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The Chapel [Cleric Build Discussion]

There is an actual bokor video of it if you look around on the forums. I found it a few months a ago but sadly I do not save them, but the information is true to an extent (As in I dont remember the 1 every 2 levels, but the amount of people affected does increase)
Only problem is the hexing aoe is very small

Conversion is a good skill, but it is not a one point wonder. Conversion is somewhat similar to bokors zombies, but you keep them forever until you leave the map. I don’t think conversion works on elites.
Conversion in a boss fight:
Youtube link (Click ME!)
Conversion while grinding:
Youtube link (Click ME!)

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Please anybody be kind and help me with my build?

My toughs was that i want to be more independent because most of my play time i`ll be at work. There is no way i could join a party during working. But i dont work 24/7 :slight_smile: so at home i would like to join a party.

My pally basicaly focus on physical strikes. Auto-attack ,Smite and conviction and also some dmg buffers like aspersion , blessing and sacrament.
Because my only heal is from C1 cleric i put 5 points into Priest C3 Stone skin for defense.
Stats should be like 5:2:2 STR/SPR/CON.

And for some good reason i dont want feel useless in party.
And please dont tell me that end game content is all about party runs, i know that.
So any tips for me ? Thanks a lot and sorry for that elementary english. My native language is telepathy :slight_smile:
Cya InGame.

Looks like great class choices, but I think you’ll be much much better off with Kabbalist or Plague Doctor at Rank 7. These are the skills I would suggest, but I’m no expert:

Maybe the Shark blade works in a crazy way for Sadhu? It adds 5 hits to your auto attacks…but since Sadhu has 3 auto attacks per wack…is that 15 or 8 total? Either way it’s likly vry good even with the -50% to plate

Almost sertainly, won’t work. Sadhu’s spirit body counts as a separate entity and it won’t activate any special effects like that of Ignition Rod. At least, my Sadhu didn’t.

Hello ToS’ers !

I’d like some advices from you regarding the choice of Rank 7 if possible, here is the base up to R6 :

Note that i still haven’t played the game so this is theorical, and took into account some informations here and there.

Gameplay-wise, I am mostly alone or with a friend, but I don’t mind partying from time to time and during dungeon runs.

I started with the idea of playing an offensive Cleric with a bit of support as a reminiscence of my very first class ever created, Monk from RO, that i enjoyed playing with.

Hence, Monk C2 is picked. Palm Strike and Hand Knife each have only one point for their status inflicting attributes (Bleeding + Armor Breaking), Double Punch has no CD, so this is maxed. Lv3 Iron Skin + maxed attribute Lv seems enough to have a 100%+ physical melee attack reflection.

I went Cleric C2 for Divine Might and buffing Heal + Safety Zone. Fade is very situational but can be helpful, so i put one point on it. One point in Cure is enough too as I won’t spend any stat point into INT.

Dievdirby looks somewhat unique and appealing, the buffs/debuffs from the statues are very welcome. Funnily enough, it reminds me a lot of a manwha, The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor.
Plus, the cast of the carving skills has been reduced with recent patches, which is nice and make it more versatile.
Going for C2 seems the best choice, in order to get Carve Owl (which got buffed too) and World Tree, effective against magic casters. Carve Vakarine is optional, it’ll depends on how often I want to warp to others areas.
I don’t know yet about Carve, since we can get the wood materials from a NPC, but will it be costly ? 25+5% chance to get them at Lv5 is pretty decent, but it sounds rather tedious.

Then, I got stuck at the choice of R7 since there are several options availables to me :

  • Getting C3 Monk : Increasing further the damage output

I find Golden Bell Shell kinda meh, since it makes you a sitting duck while blocking everything. There is already Safety Zone which allow you to move and attack at the same time. The duration is short and the CD is very long. Maybe one point as the very last resort, but I am really not fond of it.

  • Getting C3 Dievdirby : Increasing the effectiveness of the statues, more party-oriented

The statue of Goddess Ausrine looks silly to activate, by circling counter-clockwise three times, so I dropped it.

  • Getting Plague Doctor : More Party/Support oriented

I came up with that one when i saw the skill Pandemic, it can be a nice combo with Silence, Armor Break and Bleeding, alongside the Healing buff and status removal. Not my favorite choice though.

Then i though about the Druid, since the Dievdirby has a class attribute that boosts the attack against Plant-type monsters, and the Druid can change the attribute of monsters to Plant-type, but I don’t think that it fits the base build and picking a R6 class on R7 for only one specific skill might be a bad idea.

About the stat allocation, i plan to go on a 2:1 ratio of DEX/STR with 40~50 CON.

