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The Journey of my Chaplain Build Path

thanks for the update, dunno from where I got the impression that the cap is 250 currently.
Also good insights. At least I claimed my stat and skill reset on cleric so even if I go wrong with the allocation there is still that option after I get to the lvl cap.

Do we know if cleric C3 Heal 15 brings another 5 extra tiles for healing ?

Considering the option of going C3 cleric after chaplain instead of PlagueDoc.

Yes it’s 15 heal tiles, however I think it’s just too overkill to go Cleric C3.

Already have enough heals, as well as enough Safety Zone counter with the C2 attribute, the C3 ability that you get is not good and if you don’t pick Plague Doctor you’ll be missing some kind of cleanse for CC, you still have Cure that’s true, but it only works for rank 1 CC, Plague Doctor can protect/be inmune up to Rank 3 CC.

So going Cleric C3 it’s kind of a waste imo.

Hey guys here is my take on a Chaplain build.

The reasons for low blessing and sacrament is mainly because blessing dmg gets useless end game and sac is more for the extra attack rather then the dmg. Bless 3 so i can pump the attribute for it (mainly for low lvl leveling) and Sac 2 for the nice 4 min duration.

Aspersion almost max because this will be the grunt of our dmg when we reach chaplain. My build focus is more o support and i feel that a 5 sec immune from Revive is more then enough. Mass heal lvl 10 (the support story) and ofcourse stone skin lvl 5.

Chaplain skills pretty standard dont need much explaining there.

Now my big question, since i wanna focus abit more on support i feel i Need to have cleric 2 for the xtra blocks on safety zone and most importantly the extra heal tiles it gives. Sooooooo druid 1 looks super cool super fun and i know Carnivory to be an insane dmg skill, my question is if iys viable to go cleric 2 and then druid 1. I dont mind going Plague doctor (insane support if you ask me) but i rly want druid if it doesnt gimp me to much, so maybe when rank 8 and up comes out i can grab druid 2.

So fire away guys!

P.S Im almost to Chaplain does anyone know where i start the quest to obtain the class? Thanx guys!

I just realized the Aspersion enhance is a percentage scaling.

Does this scale off the entire resulting damage ( base + spirit +int) of Aspersion ?

If so, I can see the merit of going almost max aspersion over blessing or sacrament ( though for sacrament we still do not know the exact effects on last rites in relation to sacrament ranks).

Yep, check out:

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Hey Guys,
I’ve been following the thread for quite some time now and am really enjoying it. I am by no means any expert on anything I just recently started but I am still very much interested in the theory crafting of the game.

So regarding the Chaplain skills and the Aspersion/ Blessing damage, I assume that this is relating to the Skills Aspergillum and Deploy Capella. If anyone doesn’t know Deploy Capella combines the Casters, Aspersion, Monstrance, Blessing, Sacrament and Stone Skin. Aspergillum infuses the equipped weapon with holy water causing it to splash and has the same level as the casters Aspersion.
From the start it seems as if Aspergillum is only affecting the User (from the wording, since I haven’t used the Skill yet idk if it does affect party or not). But this means that for Party Support Chaplains this skill is only “buffing” the caster himself.

Now for the Deploy Cappella Skill. Apersion as a Skill has Base Dmg + SPR + Attribute DMG (Max 100%). Therefore at LvL 5 with 100 SPR it would deal 522 DMG, at level 10 - 754DMG and at level 15 - 984 DMG. But this only once, as its takes the Aspersion Buff not Aspergillum.
Blessing does not scale with anything, and has a Base DMG + Attribute DMG (100 at Max (50 Level 2DMG), therefore at level 5 it deals 131 dmg for 80 MAX hits, at level 10 - 150 DMG for 130 Max hits, and at level 15 - 170 for 180 Max hits. These calculation where made wihtt he assuption that the Attribute DMG % increase on the entire DMG and not just the Base.
Therefor in Deploy Capella Aspersion will deal a one time hit of 984 DMG, while Blessing will deal 170 * 180 (hits) which adds up to 30,600 DMG if all hits are used. Which at a Level 5 Deploy Capella is a MAX of 50 seconds hit time.
Of course Montrace Defence and Evasion reduction on Enemies also scales with SPR at a Formula of Base + 0.4
Sacrament is amazing and the Holy Property Damage increases by 100% on enemies resulting in 48 DMG on normal enemies and 72 DMG on Dark enemies for level 5 and 80 normal and 120 on Dark for level 10 Sacrament.

Aspergillum on the other hand deals the Aspersion DMG per Hit for 50 seconds at Level 5. So for the Caster, that is at level 15 an additional 984, if he has 100 SPR. Now Hit rate would be interesting, but I am afraid I have no clue about the number of Hits per second a Cleric does, and if it varies through class advancement / gear.

But Overall I believe that a Support Chaplain is bound to use the Blessing Buff, while a Offensive Chaplain might consider the Aspersion Buff. Ofc, SPR is beneficial for Offensive Chaplain as well, considering that at level 5 Aspersion without SPR deals 322, while with 100 SPR deals 522, and at level 15 its again a difference of 200, meaning that it would deal 784 without SPR and 984 with 100SPR, assuming that the Arritbute DMG increase includes the SPR and not just the Base damage. Furthermore I assume that Offensive Chaplains if they did skill Monstrance would benefit from taking SPR as well form the Scaling, however I did not want to discuss Stats in this post just yet ^^.

Hope this was somewhat helpful for people, of at least interesting to read. Cheers.

EDIT: Forgot to add that for the Blessing that 30,600 Dmg was for 1 Person with the 180 Hits, of course if the whole group has the Buff 6 people could benefit from the 170DMG per 180 hits, resulting in a potential of 183,600 DMG.

While you can’t compare speed in Apersion Buff vs Blessing Buff, you can compare hits, so its 984 (784 without 100 SPR) per Hit from Aspersion, and 170 per 6 hits in a full group which is 1070.

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Aspersion also scales with magic attack, which means intellect.

Here made this maybe it will help someone.

Last rights-3

wow this is nice, are you going to put everything into SPR instead after the stat reset since you were pure INT?

Naw went back full int, as I am mainly a solo player. Added 40 to con&spr but may invest more into spr later to get a little more out of stone skin for dungeons. Just feels so nice to finally one shot stuff XD

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thank you for the video shawn!

Last rites doesnt seem to add much at all ?

It seems like 30 extra dmg to each hit and an additional hit.

No it does not seem to add much, but it does give the extra hit, which gives it dmg through blessing and element dmg so it does stack up in the long run.

well thats defo an argument for not going high in sacrament at all.

Yea ill make a vid showing lvl 4 sac vs 10 in a few.

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Stoked to see it, best not use cafrisun or blessing for ease of clarity.

Well did it with the lvl 10 buff and… well did more damage with the lvl 4 o.0


twentychars ?

Ah you did not activate last rites, what mostly nobody knows right now is the effect sacrament ranks have on last rite’s damage.

Very useful, thanks. Last Rites appear to just apply your sacrament for the second time.