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This will answer (almost) all of your questions about the STR vs DEX debate (pvp not included)

Hello ToS Forums. I just wanted to let anyone know that I’ve updated the spreadsheet to include a lot more things. One such thing is the 1.3x physical attack bonus for Swordsman.

For the rest of my post from reddit ->

Also, I need someone to tell me what the new level penalty is.


Hello there Reilet, someone told me about this work of your, the spreadsheet is awesome and well made to start with, i have a problem tough, i dont know endgame gear critical numbers and so on, so its kinda hard for me to do this calculation properly unless i spend 1 week doing so…

The thing is im doing a Sw1-pel1-hop3-dopp1-drag2 and i need to know how much STR and DEX i should add, what ratio whatever… Ive read 2:1 str:dex but well, this is kinda bland and im not sure how on point is this…

Any chance u can help me with that?


Hiya @Kashon.

There are two ways I can help you. The first is I can just do it for you, and the second is I give you some links that’ll help guide you with your equipment needs and you try to figure it out.

In any case, use this to find specific items with specific stats on them. Just change the scroll-able tab named “Stats.”

Another way is to look here For equipment.

Generic end game items include: Max Petamion, Sissel Bracelet/Gladiator Band, and some other stuff.

Possible hat stats:
The important bits are 14 crit rate and 45 p-atk.

You need 786 crit rate after crit resist to reach 100% crit chance.

If you would like me to do it for you, just ask.

First off… really great tool that I didn’t knew about, thanks for that, will be of great use.

About the topic, even tough the tool is easy to use I have a problem that is… I dont know the proper items to use, apart from plhe obvious acessories… that I think will be glad to farm ( aoe ratio on spear trow for example ) and sissel for bossing eventually … then I would need to know in both situations ofc… But well other than that I don’t know really what I wold be wearing at 330 … só I can’t really calculate it properly …


The weapon/armor you use is whatever you think you will use. Be it armor that gives you stats or very high defense without extra stats, or weapons such as two hand or one hand and sub.

I can’t really help you here since it’s really just what you want to use, and most weapon/armor are hardly different from each other.

It’s more of what stat you value most on your weapon/armor and look for that.

But if you really insist on needing to know what gear people choose, then it might be better to look at the swordie section of the forums since I play an archer

Of course my bias gear preference includes essentially only crit rate/dex gear which would mean: shade/vine boots, rokas leather/soul chaser top, red veris glove, sissel, max peta, manamana. (To later leather lolo). I dont take dex cards or include hats because i dont plan in using dex cards and hats are simply too rng.

If you would like to know about the new armor/weapon in ktos that’ll come after lvl cap raise then i believe you can find the link for it in the first post of the ktos thread.

So I need 786 crit rate and I’ll have 100 crit chance against any mob?

Im on my phone at work but I’ve gave it a look and saw how much crit chance I’d get with only 2:1 str : dex at lv 330 and I get like 17% crit chance without items… with finestra I go to 30’s … seems like I’m doing smth wrong xD

I would like to have something close to 100% with party buffs and the core items ( max peta ) ( catacombs spear ) and the gems. … and know how much I get with same spec but without party buffs …

Any chance u can gimme an hand?


finestra 15 (150 crit) ( hop 3 )

equipment can give you up to
14 (peta) + 74 (sissel) + 3 ( green gem 132 for 2 handed) + cata pike 23 + 19(virtov leather) you can opt for red veris +23)

Monster card can give you up to 80 with ellaganos x 8

(assuming you are 2:1 str dex you should havea bout 190 dex and 380 str)
so we count it

Base = 190
Finestra = 150
equips = 14 + 74 + 132 + 23 + 19(or 23) = 262
Monster card = 80

This is a total by yourself. 190 + 150 + 262 + 80 =682

If there is party buff monstance you gain 30% dex bonus +10 base

284*1.3 - 284= 85 dex gain ( 85 crit rate)

682 + 85 + 10 crit rate = 777

If you add in quicken. that’s another 25%

777 * 1.25 = 971 crit rate.

Correct me if i am wrong at any part i will edit accordingly. here @reilet

Please do note that i did not include hats. hats can give up to 14 * 3 crit rate which is another bonus 52.
At current stage without hats you are already hitting 971 crit rate on party buff.

So i doubt you will go for crit rate at this point. Just go for HP crit attack and phy damage.

Edited on monstrance and Quicken. Thanks grey.

680 by myself is like 90% or so?

So even if i chose to use gladiator bands, vubbe gloves and don’t have the elegant cards I will still have like 500 crit rate … more or less ( no party ) how much % would this be?

Also, the 767 with monstrance will be 100% on every mob or boss lv 330?

The quicken will surpass but well that gives me room to chose gladiator bands for example… I like aoe ratio …

Thanks for all this math for me m8… brilliant work

Priest Monstrance will give you +30% dex, then adds +10 flat dex too.
It looks nice.

Chrono Quicken is +25% crit rate. The evasion penalty is -10%.

Yup you can opt out to go for galds /phada
when in party there will not be a issue with it yup 767 is nearly 100% on all bosses / mobs unles they have higher CRIT resist.

680 is stand alone with sissel assuming you are soloing that’s nearly 85-90% to proc crit

500 crit is around 65%-70%

Which can be reduce via alot of means such as zalciai.

I must be dreaming on chrono quicken addition rofl. Thanks for the correction

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Everything looks correct. Thanks for doing this.

Just know that even with 787 or so crit rate at level 330 is only ~100% crit chance against monster with no crit resist. If we assume 120 crit resist as an example then we’ll need about 900 crit rate to get ~100% crit chance.

Oh so ur counting without the crit resist…

But would u advice me to go higher dex to reach those 900?

You could go 1.5 STR : 1 dex if you like.

Might work, gotta do some maths, maybe even smth like 1:1 and then when I reach the 900 I start to trow it all to str… the point here is that I don’t know about the efficiency of this u know…

@greyhiem and u keep hoping into all threads and helping me out :wink: ty

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I know it’s kinda silly but since I suck at maths … Would u be kinda enough to do me the maths just so o can reach 900 crit rate with monstrance? Since I can buy this from shop so I can have it by myself right?

Then quicken will surpass it and I can change gears if I wish …

I’ve made some simple maths out of my head and i would need smth like… 235 add to dex and 94 add to str ( no bonus stats ) and actualpoint investment at lv 330 to reach this… but should be less.
I can’t really properly do the maths …

Search Monster Cri Resist and find the best cri rate for your class

some class got multiple hits like Fencer / Archer Multi shots

But I should aim for high crit if I have multihits or if I don’t?

I tought like, since I’ll have deathtrone I would want to crit as much as possible …

Also as the weapons get stronger … str begins to be more neglected …

If I get 900 crit rate with monstrance then I’m good to go xD

more multi hit mean more Patk you must have (to deal more Cri Dmg too)

Dex will be better with overall Damage > Patk

if not Str will better

PS.Not difference much… :confused:

Then Dex should be better for me still. … I’ll Im for 100% crit … so around 320 base dex should do