Any advice or correction is welcome too ! Thanks in advance

I would say if you want the Druid Plant-Type synergy you should probably party with a druid instead of trying to fit it in a monk build where it would be difficult to fit. Monk C3 is not as good as Plague Doctor at Rank 7. Diev C3 is a possibility, but really, Plague Doctor is the best choice in my opinion.

As for skills, it would probably be better to max Carve instead of Owl Statue because you’re not building int. You don’t need Laima’s duration to be higher than the CD, so you could drop it down a few points and increase Zemyna if you want.


Your Int doesn’t scale that high with Owl Statue.With STR CON DEX your Owl Statue still hit hard like a truck trust me.And I got a huge feeling that Incinerate will be the same thing.Int will help it get stronger but it doesn’t make a huuuge difference.

You can use a Mace you know. It has both physical and magical attack.

Spells with high base damage and no unique scaling (+% or +INT) don’t scale as hard with Int as Multi-hit spells, obviously. Carve Owl has moderate-low base damage and relies on multiple hits. Int is going to help it out a lot, even if it is already strong without it. Same with incinerate. I think Carve is worth more points than Carve Owl in a monk build. Carve Owl still has utility and is a great choice. I guess we will see what ends up being better.

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Oh woops, didn’t pay attention to the CD ! Lowering both Goddess skills to Lv5 would allow to max both Carve + Carve Owl at C2 then.

I investigated the PD route further and I am wondering, even though Incineration is a magic skill, wouldn’t it scale nicely with the debuffs available ? (Silence from World Tree, Home Ground attribute from Laima, Bleeding from Palm Strike, Armor Break from Hand Knife)

it hits one enemy,and the enem takes extra damage, not if u use a magic skill, you do extra damage, each hit it will take extra damage,

like i can use a sword attack and it will take extra (magic) damage.

u can spread it with plague doctor, im choosing plague docot bcuz of that, also bcuz its costume looks cool, and u get to use a flamethrower lol

I’m 99% sure it’s not a bug. Paladin is already one of the best (if not the best) class in PvE because barrier makes your party INVULNERABLE to melee damage. And it has 150% uptime meaning you can put 2 of this.

If it blocked any movements in PvP pal would’ve become the 2nd best support class for PvP(because priest makes you invuln not to melee only but any physical damage.

You think IMC want swordie to become even more useless by “repairing” barrier? And it blocks movement for a moment dealing damage, so if you knockback enemy out of it, it will block movement and deal damage again.

Adds +2 seconds per condition/debuff, and it will deal nice dmg but obviously won’t get a bonus from your stats as a monk shouldn’t pump int.

Not that relevant for pve tbh.
You want the main hand to deal bonus +50% dmg if you’re str/dex based so you should swap to a sword or hammer when needed. (they deals 25% less dmg vs armors they’re weak to)

In pvp it matters more if people actually use cloth armor, if everyone uses plate for the + max health then hammer is fine.

Well if the enemy is weak to slashing damage that’s different but there’s some enemies weak to blunt as well. I just find it easier not to have to switch all the time since usually the physical attack of both is pretty close in numbers most times anyways so you can still use your magical attacks without having to pay too much attention as well as take advantage of the stun attribute from the mace.

You can still use the owl statue as a monk by having it scale based off the magic attack of your weapon. This will also work with incineration. You can use a Mace for it or switch between rod and sword if you want to min/max. Personally I’d recommend keeping it the way you had it with the statues at 7pts and Carve at 5 with owl maxed if only because you could have the two statues at max uptime vs just a few extra pts in damage which won’t matter so much in the end imo since you’ll probably be using your monk skills for damage way more often.

Yes, that’s what’s bugging me, wondering if this is worth maxing it considering the base damage is not bad, duration can be extended, but no extra damage possible, except from a weapon switch. (Even though I can max Healing Factor + Incinerate and still get the others skills effective at Lv1)

Putting 5 points on each statue makes their CD match their uptime with a mere 2 sec difference, which is fine by me (and can work as a reminder of availability of the skill when they disappear)

Something like that :


I was wondering if a build like this could work:

It’s pretty much the tipical Chaplain build path but this one focus more on supporting, though I wonder if I should take out points of Mass Heal to get lvl 15 Aspersion or is lvl 11 enough with this skillset?

I would recommend leaving Sacrament at 5 and either maxing Resurrection or getting more points in Revive.

2 In revive doesn’t seem all that useful. 10% life back with 2 second of invuln.

I would not take points out of mass heal since it pretty much needs to be 10 to be worth using. The % of max HP was nerfed from beta.

Hp Very more …

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