obvious solution would be 30 day untradable token for each token bought from the market with silver, to be honest…

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Whiny-guys can you use your brain?

You sold those Tokens for SILVER PRICE EQUAL TO 198 TP. If those tokens at begin were only 99 TP they would be TWICE AS CHEAPER.


You bought your Token for 198 TP and sold for 600k Silver. If this Token would be only 99TP at begin then it wouldn’t cost 600k silver, it would cost 300k silver.

Try to understand it and stfu pls.


I still fail to see how that is a problem… Why does it matter if people can buy TP with in-game currency? Lots of games allow that… That in itself does not break anything.


You realize that the “whiny guys” are actually getting zero compensation for the tokens they spent money on and sold on the market? It’s not a question of TP and Silver pricing. It’s just that a fair amount of people will get zero compensation despite them being the targeted group for it.

Seems to me like you’re the one who’s not fully grasping the situation. Also the best person to follow your own advice.