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The Chapel [Cleric Build Discussion]

Hey guys, is 3:2 Int:Spr, with about 40 Con a good stat build for Priest3-Chaplain-Cleric2-Plague Doctor?

I guess it should be fine.

You need to get at least 1 circle of priest to make the skills of the Chaplain work? I mean, if you can use Last Rites, Deploy Capella or Aspergillum without Sacrament, Aspersio etc, obsly doing less damage. I was planning to play cleric x2 > diev x3 > chaplain. This can be possible or i need to be priest to make the skills work?

You need Priest C3 for Chaplain.

kk, gg


Coming again for another piece of info regarding Clerics’ skills.
It looks like you can avoid the effects of some skills while under the effect of “Fade”.
I.E, you can avoid the debuffs of Diev statues if you walk into the statue zone under the effect of Fade. It looks like if you’re already under the statue’s effect and then use Fade, you’ll still keep the debuff but this might be a bug.


Yeah, you need to have priest C3 to be able to do the quest for Chaplain, but you can use Chaplain skills without allocating points in priest (Seen from video on this page: Chaplain Last Rites and Aspergillium tests (Not all skills from Chaplain was used, without points from priest))

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still no love for sadhu? lol :joy:
i wanna ask about bokor hex, is the level scale giving significant value?
i wonder if i have to max it, or leave it to level 1 if i wanna go bokor build based on effigy…

Can any1 tell how hexing works?) I mean how much targets it affect

The skill only hits one enemy.

No it doesn’t =_=

Hexing does have hidden number of targets scaling. It starts from 3 at lv1 and goes up by 1 every 2 levels, up to 10 (never got 10 actually because of resist and AoE which is marked with green circle here)


thnx a lot, i trust in that)

whoopsie, all i had was the description. Never played it before, but that is good to know.

I can confirm this, I had a bokor with hex 10.

Can we get a little video? Just like that pardoner skill gets prooved, gonna need a little proof here to

Look on youtube. There’s plenty of them that show this. Or you can just think everyone is lying to you~

Any news on [barrier] allowing entry (against players) being a bug or working as intended?

there is no topic reporting it, so if it’s depending on the international community it will never get fixed .-.

and we know that the koreans are not that good reporting bugs

[details= ]
(not being xenophobic, the international beta reported WAY many more bugs than korean test, and i think IMC even said that on a post) [/details]

Welp. The information (or lack there off) is what’s tipping my choice in favor of chaplain instead of paladin. As nice as the chaplain is, I find the paladin more interesting.

I think it is almost definitely a bug that will be fixed, possibly being caused by ping-related issues.

As for paladin, I think they will only be useful if the Conviction/Smite DPS is very high or Conversion ends up having some good uses. Barrier, their main skill IMO, can be bought as a scroll from a Pardoner and so diminishes the value of the class.